Here’s what I’ve learned. Chase the stars, life is short. Fall in love easily. Don’t be afraid to leave - places, people, or anything. If it’s not making you happy, it’s not worth it. Watch movies. Read books. Write poetry. Go to indie concerts with lyrics that leave your soul reverberating. Stargaze on your roof for a first date. Don’t smoke, it’s not cool. Travel. Explore. Visit places that leave every sense tingling with joy. Kiss a stranger. Get your fortune told. Buy something you don’t need. And most of all, don’t be afraid. Everything you’ve ever wanted is out there waiting for you, and now is the time to go get it.
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Kousuke and Hiro-pon

The only one who’s the same age as me!!!
We were always together during rehearsals, every prefecture we went to, in the dressing rooms, and even in private.
I feel like I have to work hard so that we can be together again in another production someday.  
When the final performance was over, the two of us went to eat Shabu Shabu!
And right now he’s at my house.  lol
Hiro-pon is actually napping right now so I’m cleaning.  lol

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Hi :) I want to share my thoughs with you. So while watching last episode's opening we can see that Viktor is "loosing his colors" in it. And we had this drama with Makkachin and the last scene with Yuri and Viktor on the airport and.. etc. So everyone wonders how this anime will end. And now my idea: really sad and heartbreaking but awesome. In a way. Between Yuri's and Viktor's birthday we have a month gap. And if the theory with 25 episodes is true we can fill the rest of them with the 1/2

YOI will finish airing Dec. 22 so there will be only 12 episodes for this season according to MAL. Hm, I don’t think YOI will get that dramatic tbh, even though indeed, Victor’s colors are grey. Idk what that could mean, honestly. But I can hardly see any characters die. Maybe we’ll get to see his “dark and sad” past in that beautiful scene where he looks down and Yuuri is blushing (perhaps bc of the cold idk ; ;) ? 

We all worried about Makkachin because of how Mary worded out the situation, but I guess it’s because she was just as worried as us, but it was obvious Makkachin wouldn’t die. YOI is not that serious of an anime, sure we had moments we go “omg no” but everything ended well, sometimes with comic relief, like that argument Michele and Sala had :)

Also, YOI has surprised us every week, so I’m certain we won’t get a “classic” happy ending. I fully trust Kubo and the anime staff :)

I think Kubo stated in a tweet that noone would die, I may be mistaken though? I can’t find it because I don’t read Japanese ; ;
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charlieiipartyking replied to your post: mockumentary style sitcom about the jli when… dc…

consider b99 style jli, with Andy Samberg as Ted

i can get behind this but have YOU considered the office style jli where j’onn is rampaging through the office and ted and booster being like “we swear, j’onn we don’t know what happened to your chocos” and then it cuts to a close-up interview w/ them and they’re like “it was us. we stole the chocos.”