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So I went to Amish country in Tennessee last week and visited an Amish family and I witnessed a tiny three year old Amish boy riding a horse by himself and y'all…. I was so scared for his life, but his parents were like, “Nah, he’s good.”

An Amish family came into the thrift store the other day, and I noticed the 8-10 year old son in the Barbie aisle looking up the dolls’ skirts.

I wouldn’t have wanted to record it even if I had a phone/camera with me (for the sake of the boy), but there are some things in this world that you wish others could have been there to witness.
Sometimes Goodbye Is A second Chance Chapter 1, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance

Author: joycie89


Blaine is Amish. He loves his family and his culture but they are not accepting of his recently-revealed homosexuality, leading him to make the very hard decision to leave his community at the age of 17. AU, GKM-fill, Klaine.

Rating: Mature

Words: 37,893

Chapters: 19/19


So like a week ago I was out in the country to do a family outting, and I met an amish family and I was showing this one guy tumblr and we were scrolling my dash together and having a good time until we saw a post bashing amish people and making them a meme! He shot right up and pointed at the phone having not understood that no one would hear him because technology was very new to him,and he got into position to dance the oppa gangnam style dance thing but he shouted as loud as he could “oppa amish style!” and


Breaking Amish L.A. Lizzie Stoltzfus and Hoj James Married

Former Breaking Amish L.A. cast member, Lizzie Stoltzfus married Hoj James last week. The happy couple were all smiles and in love in photos the shared on facebook and instagram.

Viewers might remember Lizzie from the show when she the episode were she gave birth to her son, Kaden of who Hoj is the father. She was shunned from the Amish community for having a baby out of wedlock and then getting engaged to a non-Amish man but she seems to be happy with her decision judging by the wedding photos.

Best of luck to the new happy family!

Arthur Recap Season 7 Episode 7 Part 2 Buster’s Amish Mismatch

AKA The One Where Buster Tries to Be Amish and Everyone is A Douche To Him

Arthur tells us that on every field trip, Buster always somehow manages to bring back a souvenir. Sometimes said souvenirs are illegal, like the time Buster took that fossil footprint from the state park (I’m glad that episode was referenced btw) or the time the class visited a police station and Buster accidentally took an officer’s badge.  And other times, Buster’s souvenirs are not so great. For example, one time the class visited a fudge factory and Buster got indigestion from eating too many free samples.

Still worth it. 

Anyway, anyone ever notice how Arthur’s class gets to go on all these cool field trips? I’ve only been to the local museums and once to an IMAX movie on my school field trips. Where is this magical fudge factory that allows class trips and hands out free samples? TELL ME.

Arthur wonders what Buster is going to bring back from this field trip. Well, it’s sure going to be interesting, i can tell you that.

The kids are going on a field trip to the country. As they drive past the wheat fields, Buster imagines driving the tractor and making crop circles…to summon aliens and play tag with them. 

This is literally Buster’s fantasy. I worry about Buster’s marijuana usage a lot.

Before their arrival, Mr. Ratburn explains to the kids that they are going to visit the Amish. The kids are amazed that there is a group of people that has willingly given up modern technology and wonder why the Amish live this way. Brain takes over and explains that the Amish just believe in living simply without technology.

I wonder if Ratburn ever gets annoyed that Brain takes over his class discussions. I mean, Mr. Haney could slip Brain some money under the table and just fire Ratburn and class would carry on like normal.

The kids visit the Amish settlement and let me tell you, even as a kid, I never understood why Buster gets so enamored of the Amish lifestyle. The Amish woman there explains that that the Amish don’t believe in playing musical instruments and think buttons are too fancy.

Like, Jesus. It’s like living in the tiny town in Footloose, but Kevin Bacon will never arrive to save you with his sweet 80s tunes.

Anyway, Buster befriends Daniel, an Amish kid. Buster becomes fascinated about the Amish lifestyle and convinces Mr. Ratburn to let the class stay to help with the barn raising. “I’ve never made anything with my own hands before,” Buster tells Daniel. “Boy, you guys really know how to live!”

Daniel tells Buster that he doesn’t have to be Amish to live like an Amish person. He even gives Buster his hat to help Buster get in the mindset! 

Aw, that’s really nice of Daniel to do for a kid he’ll never see again. Why couldn’t Daniel be a recurring character instead of Ladonna?

On the bus ride home, Buster declares that he live the Amish way, but no one believes he’ll be able to do it. Brain warns Buster that it’s impossible to live like the Amish in the modern world but Buster is confident that he’ll be able to.

So far, he’s on the right track. Buster walks home instead of riding in his mom’s car, insists on eating by candle light, and suggests starting a garden to make their own ingredients. Bitzi likes the candlelit dinners but is not interested in joining Buster’s plans, pointing out that she has too much work to carry out all of his ideas. She tells Buster that he can be Amish…in his room.

“I bet Amish families stick together,” grumbles Buster.

Bitzi gives Buster a manual powered flashlight before he goes to bed and tries to convince him one more time to just be “a little Amish” instead. Buster is stubborn and insists on going all in, even though it’s much more difficult than he anticipated.

Very few of his clothes don’t have buttons or zippers, Brain points out (rather condescendingly I might add) that the food cooked in the cafeteria was probably made with electric ovens so Buster can’t eat anything decent, and he has to walk home in the rain because he still refuses to ride in the car.

Bitzi checks in on Buster in his room and goes ballistic when he shows her that he was trying to make butter in his room. “Well, I was trying to make butter but I think I made mayonnaise,” says Buster. “YOU ARE NOT MAKING MAYONNAISE IN YOUR ROOM!” shouts Bitzi.

For some reason, that lines makes me laugh so hard. To be fair, I would get furious if I found out my child was making non-FDA approved butter/mayo. She puts an end to his Amish plans and declares that he will start sleeping with the heat and wear buttons and dance like everyone is watching.

Somewhere in Amish country, Daniel’s heart hurts a little and he doesn’t know why.

At school the next day, Buster is miserable trying to live the Amish way. Mrs. McGrady sits down with him at lunch and reveals to him that he isn’t living the Amish way. She tells him that Amish people can ride in cars and do whatever they want. Huh. So much for the “rejecting modern technology” bit.

Mrs. McGrady explains that the Amish are able to live like the way they do because they are a community. Well, that and the fact that they tend to live in rural, isolated areas and have struck a deal with a government to have very little interference in the lives. But sure, just stick with the “they are a community!” explanation.

Buster realizes that he can’t be Amish alone and decides to give up his Amish ways. However, he still insists on doing one Amish thing: building a dog house for Pal with his friends! Bitzi even makes homemade pizza to celebrate their semi-Amish activity and Buster saves a slice so he’ll always remember the day. Buster no longer has an Amish mismatch.

Grade: B- (First off, this episode was educational. I’m 95% sure this episode was where I first learned about Amish people and their ways. Anyway, people were a lot less douchey to Buster than I remember. Brain is the only one who is condescending, but, you know, that’s Brain. I’m trying to decide if Buster’s failure was the fulfillment of Brain’s warning that it’s impossible to live without modern technology or if he was being semi-sabotaged. Bitzi certainly was no help by telling Buster he could only be Amish in his room and even then, she was regulating what he could or couldn’t do.

I don’t know, there’s not much about this episode that is remarkable besides the premise.)

Rating: 29% intense. Trying to be Amish is intense.

anonymous asked:

can you recommend me a good msr fanfic? :)

Hello anon. 

I’ve been asked this a couple times. I should really make a fic rec page, but there are just sooooo many good ones. 

You can check out my txf ficrec tag. 

MSR library always posts great fic. 

And here are some good ones I have read recently:

Hurricane Season by rah and beduini: AU post Existence. Mulder and Scully bring William on a Scully Family vacation. 

Amish Country by Lolabeegood: Mulder and Scully go undercover in an Amish community to solve a serial rape case. There is a lot of bed sharing and some bathtub sharing ;). 

The Other Man by Jess M.: WARNING. This fic will fuck you up and you will never watch deep throat the same way again. 

Campbell Farm

So the Campbell farm was sold in the last 5 years and now an Amish family runs a bed and breakfast there. People that tie to the Campbell farm are Andrew, the Hastings family, the DiLaurentis family, Charlotte, and “Elliot”. I feel like this is all gonna come down to the Hastings and DiLaurentis families. I can’t wait…

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How do you came out to a mostly amish family?

I’m not really sure as I’ve never experienced life with an Amish family, but all I can say is prepare it first. Make sure you have a place to go if something bad happens and you need to get out. I’m sorry I can’t be much help with this, as I have not researched the Amish religion yet. I will do so as soon as I can and get back to you soon.


A Home for Emma {Emma & Oliver}

Felicity and Oliver discuss moving

Originally posted by olicitykisses

Oliver paced the hotel room floor as he waited for Felicity to come back with lunch. Emma was napping on the bed, worn out from all the packing they had done that morning.

It had been a week since he had been given custody of his daughter, a week since they had laid her mother to rest. Emma was obviously taking her passing hard. It was difficult to know exactly how she was feeling because she had vowed herself to silence; when she found out her mother was dying, she only talked directly to her because she wanted her to remember her voice when she was gone. She thought talking to other people would waste it, and her mother had always told her that her voice was her most favorite sound in the entire world.

Now that she had passed, Emma continued her vow of silence, refusing to speak a word to anyone. The pediatric therapist that had visited them said it was her way of grieving and processing the loss, and that she would speak again eventually, most likely when she felt well-adjusted to her new situation.

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The whole theory about the Amish girl being Ali’s child makes me SO excited for three reasons:

ITS EXCITING!!! Ali has a long lost child!!! AHHH!

It makes SO MUCH SENSE. Wilden being from an Amish family in the books, the Wilden mask being used recently, Charlotte having a bond with the girl

It revisits a storyline from like AGES ago. Exciting and relevant things from the past might actually be clarified and brought to life again! YES PLEASE.