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Jake and Amir: Basketball

This is one of our favorite Jake & Amir videos ever. AND there’s a cameo from the great Amir Cohen.


A few hours ago during the LGBT Pride Parade in Jerusalem, a man broke in and stabbed 6 of the people marching… My best friends, people I love and I know, all were there, and all came back home safe, thank God.

But to many, an event meant to celebrate acceptance, tolerance and love, became a nightmare.

The images on our news reports here in Israel are horrifying and it is unfathomable how a person can breath so much hatred. What is more terrifying is that the stabber is the same person who committed the exact same hate crime ten years ago and just got released out prison 3 weeks ago! In another terrifying coincidence, today we marked the Jewish ‘day of Love’, which, as oppose to 'Valentines’ dose not aimed at couples/lovers but to love of all kinds, and a love that is free.

I’m still at lost words and I can only hope and pray that all the people wounded by the stabber will recover fast and fully, Amen.

Pictures credits: REUTERS/Amir Cohen

Palestinians run away from a stun grenade thrown by Israeli forces during clashes ahead of Land Day, in East Jerusalem, March 29, 2014. Land Day, which is observed on Sunday, commemorates the killing by Israeli forces of six unarmed Palestinians in 1976 during protests against government plans to confiscate privately owned Palestinian land in northern Israel’s Galilee region. (Photo: Amir Cohen / Reuters)


Photos of the day - May 8, 2014

Trains are parked during a national railway strike in Lisbon, Portugal, a female Sumatran Tiger cub drinks from a bottle at Taman Sari Zoo in Bandung, Indonesia and a rainbow is seen over the Yukon River in Eagle, Alaska are some of the photos of the day. (AP/EPA/Reuters)

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Photos of the day - June 29, 2014

Pope Francis conducts a mass before presenting palliums to Archbishops in Saint Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, Filipino Muslim students hold a prayer before starting to read the Koran at a classroom inside the Al-satie Mosque in Manila and Netherlands’ Klaas-Jan Huntelaar celebrates after scoring his side’s second goal against Mexico during at the World Cup are some of the photos of the day. (AP/Reuters)

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Massive wildfires tear across Israel

Wildfires near Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank have forced hundreds to flee their homes, after mass evacuations in Israel and more than a dozen arrests, police said Saturday.

Israeli and Palestinian firefighters, helped by foreign aircraft, have been battling dozens of bush blazes fed by drought and high winds that have seen tens of thousands of people evacuated. Around 1,000 residents had to leave the Halamish settlement near Ramallah as 45 homes were damaged or destroyed by fire, a police spokeswoman said.

Blazes were also reported near the West Bank settlements of Dolev, Alfei Menashe and Karnei Shomron, although there were no evacuations there. (AFP)

Photo credits: Baz Ratner/Reuters, Amir Cohen/Reuters, Ariel Schalit/AP, Amir Cohen/Reuters

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