Inglewood Night Market Round Up

Well, the Night Market was a huge success!  

I got there early…you can see they hadn’t put the back on my tent yet, but they did shortly after these photos…which is great because it helped keep SOME of the wasps away…anyway, I got all set up and all the amis looked great.  I am really happy with the new display baskets, it made them look so friendly and cute.  
The weather was SUNNY OH MY GOD.  It has been a rainy, miserable summer so far, and even a little drizzle would have killed this event, so I am so happy the weather was warm and inviting and encouraged the crowds.  There were food trucks and live music and I was right next to an ice cream stall who gave me free ice cream so no matter what I was ahead of the game!  It got dark late and it was still warm and energetic.
I sold ALL of my pigs, penguins, and all of my small mermaids, so I’m going to focus on making more of those before the Mid Autumn Festival at the Chinese Cultural Center next month.  But first I have to finish some custom orders for a coworker.  I will get started on those tomorrow but I am a bit tired from attending the Japanese Cultural Festival today so I’m just chillin’.
If you are joining me here after meeting me at the market, welcome!  I post pictures of my work and also just…you know…cute internet stuff I like…I hope you follow me and if you want to send me a message you can do so here!