anonymous asked:

how do you feel about working for nonAZA zoos? I need the experience but the close zoo to me isnt an AZA zoo so i dont support it. What else can i do?

Oh i have no problem with non AZA zoos. My suggestion is to do some research on your zoo before condemning it. Only after reading that it has had too many shady happenings for your taste would i suggest you stay away. But if you really in the experience I probably still would bite the bullet just for the resume.

See you guise this is my biggest problem with the AZA. People blindly support it turning there backs on other zoos without question. The AZA is not the law people. Saying all AZA zoos are good and all non AZA schools are bad is like saying the only good colleges are Ivy league.

The AZA, or American Zoos and Aquariums , is just one of the largest frat houses to the zooverse. But its not the only one. And yet the term “nonAZA” has become a thing…

Yes the AZA is todays gold standard(kind of like having a michelin star)but theres still the ZAA, WAZA, AMMP, and the AAM. all of which are perfectly fine associations with established zoos and aquariums doing all sort of conservation programs. And zoos choose to be a part of different associations for numbers of reasons. Financial reasons, difference in opinion on conservation efforts. There are even arguments from some zoos claiming that the AZA bullies other zoos,  knowing that the populus favors AZA so just having that title could make or break a zoo… but thats hearsay.

There are bad zoos and good zoos, but good and bad are not synonymous with AZA and nonAZA. In fact there are plenty of zoos, such as san diego and fort worth who are members of multiple associations. So how can being a part of different associations be bad if AZA zoos support them as well?

So please anon, and anyone else listening, judge zoos on an individual bases. The little zoos need your support just as much if not more.