Quick look of this blog's 2014 gossip scoops

We can’t screen cap it all. We’re surprised there has actually been a fairly decent amount of gossip in the short few months we’ve been on here and that’s fucking amazing.  No idea what’s true or not but its all delicious

To view more gossip, check out the tag: ‘gossip’. We’re working our way back to the start of the blog to edit the tags for the gossip to make the search easier. :)

Here’s to 2015 and to more gossip & fuckery!

Ok, I realize that this is 110% overestimating my influence but I feel like most of the convos I have with hchano start with her mentioning she’s working on x, and then after 2 hours of fangasming she’s like “oh, I really need to start on x” AND I’M SORRYYYYYYY lolllll 

Also AkaYona is Akatsuki no Yona (which I think she binged this week) and we also got sucked into mabychan’s gender-bent Disney art until like 2am.


I am not leaving my warm blanket nest. Just gonna leave it like that. #rude #theviewfrommybed #wigs #ammirite?