Amish puzzle ball

Crocheted by Dedri Uys, Elizzza and ZaraZ.

Free pattern by Dedri Uys

Video tutorial by Elizzza

This is a pattern for a crochet version of the traditional Amish Puzzle ball. The resulting ball comes apart into 3 segments (or rings) that have to be re-assembled to form the ball.

Lovely idea! The next gift for my grandson! ♡♡♡

Amish man sues Pennsylvania to obtain firearm license without a photo ID

There’s something about this story that I absolutely love. It’s the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment coming together in a way that’s pretty rare. An Amish man (who doesn’t believe in having his photo taken) wants to own a firearm in the state of Pennsylvania. But Pennsylvania, like pretty much any state, requires a photo ID in order to obtain a firearms license. The Amish gentlemen is suing the state of Pennsylvania for violating his 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.

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We took a trip to Lancaster a few weeks ago and I had so much fun. Sometimes it’s so nice to take a trip out of the city. 

Those little kids at the gas station were so sweet. I think they were a little scared of me but they were so nice. And their horses name was Violet :) 

Socialism is like the amish.  Everyone makes the same amount, and its split equally between everyone.  The problem arises when lazy people don’t share their weight equally.

Democracy: 1 person = 1 vote.  Everybody gets a vote, and you get paid on how hard you work.

Republic: People elect someone to represent them and hope that person does a good job of it (this is what we have, even though we lie to ourselves about it.  Just look at gerrymandering laws and the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision).

Communism: All the money goes to the ruler, and the ruler decides how much to dole out.  For reference, see theocracy