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Hey, do me a favor drivers.
If you’re driving in the country and you start seeing unusually wide shoulders and weird trenches in the road, or you start seeing “Yoder” or other Amish indicators, Please drive super extra carefully. And if you see an accident or get into one with a buggy please don’t just drive off.
We had an accident yesterday morning, someone decided that the 25MPH speed limit was too slow and decided to pass up two cars, crashing into a horse and just driving off after. Broke the poor thing’s leg.

Most Amish families don’t have more than one or two horses, and they use them for both farm work and transportation. You crash into a buggie and chances are, if you haven’t killed the people in the wooden box or stranded them, you’ve gotten rid of their livelyhood. Even if the accident is minor and the horse only has a sprain- it’s not going to be able to cart that buggie anywhere or do anything for weeks. Best case scenario in an accident and both you and the amish folk involved have to spend several hours trying to calm the poor beast.

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How do you came out to a mostly amish family?

I’m not really sure as I’ve never experienced life with an Amish family, but all I can say is prepare it first. Make sure you have a place to go if something bad happens and you need to get out. I’m sorry I can’t be much help with this, as I have not researched the Amish religion yet. I will do so as soon as I can and get back to you soon.


The whole theory about the Amish girl being Ali’s child makes me SO excited for three reasons:

ITS EXCITING!!! Ali has a long lost child!!! AHHH!

It makes SO MUCH SENSE. Wilden being from an Amish family in the books, the Wilden mask being used recently, Charlotte having a bond with the girl

It revisits a storyline from like AGES ago. Exciting and relevant things from the past might actually be clarified and brought to life again! YES PLEASE.