• Aoi: good morniiiing ‹‹\(´ω` )/››

  • I know, this is kinda out of the blue but Shōnan Duo*, RR**, team stage-right***, rhythm crew****. I mean, that guy literally has all of the GazettE, it’s not fair!
  • next time, I should tie that scrap of cloth as tight as I can ('ω')
  • alright, good night!
  • Reita: you're being way too greedy this early in the morning!
  • ________________
  • *Shōnan Duo = Reita and Uruha (Shōnan is a region in Kanagawa, Japan. Since Reita and Uruha were born around there, they are often called the Shōnan Duo)
**RR = Reita and Ruki

  • ***team stage-right = Reita and Aoi
****rhythm crew = Reita and Kai
Exclusive- Uruha’s wife confirmed!

Hi everyone! It’s showtime.

Trigger warning- we are going to talk bout Uruha’s wife tonight! Your gay-fetishising brittle heart may be seriously damaged. We’ve managed to get some exclusive footage here.

The waifu posted it herself, so you can refrain from butthurting and discussing out moral standards.Let’s start with summarizing all the “facts“ that we’ve been reading from Tanuki for past several years:

-They’ve met in 2012

-She used to work in a host club at that time

-Uruha and the Waifu met at the club

-They went to Okinawa in 2012

-By the end of 2012 she left her job and they’ve moved in together.

We’ve heard some rumors about her getting pregnant and them having their wedding ceremony in 2012, but it is still not confirmed, so we believe that she might have faked her pregnancy to leave her job. We’ve also decided to figure out everything about their wedding ourselves. This fall we’ve been stalking her confirmed Facebook account, unfortunately, she has already deleted all of the pictures and the posts, and also changed the name of her Twitter and Instagram. From what we’ve figured out, she calls her husband Ko-chyan, and rambles about how she wants to move somewhere to live closer to ‘the hubby’s office, which is in Suginami-ku. Just to remind you, Suginami-ku, is where the PS company’s office is. Her Facebook page also says that she has changed her surname to Takashima ( 高嶋) on the 30th of October, 2013, and according to Tanuki, it was the day when they officially got married, and according to her own Facebook friends, the wedding ceremony happened exactly one year later, on the 30th of October, 2014.

The Waifu’s name is Mayuka, born and raised in Sapporo, according to Tanuki, she is 5 years younger than Uruha. Is a housewife and takes care of their English Cockers, and from here we begin with the exclusives.

We found Mayuka’s blog that she started on 14th of June 2014, and kept updating until 12th of September, 2015. This blog is the irrefutable proof that Sir Uruha is the lady’s husband. You can see the Standing Live Tour Blackmoral shirts, as well as the muffler/towel from The Decade live and the bag that he also showed in the documentary.

The towel and the bag

The picture that left no doubts that the man is Uruha- his car that he’s been using since 2005, Chrysler 300c and the Blackmoral pouch above the wheel.

Bout the dogs- Hinata and Rin. Waifu-san has a habit of complaining about “Daddy“ or “Hinata’s daddy“ coming back late from work, or even in the morning, while Hinata-chyan is waiting for him like Hachiko. Waifu-san wanted to adopt a dog for a long time, and when the Daddy said yes, on the 14th of June, they’ve taken the puppy and received all the certificated from Haneda airport, 2 weeks after Mayuka (waifu) shared her thoughts about adopting a dog on her Facebook.

Nowdays, her Facebook userpic is changed to some dude from “Uta No Prince Sama“, they are said to be seen hanging out in Kitazawa, Setagaya, and sometimes Waifu can be seen hanging with the parents, friends and journalists during Gazette lives. They now live in Setagaya, after moving out from their apartment in Minato, where they both took the well-known controversial photos from their balcony. (yep, apparently it’s the same person)

That’s the link for the lady’s blog about the days of the Daddy Ko-chan and the Dogs. You can find some videos there with Uruha’s voice in the background

It’s truly been shocking when we figured it all out, but in the end of the day, we believe that it’s Uruha’s choice and we are happy about that.

We also wanted to add, that we are Gaze-gyas ourselves, both having certain connections and we happened to have a quite a few pictures and interesting information, that we don’t intend to share, because we truly respect their private lives. What we have posted here is just a summary of files that can be easily accessible in the public blog, while posting the pics was entirely up to Mayuka. Her decision was to post the pictures on the Internet and we don’t blame her for that.

We found this information truly interesting and we created this post to share what we found. Hope you enjoyed xxx


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