amir al momineen

He said about the Qur'an: It is a light for one who seeks illumination by it, a witness for one who disputes with it, a success for one who argues by it, knowledge for one who is attentive and a judgment for one who judges.
—  Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (ع), Ghurar al-Hikam, The Qur'an: #23
My First Moon

The night of my eye’s first peak,
I gazed at the sky for a guide,
Though, as young as I was,
I only ever looked up to the sun.

They later told me,
That it was the sun that gave us the moon,
And if it wasn’t for the first moon,
The eleven following him would be left strewn.

And with no guide,
The stars wouldn’t turn on,
Not even the sun would wake up,
Everything mourns the moon as he’s martyred in his own praises.

Even the night fell in sadness,
When there was no moon blanketed,
Each star that’s supposed to stand defiant,
All stepped away from their places.

There is no status,
If Ali isn’t there to protect it,
He’s our guide,
A beacon when left alone in darkness.

The first moon in my night,
For he handed to his sons, all of his light,
So by them, we’ve all been adopted,
Without them, we’re meaningless.

When their father is in distress,
We lift each burden our hands could lift,
Maybe our strength is nothing to us,
But I tell you, this is our purpose.

To serve our origin,
Only few have found it to be an honor,
If only he would return to our nights,
Because this moon in my heart is darkening.

I need him here,
I need to see him in the skies when in fear,
My heart is withering,
So Ali, I ask you.

Will you comply to my requests?
Will you enlighten our distress?
O’ Haidar, from deep within my heart,
Lift yourself.

Bring yourself to the peak of our nights,
Light up our skies with your glory,
The first moon in a line of twelve,
All crowned through your victory.

Your light darkening only puts my heart in distress,
Though I know the outcome defeats this sadness,
The lineage after you was your purpose,
To be the first we call, when we’re in anguish.

So when you leave my heart,
And place yourself as our beacon,
I’ll miss you standing as the sentry of my heart,
But I know we’re all better off with you in all of us.

We’ll stand by you,
In every step taken,
We’ll look after you,
When others think you’ve been defeated.

The moment others come forward,
And our intellect, they’ll question,
We’ll only answer with you,
The warrior of thought and our speech too.

Just with your name,
I’ve healed the wound of your absence,
Just with your moony presence,
My life has been guided.

Your name’s embrace,
Has healed all of our wounds,
A medicine beyond any prescription,
Because only you could know what we’ve thirsted.

So with your might,
Make us strong in our purity,
I confide in you, everything,
Because there is only one who could heal me.

The first moon I’ve gazed upon,
The first moon to set, alone,
The first child after Muhammad,
The first name in our hearts engraved.