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There was this one time that me and my family went to Las Vegas for a vacation. Now, I know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is a rule about these sort of things, but I’d still like to share it.

It was when I was about 6 years old or so. Our family, my dad, mom, older brother, and I, all went to Vegas just to relax and play around for the weekend. The day passed us by as we went to a few shows and such. We originally had made a reservation at Caesars Palace, but they apparently lost our room. We got a refund and a new reservation at this hotel called Terrible’s. Despite the name, it wasn’t that bad of a hotel. We checked in, set down our luggage,  and unpacked for the night. My mom and my dad decided to go see this play or something with a few friends they made earlier in the day. They left me and my brother in the hotel room and pranced off into the night. We booted up the N64 in the room because we were bored, and played a bit of it. 

While he was playing it, the lights turned off by themselves. I screamed, but my brother payed no attention to me. The T.V. shut itself off, but my brother kept twisting the control stick. And there we sat for what seemed like forever in the darkness. Suddenly, the light to the bathroom flickered on. I thought it was my parents back from their play and rushed to hug them for comfort. What I found was a woman wearing very Amish like clothing standing in front of me. She was brandishing a very large knife and had a look that paralyzed me. The two of us stared at each other for a good few seconds before she raised her arm with the blade. Her arm lurched forward for my body as I closed my eyes and braced for the hit.

It never came. I woke up on the bed, sitting upright. I was panting and I was in cold sweat. My parents were asleep and so was my brother. I cautiously went to the bathroom to confirm that what I had was a dream and nothing more. The bathroom was empty. I sighed and went to wash my face at the sink. That’s when I saw it. A dark patch of skin in the middle of my body. I stared at it with wonder. It looked like something went through that part of me.

Something like a knife. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 9/10 I think you know why the hotel was called Terrible’s.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

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Besides Star Wars and Indiana Jones, what are some Harrison movies people should watch?

Here are my top three Harrison Ford Movies I recommend

3) Witness: Harrison Ford in Amish clothing is stellar to die for. His acting is phenominal in it and Its a different yet fun movie to write especially for the eye candy.

2) Clear and Present Danger/Patriot Games: Harrison as Jack Ryan…yum. Theres alot of great action scenes. And Honestly you see a wide range of Harrison’s acting in there.

Finally my # 1 Rec:

Air Force One: I consider this movie Harrison Ford Porn. Five bucks, Carrie Fisher thought that too. I mean we have Harrison Ford, running bloody, rugged, punching terrorists, flying planes. He gets tied up at one point and has the crap beaten out of him by Gary Oldman which was hot. His acting is also really great. theres this one point he cries like full out balling. This movie rocks.!

     He told me about his job in a sawmill, how he wanted to stay in the country for the rest of his life, and about wearing traditional Amish clothes all the time. He still seemed a bit reserved, however, so when he asked me if his picture was going to be in a book, I assumed he’d rather it didn’t. I said, “Well, I wouldn’t want to go against your will, so if you really don’t want—”
“No, no, I’m asking because if it does end up in a book, I would love to have a copy. I’ll give you my address in Ohio.”

Boston, MA

College Sweethearts

Pairing: Hercules x Reader

Prompt: Do you think you could do a herc x reader where they meet at college orientation and become best friends and over their four years at school they fall in love and become college sweethearts (literally everyone on campus’s otp, even the professors)

TW: None

Word Count: 2878 (LONGEST YET)


August, 2016

It was the orientation day, of your first year of college, and you swore, you were about to bounce out of your skin. You were so excited, really, and you’d gotten into your college of choice and everything!! There was a tour guide, ready to show you around, in Navy, with black heels, and a pearl necklace. She always had a bright, Crimson smile on her face, no matter if she was talking about Their science building or the dining hall, it never seemed to waver.

You were looking the other way for a moment, admiring the lake that one of the dorms was near, as you walked past it. Sadly, that was not your dorm…but one of your friends was staying there, and that meant you could visit anytime you wa-

“Oh!! Shoot, I’m so sorry.” You stammered, bowing your head to pick up your bag where you’d smacked into someone from another group passing by.

“No, don’t worry about it, it’s my fault.” The boy you’d slammed into was saying, helping you pick your purse up from the concrete. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.” He looked up to you, and gave a sheepish smile, one that lit up his entire face like a kid on Christmas. You couldn’t help the warmth that flooded your cheeks. Your eyes flitted to the sticker on his chest and read the name ‘Hercules’

“Hercules? Like…the Roman god?” You asked, smiling at him. He seemed confused for a second, before remembering the sticker on his chest.

“Oh! Oh, yeah.” He laughed a bit. “Yeah, I’m Hercules…nice to meet you, (Y/N).” He handed your purse back to you, now cleaned off of the pavement.

“Herc! Come on!!” Someone yelled to him from the orientation group he was with, and he swivelled his head in their direction to see that the group was leaving him. You’re was leaving you, too! You scrambled back off the sidewalk, and hurried to catch up with them, calling over your shoulder,

“See you around, Wonder Boy!”

Hercules waved back at you, trying to ignore the warmth he felt in his own face. It was the heat, yeah. That was all.

“Soo…who was that?” John smirked, sliding next to him and keeping stride.


December, 2016

“Who are you texting?” You nearly jumped out of your skin as your roommate suddenly spoke. You hadn’t even realized she was in the room with you!! Seriously, she could be so quiet, sometimes…

“No one, Peggy.”

“No one? Well, you sure are smiling at lot at no one.” She tilted her head towards you with a teasing grin. “Am I going to meet this No Name anytime soon?”

“Not if I can help it.” You laughed, going back to texting Hercules.

“Hey!! What’s that supposed to mean!?” You ignored her, and focused on the messages. You and Hercules had met up again, while you were helping Peggy’s sister, Eliza, and a close friend of yours, with a report, in which she had to gather interviews from real, local people. The two of you got along well, she introduced you to her boyfriend, Alexander, who reintroduced you to Hercules, where you were able to get his number, this time. That was two months ago, and, now, there was rarely a day that you didn’t at least text once.

Today, he was a bit upset over finals, because some of the fabric he needed had been misplaced, or gone missing, and there was no more of it left at the store where he got it. He was stressed, you got him to take a break, and the two of you watched something together. To be more specific, you watched Wreck-It Ralph, and an hour in, he sent you a message saying he felt better…you two had also been texting throughout the whole movie to simulate watching it together.

You smiled fondly, only to lose it when Peggy called from the side “SEE! There it is again!!”


May, 2017

You and Hercules had been dating for three months now, and everyday of it was great, so far. But finals were fast approaching, and this was the most overwhelmed you’d ever been. Four papers, three projects with published, no online stuff, published sources. You swore that your fingers were going to meld to your laptop with how long you spent writing and rewriting papers. Hercules let himself in, as he told you he was going to, and you grunted to acknowledge his presence.

“Babe? You okay?” He sounded hesitant, like you might bite him. You were so hungry, you didn’t put it past yourself.

“No. I’m stressed, and panicking, and terrified that I’m going to mess something up, and lose my scholarship, and flunk out of school-”

“Whoa, whoa there.” He laughed a bit, coming behind you and gently starting to rub your shoulders as he stood behind your couch. “Calm down…you’re going to be juuust fine, alright?” You let out a little huff, but nodded…you trusted him… “Now, let’s get you something to eat, and I can type for you, for a little while. You tell me what you want it to say, I’ll type it for you.” He offered, pecking your temple. You laughed a little, and melting into his hands. He knew how to make you calm down…

He was exactly what you needed.


October, 2017

At the start of the new semester, you had moved out of your dorm with Peggy, and instead moved into a small, on campus apartment with Herc. And things were going well. You were organized, He had the dining room table for his sewing space…the atmosphere was comfortable.

Except when it wasn’t.

“FINE! GO! SEE IF I CARE!” You yelled after him, as he was already stalking down the hall towards the door. A moment later, it slammed behind him, and you broke down. Ugh, this was your fault. If you hadn’t brought up that damn…fuck…what started the fight in the first place? You couldn’t even fucking remember!

Perfect, you were going to ruin the best relationship you’d probably ever get on something that probably didn’t even matter. This was all your fault. You messaged Peggy, who also messaged Eliza, who also messaged Angelica and Alexander. The four of them together managed to calm you down, and reassure you that Herc wasn’t the type to stay mad for long. Give him an hour, he’d come back, and the two of you would talk things out.

So you waited. And sure enough, an hour later, you heard the front door open, keys being deposited in the dish by the door. You left the room to find a very sheepish Hercules standing by the door.

“I um…”

“So uh…”

“I’m sorry.” You both said it at once, and then looked stunned at the other. “You’re sorry!? I’m sorry!” The two of you laughed a little bit, then sat down on the couch together. You…talked. Nothing in particular, just…talked, since neither of you could even remember what sparked the fight. You fell asleep like that, resting on his arm…he didn’t have the heart to wake you.


June, 2018

It was the heat of summer, and right now, you were staying with Hercules’ mother, and Hercules, of course. His older brother Cato was home, too. He was a senior in college this year. You’d met Mrs. Mulligan before, but never Hercules’ brother. Unfortunately, being out in the middle of nowhere, practically, the house wasn’t centrally air conditioned, but you had more than enough fans to make do.

The folk festival was this weekend, and his mother was all over it, finishing the last touches on the stall that their family did every year on ‘Tailors of the Revolution.’ It was a big deal, for such a small town. Quite literally everyone was there. The whole idea was to remind people where they came from, and reunite them as a community. So once a year, people dressed up in colonial, or amish, clothing, and demonstrated the skills that had been passed through their families since the town was established. It was a huge deal. That’s why Herc insisted on coming home.

You and Herc had been sharing his room, which was upstairs, for the two weeks or so that you were staying there. You got to fall asleep in his arms every night, listening to the car that passed now and then, or the odd cricket that managed to get inside. The house was old, almost every footfall made a creak somewhere. So it was a marvel that he hadn’t managed to wake you, slipping out of bed. But, you figured, he did grow up here…he probably knew all the best ways to sneak around.

You woke up around two in the morning to find him absent from your side. Curious, you went to look for him, sitting up and putting on your slippers before sneaking from the room as quietly as you could. You saw a light on downstairs, in the kitchen. They had a really old fashioned chandelier. Nothing fancy, don’t let the name fool you, it was made with wrought iron and held with a metal chain, hanging over the dining table. Herc’s great grandfather had made, it, they said.

You slipped down the stairs, pausing with every creak. You could hear voices. Peeking around the corner, you saw Cato and Herc sitting at the table, talking quietly, and trying to avoid waking anyone. The family cat, Patches, was sitting in Hercules’ lap, purring quietly as she was stroked.

“I mean, you love her, don’t you?” Herc was saying, shaking his head a bit. “Then do something about it. Don’t let her just slip through your fingers.”

“I don’t know…what…what if this is all in my head? Am I romanticizing this?” Cato shook his head a bit, and sighed.

“You’re not. Trust me. I’ve seen you around her, you never look so happy.” Cato laughed a bit, and shook his head.

“Yeah? Well..what about you and (Y/N)? You two are pretty serious…come on, why haven’t you popped that question yet?” He laughed and elbowed his baby brother.

“Hey! Hey, we’re only Juniors…it’s still too early for that. Maybe…Maybe after college, if things go okay…” You covered your mouth. He…he certainly wasn’t saying no. You realized…you weren’t either. Yes, you were young, but…if he asked you, right now, to marry him, you’d probably say yes.

With a fond grin, and teary eyes, you slipped back up the stairs and into bed, with both of them none the wiser.


September, 2019

You and Hercules were getting lunch at a little cafe between classes, chatting and catching up on the day’s events together…you were both still in disbelief that this was your last year. You were seniors! And, yeah, maybe you’d go to an extra year, if your work required it, but, for now, the both of you were in the homestretch.

You swung your legs happily, and sipped your hot chocolate, while he told you all about his new assignment. You loved to hear his creative process. Especially after you learned that talking out loud helped him work through projects more easily. That made sense to you. He always struck you as a very visual learner.

“Oh! Hello, you two, having a good day?” You both looked up, smiling at seeing Professor Martha Washington approaching your table. She taught Astronomy, and other space based science courses, and always had a motherly look about her. But you both had known her for years. She’d insist you call her Martha, no matter her title. She was Lafayette’s adoptive mother, after all. You couldn’t count the number of meals you’d been invited over for.

“Yes ma’am!” Hercules answered enthusiastically, smiling back at her. She was a smaller woman, with dark hair, now gaining grey. Her eyes were soft, and had a few marks of age around the corners, but, still, her eyes were youthful. And you had a hunch that no matter what age she got to, that light would never leave her.

“Are you meeting the General here?” You asked with a laugh. That was her husband’s name around campus. He taught US history, and politics, and he was known for taking no nonsense. The debates in his course were ruthless. Not participating could get you kicked out entirely, but contributing needless information got you a look so withering it had been described like the will to melt out of sight.

“Yes, I am actually.” She gave a little laugh. “Ah, the two of you are so cute.” You flushed, looking to Hercules.

“Oh, we are?” You asked, playing with your hair a little and trying to shake off the embarrassment you felt.

“Of course you are. When’s the wedding?” She laughed at her own little joke, though Hercules looked like he was sweating bullets. Thaaat…made you worry a bit, actually…was he that uncomfortable with the thought of marriage? Maybe what he’d said last year had just been a cover.

For the remainder of the time that Martha was at your table, you were…fairly quiet…you didn’t really speak, unless prompted, specifically. Herc caught on, after a moment or two, but you just shook your head to him. You couldn’t let him know your worries, not about this…what if you were wrong? Or worse…what if you were right?


May, 2020

The big day was finally here.

You were ready.

It was graduation day

You held Hercules’ hands tightly, and waited for one of your names to be called. You’d waited four years for this, but they were the best four years of your life…you’d met Hercules…you’d fallen in love…in such a short time, you’d made a whole new family. Ohh, you were getting misty eyed…

Hercules was called first, and he kissed your cheek for luck. He let go of your hands, and walked up the steps to the applause from the crowd. He waved to his mother, murmured something in the ear of the dean, and took a step back on the stage, rather than stepping down, like the others. You cocked your head a little. Was he getting an extra award, or something? You didn’t doubt it. He may not have been the perfect student, but his work was excellent.

You watched as, one by one, your friends were called up. Alexander, then John, then Lafayette, and finally Peggy. You were the last one left.

You thought your throat might close, but, finally, they called your name. Shoes clicking across the stage, you made your way over to the dean of students, shook his hand, and gratefully accepted your diploma. Oooh, man, it was all you could do to hold back tears…you’d worked so hard for this, and here it was!! You wouldn’t cry, though. Not now.

“I’m sorry, If..I could have your attention, for just a moment.”

You turned your head as you were stopped from leaving center stage, to find Hercules with a mic in hand. The dean stepped back to allow him forward.

“I uh…sorry…hold things up, but I have something that I need to say.” He took a breath, and the crowd was silent. “(Y/N)…we met…on the first day of orientation, because I wasn’t looking where I was going. You…called me wonder boy, while you left, and we’ve laughed about that for…years now. You still call me wonder boy, now and then, for laughs. We had our first date…at an all night diner, because you got stood up on your date with someone else…and I asked…and you said yes. We’ve fought for reasons we…can’t remember. We’ve nearly broken up once or twice. But it is because of…of the love you hold, for me, and for this relationship, that we’ve stayed together, for four years. We’re like something out of a sappy romance novel.

“But…it’s time for me to make sure that this relationship keeps going. It’s my turn to take that next step, and do whatever I can to make sure that we stay together.” Hercules took a breath, and fished something from his back pocket, under his graduation gown. “So, will you, (Y/N),” He knelt in front of you, and opened the box with that same sheepish smile you saw, orientation day, four years ago. “Do me the tremendous honor…of marrying me?”

You were nearly bawling now. You were crying, and you couldn’t stop it. All you could do was start nodding, while the crowd started applauding, and he slipped the ring on your finger. You threw your arms around his neck, sobbing into his neck as the two of you walked off together. You were just…so overwhelmed. So happy that your life was moving forward with him as a permanent center point. You were immediately received with the warmest of congratulations from your friends, as you still futilely tried to wipe away your tears.

You kissed your college sweetheart on the cheek.

He was your Wonder Boy.


Woooow This is my longest story yet!! Also, the name Wonder Boy is the nickname for Hercules in the animated movie of the same name, so I figured, hey, why not. This might be the cutest thing, I have ever written.

Love, Rosie

Persephone sat on her trunk dressed back in her old Amish clothes as she waited for her boss to get the car.  She stared at her train ticket and sighed.  “Well I’m sure my family will be thrilled with my decision…as long as I don’t tell them how I came to making it.”  She mumbled to herself.