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Illustrator’s coments on Shuuen no Shiori Anthology (Part 2)

Part 1

Everything’s under the cut (again)~

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Shuuen no Shiori manga chapter 23 [full phone cam quality chapter]! Beware of spoilers but that’s a given, I hope. It’s C-na’s part acting as D-ne in her story with Mearry-san.

Next Comic Gene Issue (January 2015) will have no Shuuen no Shiori chapter. The next chapter will release in the February 2015 issue (1/15/2015).

And don’t forget the fifth manga volume, releasing on November 27th!

(by Amino Yuki, who wants Valentine’s day to arrive and get chocolate?) 


“Seems unlikely A-ya would receive chocolate, so I’ll give you some.”
“…you didn’t put a bugging device in there, did you?”
“…” “…”

A-ya plz
(Since I am not really confident in translating yet, feel free to correct me? Took me forever to find out the second kanji of the bugging device compound…)


Beware of really big spoilers in the teaser manga pages!!!

On the Brand-New-Information page: This summer will see the release of the 4th Shuuen no Shiori manga and the 4th novel, and also (no specific date?) a new music album.

The 4th manga volume is set to release on June 27th.

Amino Yuki-sensei’s obligatory tweet for the 15th chapter of shuuen in the newly released Comic Gene. A-ya what are you doing help


(Since in this chapter it’s not his turn, A-ya is teasing about some ‘service’. “Did you think you would see some belly-button? You won’t.” …A-ya plz)

I’ve seen the scans of the Shuuen manga (chapter 11) and I think it has outdone itself, just by looking at the facial expressions. The horror and shock on B-ko’s face and the blank yet disturbing look of D-ne’s. Though, I’d say C-ta’s and A-ya’s were terrifyingly disturbing as well, I just felt goosebumps upon seeing D-ne’s face and the mixed expressions of B-ko’s was heartfelt too.

I dunno, but it almost felt like D-ne knows what she’s doing and doesn’t care a damn if she’s going to murder or not, appearing rather pleased upon finally having her wish to become B-ko. That gentle look on her face when she’s about to kill, it’s just pure horror.