• takumi: is six levels below the enemy
  • takumi: has the weapon disadvantage
  • takumi: has a 47% chance to hit
  • takumi: has a 2% chance for a critical
  • takumi: g ETS THE CRIT
  • takumi: LANDS THE HIT
  • takumi: DESTROYS ENEMY
Things you don’t know
i. I only kissed you that night because I thought it might help me get over somebody
ii. It did
iii. I fell in love with you the kind of quickly that I used to laugh at
iv. You were the first boy to ever make me feel beautiful for more than the way I looked on a Friday night in my tightest dress and my reddest lipstick
v. I noticed the way you used to look at me like I was something perfect, like I was something you didn’t even deserve
vi. I noticed when you stopped
vii. I always wondered what I did to make that happen
viii. I don’t regret you
ix. I used to think nobody needed anybody else to be happy
x. You made me change my mind
xi. I have tried my best to move on
xii. I haven’t moved on
xiii. I adored you and I wish with my whole heart that I told you that more
xiv. I had never really gotten it right before you 
xv. I’m terrified I’ll never get it right again 
xvi. I told everyone about you, you were a character in ever story I told and I talked about you like you painted the sky blue 
xvii. It broke my heart that you never talked about me that way, that I was only ever “just this girl”
xix. I hated that you never really loved me as much as I loved you 
xx. I want you to be so happy
xxi. I wish so badly it could have been with me
xxii. I’m doing alright without you
xxiii. That last one was a lie
—  22 truths and a lie - blue-delusion

Alright, this is a thing I wrote in around 15 minutes this morning, I hope you enjoy this!!


Red. It’s everywhere. It’s messy. He’s struggling to breathe. He’s crying. His eyes are pleading for help, but the bullet has already sated its purpose. It’s the long, slow, painful way to go, but it had to be done. He’s gasping for air.
The man bleeding out on the ground is Dr. Howard Wolf: a killer, a father figure, and a man who tried to make up for his misdeeds. Now he’s a fading light, dimming as every second passes. Frederic lays the dying doctor’s head on his lap, he gently sets his hand on the man’s face.
“I had todo this. ‘We all do things we’re not proud of’… You told me this, remember?” He’s trying his best to sound endearing, but it didn’t come off that way. Frederic wasn’t the best at this. Sounding empathic wasn’t his strong suit, and the doctor knew that all too well. Wolf tries to extend his arm to have his hand meet his “son’s” face, but the young man places the doctor’s arm back at his side.
“Don’t waste your energy, Howard.” He sighs. “You need to live, just for a little bit at least, so I can face my demons and so you can know the truth. I never-”
It was unexpected.
“Y-ou ne-ver for-g-ot.”
“I… kn-ow.”
It drops. Blue drops on the doctor’s face. First just once. Then again, and again, and again. He notices the doctor’s light is fading. Its raining. It’s raining harder.
“I, uh what? You, you, you…”
The doctor, refusing the young man’s initial command, had his hand gently meet his face in a moment’s notice; he was struggling to wipe his tears.
“Do-n’t cry, I am s-o pro-ud of y-ou..”
His arm slowly falls. His eyes are empty. The candle is blown out.
Blue fades to black.
Instant regret.
“No, no, no!”
The doctor’s last words ringed over and over again in his head.
I am so proud of you…
It echoed. Black. Black was the only colour in his head now.
He holds the corpse close to his chest.
“I’m so sorry. Thank you.”