What to do with our election frustration...

This morning I woke up feeling like I’m living in a Twilight Zone episode.

I’m jumping from a deep denial phase to a deep proactive phase, skipping anger and depression. Because now we’re about to enter a period when what we demand, how we demand it, and how strongly we keep at it will matter more than ever before. 

This is a time for speaking up, taking action, and being an active participant of democracy. If we care about your civil liberties, we must show so by engaging with solutions, making demands, and connecting with our communities. And yes, it includes reaching out to those who disagree with us and keeping an open mind to finding a common ground.

Reciting trusted resources (mostly from Ann FriedmanAminatou Sow), I’m compiling this list of charities and communities you can get involved with and/or donate to. It’s not a complete list, but it’s a list (in no particular order) you can act on TODAY. It’s the perfect place to put our restless energy.

Civil Liberties/Rights & Environment:

Gender & Reproduction:




(Local to Los Angeles, open to all)

Female Podcast Hosts Who Deserve Your Ears

On this week’s episode of Note To Self, host Manoush Zomorodi talks to Phoebe Robinson (co-host of our newest podcast, 2 Dope Queens) about being a woman behind the mic.

With that conversation in mind, Note To Self has compiled a list of female podcast hosts who are killing the game. Here are some of the top pics:

About laughing and jokes:

About relationships

About pop culture

About storytelling

Check out the full list here, and be sure to mention your favorites not on our list!

There’s a point where you just say, oh I am kind of a wreck and I always will be. I’m always gonna be redefining who I am. I’m always gonna be learning new skills. I’m constantly gonna be trying to improve myself. I’m constantly gonna be failing people-left and right! Of course, because I’m a human being, and we all actually are in the same fucking boat, and we’re all fumbling through and trying to do the best we can.

That definitely is the first piece of it. And then the second piece is, once you accept that, *feeling* your connection to other people, feeling how good actually it feels to be just another sort of misshapen freak in the world. It actually feels great. To me that’s happiness. It’s happiness to say- I can’t do everything perfectly.

—  Heather Havrilesky, aka Ask Polly, on the Call Your Girlfriend podcast. Just so good.

We asked writers and thinkers to tell us: What were the most important events of 2015—and what were the least?

Iconic ANTM moments

Cycle 1 - Ebony hiding a Tyra mail from the girls
Cycle 2 - Shandi cheating on her boyfriend in Milan
Cycle 3 - Tyra forgetting Nicole during judging
Cycle 4 - Tyra yelling at Tiffany during panel
Cycle 5 - Kim and Sarah’s lesbian kiss
Cycle 6 - Jade’s dramatic exit after elimination
Cycle 7 - Monique’s 3 hour phone call
Cycle 8 - Brittany’s tantrum during the go-see challenge
Cycle 9 - Heather looking at a Tyra mail and calling the girls but doesn’t actually move
Cycle 10 - Fatima missing a photo shoot due to visa problems
Cycle 11 - Nikeysha talking over the credits
Cycle 12 - Aminat calling Natalie stupid multiple times
Cycle 13 - Amber’s mysterious withdrawal
Cycle 14 - Andre Leon Talley’s dreckitude term
Cycle 15 - Ann winning best photos five times in a row
Cycle 16 - Brittani leaving the panel after a confrontation with Alexandria
Cycle 17 - Angelea’s disqualification
Cycle 18 - Louise vs Kelly Cutrone
Cycle 19 - Tyra reenacting her cycle 4 meltdown
Cycle 20 - Phil kissing Virgg
Cycle 21 - Romeo headbutting Adam *post show Mirjana’s death*