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CZ 527

One of the few commercially available bolt-action rifles chambered in 7.62x39mm; the same as an AK or SKS. Using a Mauser-style action and fed from a 5-round detachable magazine, it’s a capable brush gun for hunting. Interestingly however it’s designed for steel cased ammo, with CZ-USA stating brass may not perform as well; a somewhat vague description as to whether its a feeding, ejecting or accuracy issues. (GRH)

This week in "What's in my browser history?"

Also known as ‘This is how I know so much shit about random things.’

Google Searches in the last two days:

  • Octopus sex How to octopuses reproduce?
  • Calmage Wolfatee
  • LED prosthetic eye
  • Can one-eyed people still drive? How much is depth perception affected by the loss of an eye?
  • Birds singing death metal
  • (About 50 different Lotr-related trivia searches)
  • (2 hours of research on nature spirits, esp. Nymphs and Dryads)
  • Polynesian Language characteristics
  • Hawaiian language characteristics
  • How to build a language
  • Flowering Dogwood age of blooming
  • Purple Empress tree invasive?
  • Fastest growing trees zone 6
  • Arborsculpting
  • How to Bonsai
  • History of bonsai
  • Fast growing vines
  • Planning gardens
  • (45 minutes of different flowering plants and buying seeds on amazon)
  • Hedgehogs as a pet
  • Floating Hedgehog
  • Do snakes eat Hedgehogs?
  • Black Body  Radiation black body
  • Stealth Planes
  • Fire Effects on Soil
  • Waldo Canyon Fire
  • Soil Erosion control after wildfire
  • How to fix Scorched soil
  • Agriculture after fires
  • Soil near mountains Alpine soil properties
  • Slash and burn
  • Assarting
  • Medieval property rights 
  • Italian food staples
  • How to pickle Ginger
  • Real Pirate ships for sale
  • How to distill alcohol
  • Where did the “opera singers are viking women” stereotype come from?
  • Nikola Tesla
  • History of Patents
  • Nuget food USA Russia ammo importing
  • top 10 guns for hobbyist
  • How does a flare gun work?
  • How to reduce split ends
  • How to convince my brother to stop being an ass and let me braid his hair, because his ponytail is getting old and he hates leaving it down.  Manly braids
  • Five-lace braids
  • plaiting vs braiding
  • Braiding horse hair

And now I could probably give you a quick summary on most of these topics. 

It’s not that I’m naturally an encyclopedia of knowledge pulled from the nether… I just like to read, and I can get passionate/deeply interested in a lot of different things. 

Members of 3rd Plt. CoB, 2nd/3rd, 199th Lt. Inf. Bde mount army Duce & 1/2’s after multiday S&D mission in Mekong Delta s/w of Saigon (War Zone D, III Corp).   Squad leader on right, myself (w/M-60) in middle & fellow squad member on left. Rare pick up by truck. If not walking out, normal extraction was via lift out by UH-1 Hueys, or pick up by the ‘Brown Water Navy’ (water borne LCIs escorted by PBRs.) (1967)

Submitted by a veteran.