The amazing Ammnra creations is selling prop Hard in Hightown and Sword and Sheilds books!!
THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!  I’ve been watching him make these and I think they should be more known to the fandom.

They’re actually quite cheap for such nice props – and he has limited stock so get them now!!

I kinda want a both copies just to put in the apartment!! 

Great for all you Cassandras and Varrics!

Connor Cosplay update April 29th, 2014

My Shapeways order  AND the belt from UbiWorkshop came in yesterday!  Two packages in one day!  

So the belt is really good quality.  The leather is nice and the buckle is metal.  It’s a sturdy piece and I’m relived at that.  

All the Shapeways pieces except the one top and center are components to the hidden blade made by Ammnra.  They will need sanding and painting and then some construction to get them together, along with a few orthodontia elastics and two magnets.  I’ll also need to get some velcro or make some straps with buckles for holding it on Noah’s arm.  

The center piece at the top is is made by cebt and is for the left vambrace.  I’ll be putting it together with some metal jump rings and more straps.  

I’m so excited!  I think I’ll bring the pieces to work tomorrow and start sanding them and maybe even painting them!


Ammnra seriously makes the coolest stuff! 

I want the hidden blade that he made, and the AC jewelry he’s made and shown in this video. D;