Moving Day || Pellinore, Rachel, Charles, and Wesley (Closed)

Rachel had been actually looking forward to this since they agreed to move in with the twins. She’d finally have a stable place to live and learn in her powers, and Pellinore didn’t have to constantly drain his energy creating portals and healing and such. It was a win-win for both of them, and they hoped that Charles and Wesley were equally as excited.

It didn’t take them all that long to get to the mansion, and Pellinore was getting impatient. Charles had promised to spill a big secret of his and Wesley’s as soon as they got there, and he wondered if he’d had to wait until they got inside. “Moving won’t be all that hard for us,” Pellinore was saying to them. “All I have to do is snap my fingers and all of our belongings will appear. We’d just have to arrange our rooms and what not.”

Ivy & Wesley: Death in the Family

Ivy sat on her small bed in her room on the second floor of the club. It was silent, no one was downstairs except for the others. She clutched her hands together and waiting for Wesley to arrive. she had no one else to go to because of this and she really needed someone at the moment. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks as she kept waiting. Finally, the door opened to the man in the doorway, “W-Wesley..” The death of her sister was the only thing on her mind.

Two´s a team - three´s a crowd?!? || 19th century AU || ammunition-and-anthropology

Alice was… anrgy to say the least. It always had to be the same pointless argument. And again it was easy to remember every word of it: A woman is not allowed to have her own opinion during a conversation with a man. Of course not. A Woman needed to be silent and good-looking and… stupid.

The memory made Alice frown kicking some stones away while walking through the park without a real destination. Both arms pressed around her chest before she would end up breaking someone’s nose. Alice had already cursed earlier in a way that had been not very ladylike and even now some words slipped from her tongue now and then. People were staring but why should she care? Noone cared about her opinon as well because she was female. In moments like this she wished to simply be a man instead.

Royalty!AU - Tutor Charles and Stable Boy Wesley

Helena sighed. Another lesson her mother had forced upon her. After a morning of gruelling history lessons, followed by etiquette and elocution lesson and a fitting for her new gown, she was ready to to attempt to hide in the rose garden for the rest of the day. She knew she was being groomed to be the ideal wife to the heir of the neighbouring kingdom’s throne, but she wished someone would ask her what she wanted to do that day. 

At least her next few lessons were with her favourites. A briefing on her betrothed’s kingdom as well as a quick waltz lesson with Charles, followed by horseback riding with Wesley. At least they’ll brighten up my day, she mused to herself, heading towards the library. 

Many People Started Following You

Pellinore and Rachel had only just arrived to New York City an hour ago. They have been here before, of course, but it’s been years. Wandering around, looking for a place to stay for a night or two, Pellinore stopped suddenly and turned around. A figure stood but a foot away. Pellinore quirked a brow. “Yes?”

Rachel turned around along with him. Upon seeing the figure, she partially hid behind Pellinore, grasping his arms tightly.

+ammunition-and-anthropology (Ivy & Wesley)

She was sitting alone. In her booth, with a cup in her hand with a red liquid that she could care less what it was. He flat face looked around, taking a sip. Ivy studied people, thinking about them. If they were good, if they were bad. She could kill them in seconds, but that would mess up the business  and she didn’t want to do that. She took a deep breath, looking forward at the empty, seat, taking another sip of her drink. Whatever thee fuck it was.

This Should Be Fun || Rachel and Charles (closed)

Rachel was sitting outside in the snow, thinking about…well, everything. This happens when she’s not doing anything that’ll keep her busy. She starts thinking about everything that has ever happened to her in her life, and the emotional spiral down begins.

It was cold, and her hands took on a pink-ish color as played with the snow. She knew she had it in her somewhere to melt the snow with her mind and to keep her warm, but she was always terrified of using her abilities. Things always got out of hand, and even a little spark would cause a big forest fire with her. She wanted so desperately to change that; to change how her mind works so her powers wouldn’t overwhelm her, because then maybe, just maybe, things would get a little better.

Unfortunate Irony (Ivy, May, Wesley, & Charles)

Wednesday, the only day the club was closed. May had been sweeping the whole dance floor, headphones in her ears. She wore about casual clothing. She was planning to go on a date out with Charles, who would be here soon. Jazz echoed in her ears as she blocked out everything out. She did not want to converse with Ivy, who was sitting in a booth casually, wearing one of her pairs of jeans that looked like it was going to fall apart. May did not like the irresponsible and childish woman.

Ivy, was sitting in a dim booth. She had invited Wesley to come over for Chinese food and some help with her work. She kept her eyes down on her book. She didn’t even look at May. The two had another fight this morning. She had refused to clean the dishes. Whatever reason she had, May didn’t like it. Her lips were in a flat as she waited silently. She just wanted to go away upstairs with her boyfriend.

Neither of them knew that both of their boyfriends were related. They would cringe at the thought. But they were in for quite the ride.

New Clients|| Wesley & Pellinore (closed)

Pellinore had received a message not too long ago from an old friend that he hadn’t heard from in ages. He was taking his time preparing for the visit of his friend’s daughter. From what he could make of the message, the girl was living in the city, which is kind of a probably for a faery because iron makes them sick. Pellinore, and a few others like him, know a potion that helps make city-living easier for those who can’t normally stand it.

And Pellinore is cheaper than most warlocks and witches. He’s not in it for the money. He just likes helping people. The Warlock, with his glamour dropped, was pacing in the living room, awaiting her arrival. He hoped that Charles and Wesley would be okay with it. They said that they were before, but faeries are tricksters, and they like to have “fun”.

+ammunition-and-anthropology (Mayella and Charles)

May’s boredom had gotten to her. People were coming and going, getting drinks here and there. No one stayed though. No one spoke to her. when things finally settled down, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. only two more hours, May, hang in there. She told herself. And soon she would be able to keep to herself. Just like she was supposed to do.

closed with ammunition-and-anthropology

Lucas was laughing… of course. Of course he would find a telepath, and one with a serious physical injury. He had closed off his mind to such humans long ago, always having fun at their confusion. After a moment, he sobered himself and looked at the other. “You’re Charles, I assume?”

Hook, line and sinker

Lorelei swam down the river, headed for the sea where she could sunbathe on the shore in the afternoon sun as usual. Her pinkish figure darted through the water quite happily without any obstruction. That was, until she turned with the current and straight into a fishing net.

Panic seizing her she immediately thrashed without thinking in an attempt to free herself, only becoming more entangled in the process and being forced under the water. As the air drained while she struggled she had to resort to transformation, a last resort. Her form flickered and as soon as possible she reached for the surface, a sound escaping her lips when the weight of the net pushed her under.


Autumn decided to skip hanging out with her friends today to go to the Warehouse and spend time with her elder brother. She thought what he did was freaking awesome, especially when she got to play with the new weapons he brought in for Alise.

But right now he was just doing his hacking thing, and Autumn was bored out of her mind. She nearly fell asleep when she heard…someone. Two someone’s? She raised her head. “Cool,” she said. “Are you guys here for an assignment, or something?”

ammunition-and-anthropology started following you

Now wasn’t the time to be colliding into people, much less in her current state; she hadn’t realised that someone had been there when she ran into them, stumbling back with a faint yelp. She was certainly different aesthetically, white as snow- was that blood splattered across her dainty face? And the rest of her for that matter? And what of the medical dress she bore? Peculiar indeed. Sightless eyes stared up at the other apologetically, certainly a deer in the headlights expression.

“I-I- I’m so sorry, monsieur!”

So here is kinda what I wanted to do… (As always, I  will tag the people I will require permission from in order to do these things)

I wanted to get rid of Micheal… But WAIT. I wanted to have Death be a real huge dicky face and basically kick Micheal out, making him move on to the afterlife, and then make Caspian the new Quarrel guy, WHICH WOULD MEAN CAS WOULD BE STUCK ON EARTH FOR ETERNITY. (He would hate this) But I’m not for sure yet..

I kinda.. And this has been JUST A THOUGHT but I was thinking about getting rid of Ivy. People don’t use her much, and if I killed her off, then Amiss would be freaked shitless…. MAYBE. ( I wanna plot with my bby first, tho…)

And then I’d bring a few other characters over…