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Next to me (PART 1)

Pairing: Taehyung X Female Reader X Jungkook

Genre: neighbor!au; fluff

Summary: Summer is here. You were ready to have a nice paecefull break but that was thrown out of the window when a mesmerizing voice caught your attention. It just so happens to be that its owner is right next to you.

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Finally, summer is here. A happy smile spread on your face and the fresh summer breeze washed away all of your worries.  You were sitting on your window´s shelf, with your scrapbook in your lap. With pencil in your mouth, that you were gently biting, your attention flooded somewhere away in the distance of the street, which was filled with happy screams of kids that were playing outside.  There you were, finally able to daydream in the middle of a white day. When the idea suddenly came to you, you let your hand move on its own and create soft gray lines on a blank paper. Everything else happened naturally. Step by step the unmeaningful lines from the beginning were becoming part of the whole. Your pencil was doing the magic so you couldn´t bite on it anymore, so you automatically started chewing on your rosy lower lip.  Soon there was black on white a sketch of the old building next to the garden of thousand of roses.

While you were touching up your creation, you suddenly heard a calming sweet melody. You looked up from the scrapbook. You let go of your lip that was now burning red and you let it hang there, making you look hypnotized. You turned your head to your right, trying to figure out from where was the music coming from. Your eyes scanned through everything that your sight reached, while you were turning your head in all directions. And then your eyes lingered a little longer on the house next to yours. Its window on your side was slightly opened, making the curtains from inside to flood lightly. You moved your head to the side completely overwhelmed by the beautiful tune. You kept your attention on the window and listened more carefully. It sounded like that was the place from where it was coming from. You were guessing that the melody was singing a male…… a young male. His voice was so fresh and pleasant, the sweetest voice that you have ever heard. Longer than you listened, more and more your body started to relax, causing your eye lids to slowly close. This is how you were able to hear the singing voice even clearer. The wind caressed your face while you just listened. But you quickly opened your eyes again when you heard a loud rattle. The neighbour´s window closed and the sweet melody was gone. Through the window you couldn’t see anyone, so you thought the wind closed it. You looked back at your sketch disappointed that you couldn´t see the person who mesmerized you in a swift moment. The melody stuck in your head was slowly getting quieter, letting your mind some little space to think. That´s when it hit you. “But the neighbors moved out. Who was that then…? Did we got new neighbors?” you said to yourself. Suddenly you felt all excited when you heard your words out loud. You finished your masterpiece with a joyful smile on your face.

You were in the kitchen. Because it was in the middle of the week, your parents were at work and your little brother was outside somewhere playing with his friends. You could even hear him, screaming like some maniac while he scored a goal. You were preparing lunch, for you and your little dude. It will be like this for the rest of the week because you start working at the flower shop next week. While you were cooking, someone rang a bell. “Coming.”

You quickly wiped your hands on a towel and ran to open the door. And when you did so, there was standing a tall man in front of you. “ Hello, may I help you” you started the conversation. “ Hello, sorry to interrupt you. My name is Kim Rae Won and I am your new neighbor,” he said politely. “Oooo…the new neighbors… I was right! But this isn´t the person with that sweet voice that I heard yesterday…” your thoughts ran like crazy in your head, causing that your heartbeat fastened its pace. Because you stayed silent he pointed at the house right next to yours:

“The Kim family.”

You looked to your side, the action making you finally get yourself together. “Ow, yes. Hello, my name is Y/N, nice to meet you.” You reached with your hand forward and gave him a nice squeeze: “But I haven´t heard nothing about new neighbors moving in,” you politely tried to continue the conversation and at the same time satisfy your curiosity.“Well, we moved in just yesterday, so it´s reasonable that you haven´t heard nothing about us” he nicely told you. “By meaning us, you mean who, if I may ask?” You were desperate to know who is the owner of that honey like voice. You were looking at him with big expecting eyes.

He smiled: “My family. My wife and my two sons.”

His words confirmed your predictions and your eyes light up with hope and excitement. Automatically a smile popped up on your face and you nodded at him. “Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Y/N. I hope that we will stay in the good relationship. My family, including me, really love this neighborhood.” “The pleasure was all mine. I hope that you will stop by anytime soon so that you can also meet my parents and my little brother,” you politely suggested. He showed you his pearly teeth: “Yes of course, maybe I will even come with my family” Soon he said his goodbyes and you waved him still standing at the door frame.

“Wow, I got myself some handsome neighbors…“ words were racing through your mind making you slightly nervous. ” If he already looks like-that-I can only imagine how would the sons look like… I bet…he…looks angel like, just as beautiful as his voice.“ you were daydreaming with a little smile on your face. Soon, realizing what were you doing, you quickly shook your head, hating yourself for acting like some kind of lovestruck teenager full of hormones. Ow…well that is completely reasonable because that is exactly who you are.

After lunch, you went back to your room. Legs heavy on you so you slowly dragged them to the bed and plopped your booty on the soft surface. The action made your hair bounce a little and also dance around your shoulder when you suddenly turned your head towards the window. You were looking through your new neighbor´s window, trying to see anything. And there they were. The still untouched boxes placed nicely beside the wall, of an unknown owner´s bedroom.  You slowly stood up and went closer to the window. With your hands on its shelf, you felt the beating of your heart through your every vein in your body. While biting your lip your hands slowly reached left, to grab your curtains. You pulled them to yourself covering your body. You really don´t know what would you do if he saw you like this. Better play it safe.

Suddenly you saw something move. With your eyes wide you were sure that something moved in there, you didn´t see it clear who or what was it, but there was some kind of movement. You narrowed your eyes and gripped the curtains harder.

“Come on….I´m going crazy over here!!! Please, just let me see you…Just a little-” you whispered into the quiet room.

You dragged your face forward, closer to the window, the curtains still covering your body. You saw a shadow in the corner, so you completely directed all of your attention on that little space of mystery man´s bedroom.  With your focus on the black shape on the wall, you were bringing your face even closer to the window glass.

All of a sudden a hand showed up into your shot and moved the curtains, wiping your hopes away with the action. The movement surprised you, so you hit your nose against the window’s glass. With your face still pressed against the glass, you let out a disappointed sigh fogging the cold surface in front of you. You let go of the curtains and gently rubbed your nose with a blue face.

But on the other side, there was a boy laying on the bed. His back was drowned in the soft surface and his face was turned towards the ceiling. With his hands in his hair, he was slowly trying to rub away a stupid headache caused by the unbearable summer heat. The darkness that was painting the room caused by the curtains, was making the throbbing pain little softer. He was wearing a white shirt which was buttoned up only so that most of his torso was covered up. A single drop of sweat formed on his neck, which was slowly traveling lower, drawing a shiny line over his collarbones and chest. He needed to unpack and organize all of his stuff: “Ahh, fuck it… No way! I´m not going to move from the bed.” Only his little breaths were heard which were coming from another blue face.

“Y/NNN!!!” “Coming moom!!” You quickly ran downstairs, jumping over last two steps and sliding through the hall to the living room. “What sup”, you cutely smiled at her. “Sweetheart come here,” she stretched her arm for you to hug her. “When did you come home?” You sat down beside her after giving her a hug. “I just came. I also stopped by at the new neighbor´s house. I met Mis. and Mrs. Kim, they are really nice. Mrs. Kim also told me he already met you and I believe you made an amazing first impression my lady.” you gave her a shy smile:”Amm yeah, I guess.” “That is why I invited them for a dinner tonight.” When her word reached your ears you slightly jumped, shock and excitement overflowing your body. “A…dinner! Whaa…!T..t..tonight?! Omgggg….this is happening!!! I´m going to see him tonight!!!” you thought to yourself. Your mom continued: “ I want to have a good relationship with new neighbors, better than with the old ones,” she gave me the look and you quickly returned it when you got your shit back together, knowing exactly what she meant. “So dress up nicely and I trust you to behave yourself as always.” “Of course,” you replied a little too fast making your mom chuckle. “And help me with the dinner, would you. I´m kinda in a rush.” She patted your shoulder and sat up leaving you hard stone on the sofa. You knew someday this would happen, but not like…tonight!

You quickly helped glammed up your little brother and prepare the dinner. Later you rushed under a shower. With a body full of adrenaline you rubbed your scalp like crazy. Your intense thoughts ran through your mind as fast as the water, you were just too excited. And when it was time to choose what to wear, you thought that maybe you´re just not ready - yet. That maybe you should just hide somewhere and give yourself a little more time. You sat on the bed with your almost completely dry hair and a towel around you, deciding on your stupid plan. You looked to your side where the neighbor’s window was. Again. There was a soft yellow light that was shining through the curtains. Your eyes caught the sight of a shadow dancing in the background. The show in front of you made you even more nervous and the reality hit you even harder. In less than 40 minutes you will see him. You just can not help but build high expectations. You climbed so high, too high, the height making you scared. Scared of its danger and hard ass consequences dipped in disappointment. You shook your head jumping on your feet. “Don`t back down now Y/N! You wanted this, now you have it. They are just neighbors for god´s sake…” you tried to encourage yourself.

You slowly closed your bedroom door, after doing so you stood still for a moment facing the door. You slowly breathed into the wood, trying to calm yourself. Why were you even that nervous… It`s all your fault, your mind played stupid little games with you. You just couldn`t keep yourself grounded. You did a little “tsk” with your tongue completely outraged over yourself. Just when you were about to turn around to head downstairs, you heard the bell.

“Coming!” Your mom cheerfully yelled while she went to get the door. You loudly gulped and just waited. There were some new voices heard. You were sure, completely sure that when you`ll hear his voice you`ll know he`s the one. You recognized Mrs. Kim`s voice and the honey like female voice probably belonged to his wife, Mis. Kim. But that was it. You couldn`t hear anything else, anyone else, just your mom loudly shutting the door and rambling about everything that crossed her mind at the moment. You sighed and turned around. You fixed your fresh curl behind your ear which softly brushed against your bare shoulder. “Now or never you scaredy cat…” Yes, that was your encouraging words.

You played with the hem of your white simple dress, the light comfy material making you a little distracted. You slowly placed one hand on the staircase fence and took careful steps downstairs. The cold metallic surface making you flinch a little, the contrast between the railing and your skin just too big.

Suddenly there was that sweet melody playing in your mind again.The voice still fresh in your memory making you relax for a second. Your curiosity grew even bigger in that moment, probably because he was just a few steps away from you. Now you were in the hallway and you listened to the voices coming from the dining room. “Y/N!” Your mom peeked into the hallway looking for you. “Oh, there you are. What are you doing, come on sweety.” She went to get you and she just grabbed your hand. “Don`t be nervous. You look stunning by the way.” And in a sec you were already in the dining room: “ This is my lovely daughter, Y/N.”

Ow boy…

The scene in front of you played out in slow motion. Your eyes landed on two backs facing you which were slowly turning around. Your eyes grew larger, your heartbeat ringing in your ears completely blocking out the words of your mom and of whoever was also talking. And finally, you were face to face with now two handsome faces. With your slightly parted lips, you traced every single feature on those two faces.

The sons

Yes, you were sure those were the sons. One had lighter hair than the other and one was little taller than the other one. The dark haired guy has nice round adorable eyes and they are staring at you. When you locked eyes with him he wrinkled them a little gifting you an eye smile. But you were still in trans so you just couldn`t bring yourself to return the gesture. Your eyes rather switched on the guy next to him. His light hair was slightly parted making him reveal his sharp stunning eyebrows. He playfully raised them when you caught his eyes making you finally snap out of it. “Those are my sons. Jungkook,” he placed his hand on dark haired boy`s shoulder. “And this is Taehyung,” Mr.Kim pointed at the other boy.

You were just standing there, first looking at one guy, then at the other. Because you didn`t say anything your mom spoke up saving you: “Well now that we broke the ice shall we take a seat.”  Your mom placed her hand on the small of your back softly pushing you forward. While you were taking a sit you thought to yourself:”Gosh, I really didn`t think this through. There`s two of them, how on earth will I know which one is him…” Everybody took a seat including the sons, it just so happens to be right in front of you. You didn`t know if that is a good thing or not because you suddenly felt a big lump in your throat.You nervously slid your hand over your dress, smoothing out the wrinkles.

The dark haired boy was wearing a small polite smile and from time to time he curiously looked around the room. Yeah, he was looking around…also looking at you. But whenever you looked at him too, he focused his eyes on something else, most of the time at his baked potatoes, which were laying on his plate while he was playing with them. If you weren`t staring at him too, you wouldn’t even know that he gave any of his attention. While you observed him you were thinking if he is the one.

But suddenly he spoke up:” Am, yes we are both in college.” With your mouth slightly open you imprinted his smooth voice in your memory. He has a really sweet attractive voice. You could listen to him for hours, but is it that the voice that you`re looking for…

Before you could figure out your ears were met with another voice. This one was deeper, honey like sending slight shivers down your spine. Is it… “Yes, I am. I`m 2 years older than Jungkook.” The words formed the light haired guy. He was answering your dad`s questions while wearing cheerful aura. You could feel it, his energy was positive and strong. But he, for a difference, wasn`t switching his focus on you not even once. You observed him too and now that you also heard his voice you were even more interested. You carefully listened to him, he shared even a laugh with your dad making you even smile. You leaned your head to the side supporting it with your hand. Could he…be the one who mesmerized me… You slowly blinked comparing the two voices that you heard. They were both beyond pleasant but… You gently bit your lip, still focusing on the light haired guy called Taehyung.

The memory from a few days ago flashed in front of your eyes… The singing voice… “Of course sir…” His words echoed through your mind making you lift your head once they settled in and… Could it be… is he really…!

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Gallavich prompt: In season two Ned/loyd gave Ian a hickey. In season three Ian is still seeing him even though he is "sort of" with Mickey. I need Ned/Loyd to give Ian a hickey again, and Mickey to see it. His reaction is up to you. Maybe Ian got the hickey on purpose to get a rise out of Mickey, that is also up to you.

(ok for the record let’s just say that everything until after “Together” happened, Mickey brought Ian home, some weeks have passed BUT we haven’t had “of course we are” yet ok?)


Mickey was watching Ian undressing, admiring his beautiful body.

“Hey, what are you staring at?” Ian playfully tossed his shirt in Mickey’s face. 

“Just enjoying the view.”, Mickey winked at him. 

“You gonna enjoy a whole lot more in a second.”, Ian stated, grinning suggestively as he was pulling down his shorts, then slowly walked over until his cock was basically in Mickey’s face. 

Mickey pressed his tongue against his teeth, grinning widely in anticipation. 

“Hey, it’s not gonna suck itself!” Ian, still grinning widely, ran his hand through Mickey’s hair, gently pulling him closer. 

“Fuck you.”, Mickey shifted closer, slowly placing his hands on Ian’s buttcheeks. 

He opened his mouth while Ian closed his eyes, ready to recieve one of Mickey’s incredible blowjobs…

“What the fuck is that?!" 

"My penis?!” Ian opened his eyes, “I thought you might have gotten used to his size by now!”

“No you fucktard, this!” Mickey was pointing at a black-blue hickey on Ian’s belly, well, not really his belly, more… somewhere between his navel and his red pubes.

“Oh come on, you’re not gonna get mad about this ok? It’s from work!” Ian rolled his eyes at Mickey’s angry face.

“From work?! Like, what, a fucking work-related incident?! Some old fucker accidently put his vaccum cleaner to your cock or what?” Mickey was turning red and he had stood up, looking up at Ian angrily. 

“It’s not on my  cock, Mick… relax!” Ian tried to put his hand on Mickey’s shoulder, but the older man pulled away.

“Look… it was… Ned. He came into work and-”

“NED?!” Uh-oh, Mickey was in AMM (Angry-Milkovich-Mode).

“Yeah, he sometimes stops by with friends… they pay really well!”, Ian tried to defend himself.

“So he came by and just casually gave you a fucking hickey?! On your belly?!” Mickey looked like he was gonna destroy something any minute.

“Well, he bought a dance” - Mickey huffed and puffed angrily- “and we were… you know, fooling around a bit and he just thought it would be funny!”  

Mickey was holding his arms crossed, and Ian kinda felt sorry because he looked really hurt. Well, in his way. But Ian knew this expression. 

“Hey, Mick… look, I know you don’t like my job…” - angry huffing and puffing again - “but it makes good money… Ned and his friends left me, like, five hundred in tips yesterday!” Ian once again tried to reach out for Mickey who pulled away again, but not as harsh as before.

“Mickey, I- …’m sorry…”

“What for?” Mickey looked at Ian with his bright blue eyes, and Ian felt really guilty suddenly. 

“That I let… Ned do this. I’m sorry. It was… in the heat of the moment, and you know, it’s not like he hasn’t done it before…”


Ian chuckeled at Mickey’s disgusted face. “I didn’t enjoy it, at all.”

“Yeah, great to know.”, Mickey spat out sarcastically.

“Oh shut up…” Ian reached for Mickey’s wrist, and this time, he didn’t pull away. Instead, Ian pulled him closer and wrapped his arms around his waist.

Mickey’s blue eyes were scanning every inch of Ian’s face. Then, slowly, calmly, he said:

“I want to be the only one who’s allowed to give you hickeys.”

A smile, full of… emotions Mickey didn’t want to name yet, grew on Ian’s face. Then he nodded slowly. 

“Okay. Deal.”

“Deal.”, Mickey answered. But when they kissed afterwards, he couldn’t resist to bite Ian’s lip a bit. 

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