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As night fell in the town of Halloween, the residents stirring in the shadows, the Halloween King was to be found sat upon the wall of the town fountain. He was lazily tossing one of his bones for his ghostly dog Zero to fetch.

As the dark settled in however an unusual sight was present upon the normally gloomy landscape. A brilliant white wolf. For a moment Jack could swear he could see some strange markings upon it’s coat, he wondered how it had found it’s way here and if it was friendly. Kneeling down he extending his long arm offering his bony hand to the canine.

“Well, hello there. Are you lost?”

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“….! …What the….” Naoto was wide-eyed at the presence of the white wolf with red markings draped all across it, because despite for as how un-ordinary this event was already, the main surprise was the immense power Naoto could feel emitting from this creature, a power which somehow almost felt familiar to her….


What I think when I see certain RP blogs

dichromaticbutterfly- hmmm, how can this develop into a good friendship/relationship without breaking Pit’s character and being cheesy when appropriate?

sadisticlittlesister- Oh jesus Pit keep your ribs together


indigokitsune- wow, thats some pretty spectacular RPing. maybe I should ask for a starter

askeirin/Lunariansage - I FEEL SO INFERIOR ;;

new-generation-hakurei- well, I think that explains the donations. A lot of them. *flails*

ammy-no-ookami- busy with classes? Least her posts are classy and oh man that okami art

overrall- I love you all <3

White Wolf in the Sky

To outsiders, Skyworld was just a bunch of rocks with wooden and stone buildings built on top of them, floating on puffy white clouds in the sky. When they think of heaven, they think of golden gates, homes built on clouds, angels playing harps near water fountains and singing. Paradise. Sadly, Palutena, Goddess of Light, couldn’t exactly afford that luxury. Especially not the golden gates.

As the sun rose and peered through the windows of every angel’s house, the denizens rose and stretched their wings, preparing themselves for yet another peaceful day. Soon enough, the heavy steps of the angels clopped against the stone as they went about their day, taking flight into the sky and feeling the wind beneath their wings. Another day without the Underworld Army making a muck of things. They may not have the luxuries that modern humans did, or what they thought they should have, but peace was enough for them.

All thanks to a flightless angel, who was still at home, making himself the biggest stack of pancakes he could muster. It was Pit’s day off, where Palutena could handle most things herself. And that meant spoiling himself with food! He already had his humble little table set with platefuls of eggs, still-sizzling bacon, plump sausages, and hot hash browns. And now,  a nice stack of pancakes for him to chow down on! He sat down and smiled. “Nothin’ like a big old breakfast to start my day!” he said cheerfully. “Bon appetit-”

From the corner of his eye, he could see some of his fellow angels eying a fluffy white wolf. Thats odd. Was that somebody’s pet? How’d a wolf get into Skyworld, anyway? The people was as confused as he was, or at least they looked the part. Maybe it was hungry and…somehow got up here to find something to eat? With a sigh, Pit shoveled some pancakes and bacon into his mouth before taking a few strips of bacon and eggs onto a plate and going outside.

“Make way, coming through!” he said, parting the small crowd. “Professional dog whisperer here, come on!” When he finally reached the wolf, he looked straight into its eyes, not noticing anything else about its fur. Pit took a deep breath before he spoke again. “Woof woof. Woof? Bark!”

The angels just stared at him. Was it really a good idea to leave Pit in charge of this?