amman adventures


when asked what my favorite part of our trip was, i’ve surprised myself by saying the desert, but it was truly an incredible experience.  

I was frankly kind of wary about going…i’m obviously not a huge fan of “roughing it”; taking a jeep tour in the dust and sand and then camping did not seem particularly appealing to me.  In the end though, I loved it (even when our Jeep got a flat tire and i had to pee in the sand) and our day and night there are some of my happiest memories from the trip.

Wadi Rum is in the south of Jordan and it’s most famous because it’s where Lawrence of Arabia camped.  Depending on the rock formations, the desert is made of patches of bright red or beachy white sand.  It is gorgeous.  

We left Amman in the morning and arrived at our base around noon.  Our Jeep and guide, “Nigel, Son of Desert,” picked us up and we were off.  We spent the afternoon driving around the dunes, stopping here and there to see sites like a small stream, a ravine, a spot where Lawrence visited, ancient carvings, or to visit a bedouin camp for tea.  Considering the growth in popularity among tourists in the past few years, we only ran into other groups at one or two sites.

Towards the end of the day, we ran into some hotrods from Amman who were playing with their Hummers and giant trucks, ramping off of the dunes.  Not wanting to be shown up by city slickers, our guide asked if we minded if he took a turn.  He didn’t even have a chance to make his first jump before he got a flat tire. So we sat down in the sand and soaked in the sun and waited for help to come (i’m still not sure how this happened since he didn’t have a cell phone and we weren’t exactly on the side of a highway).  Luckily, it was gorgeous and Eli was sleeping and we were happy for a little break.

When we were back up and running, we watched the sun set from a great rock formation, then headed to the camp, where we were entertained with song and dance, ate a delicious meal, then slept like logs in bedouin tents under a giant moon.