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Kuriboh was a family heirloom, so he has been with Amira the longest.

Sometimes he likes to pop out of his card and tell her all about the good old days. Amira can only understand about half of what he’s saying, but he’s cute and friendly so she doesn’t mind the company.

One of these days I will do some proper environment paintings for this universe. Maybe.

YGO Post-Apocalyptic AU
Amira Mutou is mine


Seker is left wondering if there is some cultural significance to a girl handing you a fork in Amira’s day and age. He has been out of the dating scene for well over a thousand years. Things may have changed.

Amira, meanwhile, continues to fulfill the legacy of her bloodline to be a brilliant leader, Duelist and warrior, but a total and utter dork when it comes to romance.

YGO Post-Apocalyptic AU/Transcendshipping
Amira Mutou is mine
Seker belongs to @blackincantation

Lhola Amira – Looking for Ghana & The Red Suitcase

4 February 2017 to 1 April 2017

A series of photographs, an installation, and a video work piece that are rooted in Lhola Amira’s recent project in Ghana.

The South African artist engaged with current issues of contention while she was on the continent, through a number of appearances and interactions. In her signature fusion of politics, economics and art, Lhola Amira developed Looking for Ghana & The Red Suitcase as the first installment of further physical investigations into assumption, contradictions and associations placed on contemporary definitions of Africa.