amish friends

ID #36028

Name: Rad
Age: 23
Country: USA


I’m Rad! No really, Rad is short for my (ridiculously uncommon) name. I’m 23, and I live in the western US. I moved here from Pennsylvania with my husband about 9 months ago. I’m bi, kind of butch, and a Unitarian Universalist.

I love riding horses, but I’ve had to stop for a while because I don’t have the money right now. I also love shooting guns (rifles > pistols), and I’m out hiking and backpacking pretty much every weekend. When I’m not outside you can probably find me knitting or crocheting. Sometimes I dabble in spinning and weaving too. I don’t have cable anymore so I don’t watch many shows, but I love documentaries and I’m a sucker for crappy reality TV. As for music, I pretty much listen to everything.

I really like learning languages. I speak Pennsylvania German (yes like the Amish, no I’m not Amish), and someday I’m going to get around to learning French and Mandarin (and a few others…). I’m going back to school in the Fall for IT, and I’m passionate about math and geography too. Honestly though I’d really like to be a farrier, but I’m also happy to see where life takes me.

Preferences: 20+, gender/race/religion/sexual orientation don’t matter so long as you’re not a bigot. Location doesn’t matter. I’d prefer to write over email, since my snail mail doesn’t always get delivered for some reason…

Let me tell you something, I got mad respect for anyone that dedicated to their religion or lifestyle, so I got no issue with the Amish.

But my parents wanted to see how they lived. And they had a farm tour and a dinner you could pay for. And look. I don’t think people are like zoo creatures, man, I don’t need to invade their lives like a tourist. It’s weird. And I am basically as opposite to the Amish as you can get. I live on my computer. I don’t do physical labor. Bonnets don’t look good on me.

But this was even worse than I could have ever imagined because it was meant for large groups, but it was just the three of us. The farm was not a working farm, it was just a house with a big back yard. This was the same place where some Amish friends of the host came over and I had that awkward conversation explaining my occupation. The dinner we went to was in someone else’s house and their father was on his literal deathbed behind a sheet behind the table. We ate in awkward silence.

My parents liked it. I think. I just. I love my parents. But that was basically one of the worst trips of my life.