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Oh and here is a dead thing Amme B and i found together. It looked like an older fawn. I now have its skull macerating and i will be back for the bones.

anonymous asked:

i hope this doesnt come off as rude but whats up with amme b's prices? i mean the work is great and i understand they can price things however they want but they still seem really high to me

It’s not rude, I understand. It’s a common thought people have when it comes to handmade things. I like to use the example of some of the things we sell at work. We have small, 5-6inch, hand crocheted, woollen, stuffed mice. Each one takes three hours to make. The minimum wage in Australia, last time I checked, was around $16 an hour. You need to be paid for your time, you cant just be paid for the materials needed to make the item or you wouldn’t be making money. For a small six inch woollen mouse, if you were to charge for your time at minimum wage the buyer would be paying $48 just to cover time, not including materials. Most people would never pay that for this wee toy. We charge $25, and people still snob it as overpriced but that was three hours of a lady’s hard work plus the materials she had to buy.

There are a few things that you should consider before passing something off as overpriced. Please take into account the cost/quality of the materials and tools used to make it and the time it might take to make such an item. I haven’t bought from Amme B’s before and I don’t have a great idea in what it takes to make a bra. But I would assume she makes really good quality items, uses laces, elastics and fabrics, buckles, straps, hook fasteners, thread, needles, wire, padding. That could all be used in one bra alone. Then one bra might take her a few hours to make so she has to charge for that, she shouldn’t sell herself short for her work. Some of her items are limited or one off’s as well so that can affect price (it might not at Amme B’s but in a lot of places it does) and these bra’s are pretty unique. Also with online shopping, this also might not be true for Amme B, but you have to pay fees for sites they use, pay taxes on your earnings, some stores hire models, web designers, all sorts of other costs they might need to cover.

Personally, I own bras I have paid $80+ for. I am a silly size that I have to go to specialist bra shops because big brands don’t stock my size… and its not even that crazy of a size. So I usually settle for sports bras or really ill fitting (but affordable) bras..I’m wearing one that is a cup too small and almost two sizes too big right now and it makes me want to cry, haha. So while I don’t know how exactly Amme B prices her products, because I’m used to seeing those prices and have (reluctantly) accepted I can’t afford to have nice, well fitting bras, then I find it easier to give the benefit of the doubt. 

Sorry for the long reply but its a discussion I have a lot and it pretty much comes down to circumstance. There are people out there who do overprice their items. They might have their reasons for that or might just be greedy. Most are just trying to get by. Affordability is different for everyone too. Some people can afford an $80 bra without a second thought, others have to work towards it and save up. If you really want something or like something, but can’t afford it, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is overpriced. Consider these things I mentioned rather than just straight away assume someone is trying to rip you off and then decide if you think it will be worth the price ^.^