Consejos de los signos.

Virgo: No olvides que para conseguir el éxito es necesario ser disciplinado.

Capricornio: No dejes que todos conozcan tu interior.

Tauro: Tus valores hablan por ti.

Leo: Se lo que necesites ser para que no te destruyan.

Aries: No dejes que nadie te quite lo que mereces y recuerda nadie te puede decir que mereces más que tú.

Sagitario: Ser un niño no tiene nada de malo, de hecho, es lo que todos necesitamos para sobrevivir.

Acuario: Sé quien quieras, no temas ser juzgado.

Libra: Por la felicidad de las personas que te importan, vale la pena mantenerse fuerte.

Géminis: Se amios de todos porque algún día puedes necesitarlos.

Escorpio: No esperes nada de nadie, es mejor sorprenderse.

Piscis: No temas expresarte.

Cáncer: No olvides de donde vienes.


you spin me around

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Part 1 is [here], prompted by @silfea464

Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Remy LeBeau
Length: 262 words
Prompt:  [Weightless - SJ Tucker]
Tags: Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: None

Remy wasn’t kidding about that phone call thing.

Not that Darcy tried it out or anything.  It all happened purely on accident.  She didn’t even get to place the call, it was Jane who did.  

They were in Scotland, too.  So like, not even in the same country.  And it was TECHNICALLY a Hydra emergency.  Some Hydra goon who had snuck into their lab had messed with the equipment.  Which had malfunctioned.  

Which was how Darcy found herself on the receiving end of a concussion.  

Which she guessed constituted a Hydra-caused emergency.

Anyway, all she knew was that she woke up from that concussion and found herself looking into the red-glowy eyes of her mutant paramore. All in all, not a bad way to wake up, in her opinion.  

He pressed his lips to her forehead and mumbled something in that Cajun French she loved to hear.  

“Who called you?” Darcy asked.  

“Dr. Foster,” was his reply.  

“Sorry…I know it was far.  It was just a bump on the head, you didn’t have to–”  

“Nonsense, cher…I’m glad she called.”

“He wanted to bring you the head of the toadie who messed with the equipment, but SHIELD didn’t think it was a beheadable offense,” Jane said from her perch in the chair in the corner.  

Remy shrugged.  “I brought him and the rest of his cell in, though…”  

Darcy started to chuckle, but it hurt her head.  “You didn’t have to do that…”  

“Did so,” he argued.  “Wanted my ma cher amio to feel safe…” He pressed a kiss to the hand that wasn’t currently skewered with an I.V drip.

“I feel a lot safer now that you’re here…” she replied, reaching up to run her fingers through his hair.     

The ICU doc is covering for our doctor who’s stuck on a closed highway. My patient keeps going into an uncontrolled a fib when he’s not being paced. ICU doc says give 10 of diltiazam. Then he’s like, what’s underneath the paced rhythm? Can you just turn off the pacer for a few moments?

I turned it down slowly instead. For an underlying of 43. Pressures in the 70s. I’m just like… Can I turn it back on please lol?

This patient was already on 12 of levo, 6 of vaso, amio, and milrinone. I don’t want to break him before our actual doctor gets here lol.

Very interesting STEMI. Textbook signs and symptoms when we got on scene. Enroute to the ER, he coded. Shocked him, he came back talking, then 30 seconds later coded in vfib again. Shocked him again, came back, talking and responsive. Coded AGAIN, vfib, shocked him again and he came back out of it and stabilized. At the scene he showed mild elevation. Gave nitro and aspirin. Shortly after he coded. Medic pushed Amio that seemed to help stabilize him out after coming back from the third shock.