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Since I’m not a very patient guy and i dont have that much time to do paintings like before i had to find a way to work faster as possible , and thats why i always find speed paintings ( putting speed word doesn’t make it less worthy) a great deal with time , so since 2013 I’m trying to learn techniques that make it easier for me to paint more and faster with more expression of myself . 

About that , for example doing “phantom” sketch took me 10 minutes its not even a sketch i dont know what to call it now ! but after 10 minutes and also putting letters i think that i’ve done my thing .

 its ready to be on a frame and hanging from my studio wall ! 

“Phantom” can be found here : 

 Also for those who asked for tutorials , Good news ! im working on a tutorial for “Patrol” so stay tune , 

Lastly thanks for all the supports and reblogs , you guys are amazing 

_ San ^__^

C Y B E R K N I G H T - I’ve been working on this one for a while now , first sketches made back in the 2014 , every once in a while i worked on it , its been months ! finally i forced myself to finish it ! There are more unfinished images that i rly love to work on but i dont have time , That Sucks !

Likes and Reblogs are appreciated ^^

Update: minor changes applied ,,, lighting , shapes , etc… 



- Painted back in the 2014 

I use to go to my university via Chalus road , it was 4 hours driving and  the whole scenery and landscapes become a huge inspiration for me ! 

i really missed those days , this painting kinda remind me of that road well to be honest i don’t drive a lamborghini !!! thats the good part of painting right ? you can add whatever you want -) 

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