amits edits

Since I love the Divergent Series I decided to sort the liars into the factions.

Aria- Amite : She is probably the liar who wants peace the most and she is almost to everyone friendly. I really think she would be a tipical Amite girl

Spencer- Candor: Although Spencer is really smart but not like Most of the Erudites would she ever want to opress one faction and think that her faction would ne the best. I would think she fits more with Candor since she is the most truthfull liar.

Emily- Abnegation: Altough she got much stronger, is sporty and much more what would be characteristic for Dauntless but to me she seems like the liar who sacrefice herself the most. She always wants to help others and remember how she was the Sommer away to help boulding New houses for the ones in need which remind ne of how the Abnigation help the factionless.

Hanna- Dauntless: She is the liar who Sees the danger right through it’s eye. Hanna is always the one who Ford something before really thinking it through so she seems like a tipical Dauntless girl

Mona- Erudite: Mona is really smart and she loves to play games. I could Imagine her being like Jeanine - the Boss of the Erudites who doesn’t give up and tries to do things for her benifit or Mona could be someone who helps from the inside to take down the evil in the Erudites .

Alison- Divergent: this one was pretty tricky since I don’t think that Alison would fit to one faction the Most. The reason for this is that I belive she is Dauntless- She is always in Adventures and her life seems like a rollacoster. But than I think she fits Erudite too because altough she is not really booksmart like Spence or Mona but she has this streetsmartness insife of her and she is the master of manipulation. But eventough she seems so much like Dauntless and Erudite she has a heart of an Amite. So my conclusion is that Alison is Divergent because she has many traits from different factions United in her.

( Sorry of I made an englisch mistake. Englisch is not my first Language and I Hope You understood what I wanted to discribe)