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While the members were at this shooting range, they wanted to get a look at the targets way on the other side of the 50m hall. So then Sayaka goes like “If Shimada won’t go then I’ll go!”

And then we see Haruu and Sayaka, two of AKB’s athletic members who have participated in marathons, race each other to the end of the hall. These two. Look at them go. XD

And then we have Abemaru and the others following behind them… (Cute Abemaru X3).

I can’t help but find it enjoyable when I see Sayaka having fun with her juniors like this, especially since she and Haruu are so much alike. This senpai and kouhai pair I love.

Yuko’s Google+ 2014-01-15 23:32



Yuko’s Google+ Translation

Amina’s graduation
When the way forward is dark
Always seek ahead
Light will shine
That’s what friends are☆

48G Graduations in 2014

AKB48 - 8 (10 in 2013)
January 15 - Sato Amina (Team K, 4th Generation)
April 21 - Kikuchi Ayaka (Team A, 7th Generation)
April 22 - Nonaka Misato (Team B, 6th Generation)
June 9 - Oshima Yuko (Team K, 2nd Generation)
June 18 - Okubora Chinatsu (Team 8 [Gifu])
September 1 - Tsukamoto Mariko (Otona AKB)
September 29 - Katayama Haruka (Team A, 3rd Generation)
December 27 - Takashima Yurina (Team 4, 13th Generation)

SKE48 - 16 (18 in 2013)
February 27 - Sato Seira (Team S, 1st Generation)
March 22 - Yamamoto Yuka (Kenkyuusei, 6th Generation)
March 23 - Mukaida Manatsu (Team S, 2nd Generation)
April 7 - Orito Aisa (Kenkyuusei, 6th Generation)
April 9 - Kito Momona (Team E, 2nd Generation)
April 10 - Matsumoto Rina (Team KII, 2nd Generation)
April 21 - Deguchi Aki (Team S, 1st Generation)
April 22 - Iguchi Shiori (Team E, 2nd Generation)
April 22 - Kaneko Shiori (Team E, 4th Generation)
May 31 - Sora Miyuka (Kenkyuusei, 6th Generation)
July 29 - Goto Mayuko (Kenkyuusei, 6th Generation)
July 30 - Owaki Arisa (Team E, 5th Generation)
September 29 - Kato Tomoko (Team KII, 2nd Generation)
November 27 - Kinoshita Yukiko (Team KII, 3rd Generation)
December 25 - Yamada Reika (Team E, 2nd Generation)
December 26 - Mizuno Honoka (Team KII, 4th Generation)

NMB48 - 9 (8 in 2013)
February 7 - Koyanagi Arisa (Team M, 1st Generation)
February 21 - Umehara Mako (Team BII, 3rd Generation)
March 13 - Nakagawa Hiromi (Kenkyuusei, 2nd Generation)
March 14 - Shimazaki Momoka (Kenkyuusei, 4th Generation)
April 7 - Shimada Rena (Team M, 2nd Generation)
April 10 - Kobayashi Rikako (Team BII, 3rd Generation)
April 16 - Akazawa Hono (Team BII, 3rd Generation)
July 2 - Yogi Keira (Team N, 2nd Generation)
July 19 - Takayama Riko (Kenkyuusei, 3rd Generation)

HKT48 - 0 (1 in 2013)

JKT48 - 8 (11 in 2013)
January 23 - Octi Sevpin (Team KIII, 2nd Generation)
February 17 - Cindy Gulla (Team J, 1st Generation)
March 24 - Pipit Ananda (Trainee, 3rd Generation)
August 11 - Shaffa Nabila (Trainee, 3rd Generation)
November 22 - Milenia Christien Glory Goenawan (Trainee, 3rd Generation)
November 22 - Kezia Putri Andinta (Trainee, 3rd Generaton)
December 4 - Rica Leyona (Team J, 1st Generation)
December 26 - Zeby Magnolia Fawwaz (Trainee, 3rd Generation)

SNH48 - 12 (14 in 2013)
February 8 - Yang YaRu (Team NII, 2nd Generation)
February 8 - Wang JiaLu (Team NII, 2nd Generation)
February 8 - Hu SiYi (Team NII, 2nd Generation)
February 15 - Chen JiaYao (Team NII, 2nd Generation)
February 19 - Lu SiQin (Team NII, 2nd Generation)
August 22 - Li YiWen (Trainee, 3rd Generation)
October 30 - Zhou ShuYan (Team NII, 3rd Generation)
October 30 - Kang Xin (Team HII, 3rd Generation)
November ? - Xu YanYu (Team NII, 2nd Generation)
November ? - Zeng LinYu (Team SII, 3rd Generation)
November ? - Zhou QiuJun (Team HII, 3rd Generation)
November ? - Zhang XiYin (Team HII, 3rd Generation)

Nogizaka46 - 6 (3 in 2013)
March 22 - Nishikawa Nanami (2nd Generation)
July 21 - Ichiki Rena (1st Generation)
October 18 - Yada Risako (2nd Generation)
October 18 - Yonetoku Kyoka (2nd Generation)
October 19 - Ito Nene (1st Generation)
December 15 - Yamato Rina (1st Generation)

Total: 59 (65 in 2013)

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-01-16

[あみなちゃん卒業☆/Amina-chan’s Graduation☆]


Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

It was Team K Sato Amina-chan’s
Graduation theater performance today

Gathering power of each and everyone
Is what makes AKB48.
Who’s great and who’s inferior
It’s not about that,
We believe in our friends beside us
That’s how we’ve made it til now

Ranking in Sousenkyo, being a Senbatsu member
Of course these are probably important

But as we stand on this side of the stage
How much happy times can we spend together
Can we fill the group with love
Are we going all out
Are we doing things seriously

Though a little sentimental at times having important things to hold on to in her spirit
Is Amina-chan

I wish for her to be Happy everyday…(´-`).。oO(

Congratulations on your graduation