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Candy Wrappers(P.8)

Title: Candy Wrappers(P.8)
Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Summary: Her candy wrappers are a consistent distraction in his life.
A/N: This begins a bit before Isaac is turned when he’s basically a blended in background character that no one knew about.

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“You’re late.” I spun to face my uncle as he came into the room, shutting the door behind him. “At least your showed up this time.” 

I sighed, tugging my jacket off. “Sorry, I had to talk to some friends after school about a project. I can’t stay to long though, I have homework.” 

This time, Chris sighed and stepped forward shaking his head. “Are you taking any of this seriously, Y/N? At some point you will become a leader of this family and everything that we are.” 

He cleared his throat, his eyes reaching mine. “Allison talked to me the other night.” 

I couldn’t help, but roll my eyes and I saw the frown cross over his features. “You two need to learn to get along. She’s worried about you, you know? Who is this Isaac kid? Is he safe?” 

I groaned. “Uncle Chris, I am taking this seriously, but I do have to pay attention to school and I hate to admit it, but I am a teenager, I do want a social life.”

A smile crossed his features. “A social life is fine, why don’t you go out with Allison and Scott some time? Doesn’t he have a friend….Stiles, right?” 

I tossed my hands up. “Why does everyone want me to date Stiles?” I shook my head. “Isaac is very nice and I don’t think you have anything to worry about. We’re just friends….Now are we going to train?” 

Chris seemed a bit anxious still, but he finally gave a nod, relaxing some on the conversation. “Do you want to do some basics today since you’ve missed a few sessions?” 

“I’d like to work on my aim with a gun, actually.” I pulled one of my favorites out of the case and faced him. “So you trust this McCall kid with Allison?” 

Had my uncle caught on to the fact that Scott was a werewolf? At least Isaac wasn’t. I’d have to make sure Allison stayed out of my business or I might have to get a bit more involved in hers. 

Chris raised a brow and started setting up a few targets on the other end of the large training room. “He seems like he has his head on right. He can be a bit odd sometimes though.” 

“Like he’s hiding a secret or something, maybe?” 

My uncle slowly glanced up, eyes narrowing in confusion. “Is there something you need to say, Y/N?” 

I smiled, raising my gun once he was out of the way of the targets. Steady hand. Aim. Pull trigger. 

A perfect shot. 

It was always a perfect shot, but I realized it wasn’t because I was good at shooting guns, I realized it was because the targets weren’t moving and that night, whatever chased me and Isaac…It was moving. Fast. Abnormally fast.

“I have nothing to say, but all teenage boys have secrets or at least secret agendas. I’d trust Scott as much as you seem to trust Isaac.” I replied, putting the gun down. 

“A nice shot.” Chris praised, glancing over at me. “Surprised you’re not wanting to use your favorite weapon.” 

“You said swords were impractical.” 

“They can be.” He put up another target. “So basically, I should just put you both on house arrest and not let you see any boys?”

I gave a small laugh. “If you’re that worried about it…But I think I can take care of myself. I’d be more worried about Allison, since she doesn’t know about any of this or what else is out there.”

“She’s not ready.” He pointed at the target. “Are you ready?” 

“It doesn’t move.” I said softly. “Can we make them move?” 

Chris nodded. “I usually wait until you’re a bit further in your sessions before we use moving targets. Is there a reason you want to speed forward?”

I frowned. “If I ever need to use these skills, I’m sure my target will be moving.” 

Suddenly, Chris pulled the gun from my grip and tossed it onto the table after putting the safety on. “So I wasn’t wrong.” His voice held a hint of anger. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice that my ammo was missing a few shells or that one of my guns had recently been fired?”

I swallowed lightly. He continued. “Are you practicing on your own? Did you try and show off for your new friend?” 

That comment made me angry and I scoffed in response. “Absolutely not! I…I went out to the forest. We were trying to research some stuff for our project. I wanted to be prepared.” 

Chris’ face showed instant concern and fear as he stepped in front of me. “What did you shoot at, Y/N?”

I glanced down. “I don’t know, Uncle Chris. It was large. Very large and it was so fast…It’s eyes were red.”

Chris set a hand on my shoulder. “Go home, Y/N. I’m sure you need to get your homework done. We’ll work on moving targets next session. I need to deal with some stuff for now.” 

I nodded and turned to walk out of the room, but I stopped, a sudden question coming to mind. “Hey Uncle…” 

He turned to face me, raising a brow. 

“Is there a creature that would leave scars on a victim…like on their neck by their ear or on their hands? Kind of in a V shape….?” 

Chris seemed a bit confused, but he slowly shook his head. “No. Not that I’ve heard of.” 

I could tell he was lying, but I didn’t push the subject. The lie was caught because I saw the look of realization cross his eyes for just a moment and then it was gone. 

“Why do you ask?” 

If he wasn’t going to tell me the truth, I wasn’t sure I wanted to let him know either. “I saw it online, I was doing some research to see what I might have saw in the woods, nothing came up though.” 

He nodded. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.” 

“Of course. Bye, Uncle Chris.” 


My mom had left for her night shift at work, so I spent some time cooking some spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner. I figured if Isaac made it over he could eat some too. A part of me was a bit worried he wouldn’t be allowed to go though or that if he did make it it might leave him in some trouble. 

I tossed on a t-shirt I had stolen from Jackson during the short, thankfully, time that we had dated. It was baggy on me, but comfy, it was also long enough that I didn’t really need to wear anything under it. It nearly reached my knees. 

Once it hit about 8:20 I figured Isaac wasn’t gonna make it, I tossed my hair into a sloppy bun and went downstairs to get some spaghetti before I started working on some of my homework. 

Just as I made it down the last step, the doorbell rang. I made my way over to the door, I was almost expecting it to be Allison, she usually showed up after I trained with Chris because he would say how we needed to spend more time together as cousins or whatever. 

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I pulled the door open, a look of surprise crossing my features when I saw Isaac leaning against the doorway. 

He grinned, eyes casting over my body. “Nice outfit.” His attention turned over my shoulder as he breathed in. “Something smells delicious.” 

I moved out of his way, a blush on my cheeks. “I uhm…I made some spaghetti. You can grab a plate if you want. I’m gonna run up and throw on something else.” 

Isaac walked in, grinning a bit more. “Why would you do that?” 

I glanced down at my bare legs and then up at him, raising a brow. “Cause I’m not wearing any pants.” 

He stepped towards me, nodding lightly. “I noticed, but I wouldn’t ask you to do something as silly as putting some on.” 

I blushed again. “Okay, fine. No pants. I do need to go get my backpack though so we can work on our project.” 

The boy didn’t step away from me, his body nearly pressed against mine as he smirked, eyes flicking over my features. “Of course. I’ll grab something to eat then.” 

With a nod I turned around and stepped up the stairs. A small, but loud yipe passed my lips and I spun around so fast I almost fell, but his arms reached out to catch me. “Did you just–” 

“Smack your ass?” He raised a brow. “Possibly.”

With a laugh he let me go and then walked into the kitchen, leaving me a blushing mess as I tried to catch my breath again before going up the stairs. 

Even though a part of me figured I should, I didn’t change my outfit. I did however, fix my hair a bit and then dabbed on a small bit of lip gloss. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs and into the kitchen. 

Isaac had set up two plates of food on the table and had even taken it upon himself to grab out two glasses before filling them with the juice we had in the fridge. I smiled softly as he looked up at me. “I hope you don’t mind…”

“Not at all.” I set my bag down by the hallway. “Want to eat first and then get started on our project?” 

“Uhm…Yeah.” He stepped around the island in the kitchen and nodded. “But I’d like to do something else first.” 

I raised a brow, tilting my head to the side, I didn’t say anything, just opted to let him continue with what he was going to say…or do. 

“It took a lot of convincing on my end, but uh…My dad finally agreed and so,” Isaac kept his gaze away from me, a small blush on his cheeks as he cleared his throat. “Y/N, would you go to the dance with me? I know you said you don’t go, but I figured if I promised you that after the dance you can touch me inappropriately as much as you want, then you might say yes.”

I couldn’t stop the laugh that passed my lips when he asked, a grin on my features as I glanced up at him. “Well if you promise then…Yeah, Isaac, I think I’d like that a lot.” 

He smiled brightly, tugging me against him, his lips finding mine in a small kiss that lasted only a moment as he pulled away. “This is exactly what I was trying to avoid, you know?” 

“I know.” I smirked, bringing my hands up between our bodies so I could unwrap the piece of candy I had been holding. 

Isaac rolled his eyes. “You and those damn candy wrappers.” 

Before I could pop the sugar into my mouth, his lips encircled my fingers, stealing the piece of chocolate from me. His eyes never strayed from mine and I saw his lips twitch with a smirk before he pulled back, my fingers clean of any chocolate. “How dare you–”

“Oh was that for you?” He chuckled. “You shouldn’t eat candy before dinner, you know?” 

I gave him a playful glare and then stepped back from him. “Sit down you candy thief, I’m starving.” 

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“I keep missing…” She was aiming for the bulls eye, though she didn’t hit it once.