I dunno your opinion about these guys. But mine is clear. This gang is just FREAKING AWESOME.
I like Piraka’s design, but I truly, really, love their story and their respective personalities. They hate each other. But they have the same goal, and they know that they can’t success in their plans if they don’t work together. And that idea… I just love it!

It reminds me the Federation of Fear story, because the characters don’t like each other neither; but it’s kind of worse because they even don’t have the same goal, and the leader has to struggle really hard to keep them together…

Anyway, a little sketch dump of the Piraka. My favorites are Vezok, Zaktan, and Hakann (who is not represented here). And 2006 is my favorite Bionicle year too!

FoFL news - 01

I finished the storyboard of the 23rd page of my comic version for the Bionicle story: Federation of fear; approaching the end of Chapter 2 (there are ten chapters). But more important, I have drawn the final version of the very first page of the comic, which is not a comic page actually, ‘coz you can associate it with some sort of chapter cover. But still, it’s the very first page and oh! I like it.
But I’m waiting for being further in my story boarding and page drawing to post it here and on deviantart.

I also have to draw a real cover…