Pssst, do you guys want to save money when buying art supplies?

Arts stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn’s generally have coupons on their websites or general sales. Before you go to buy crafts and such look at their website and see what’s on sale! Also it gives you coupons you can have on your phone also :)

***Edit!!!*** I forgot to mention that if you take Michaels coupons to Joann’s or vise virsa they still you the discount because it’s their competitor store so they do it anyways :’)

These are items I make with a fluffy yarn called Pipsqueak! I’m setting up a post to take orders for these because they are easiest on my physical disabilities to crochet, and this is how I make a living. With time, I hope to make other animals! I’m currently working out fox and cow patterns, but it’s a matter of trial and error.

1. Paypal payments only, sent for “goods and services” please!

2. You must pay in full before I send the item.

3. No refunds—I try my best with the product at hand (and if there is some issue with it, I’d like to know), but I cannot control what happens in the mail. I do my best to make sure things ship safely, such as wrapping anything packaged in cardboard up in plastic first, in case it gets wet.

4. Please be patient and wait for me to make these. Some take only a few hours, others take a few days.

5. I can decline a commission at any time for any reason.

6. U.S. shipping prices are included in price listings. If you are interested but live outside of the U.S., please message me with your country and we’ll work out the price of shipping and packages. (:

Squid: $23/each including U.S. S&H
Octopus: $23/each including U.S. S&H
Baby Chick: $15/each including U.S. S&H
Alpaca: $48/each including U.S. S&H

You can view available pipsqueak colors here and here (and ask me if something shows “out of stock” and I’ll see if I have it already or can order it elsewhere for you! I do have to buy most of it online.)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love to crochet, however I've never done a project without a pattern and I really wanted to try making amigurumi's however I have zero experience with them. I was wondering if you had any tips or useful links on how and where to start, thank you!

Hiya :) 

Amigurumi’s are really no big thing.
A really great blog post that I kept going back to as a reference when I first started making amis is this one by allaboutami.  

It covers pretty much everything about amigurumi including little tricks you can use to make them look really good on seams and decreases. 

A lot of it is stuff you will already know since you crochet.
A youtube channel I also used a lot when I was learning was PlanetJune who has many amigurumi focused videos. (The allaboutami post also features some of her vids) 

One tip I can give you that took a while for me to learn (it seems like one of those things people just forget to mention) is to use the smallest hook as comfortably possible. That is how you get those closed, tight and consistent stitches that amigurumi have. It also helps to shape your pieces better since they will be stiffer. Usually I use one or two hook sizes under the recommended size on the label for whatever yarn I am using.

I hope that helps, good luck with your amis! 


Taika the Gold Unicorn

This sparkly Unicorn’s name is Taika, she brings magic and light with her gold-sparkled coat. When she prances through fields, the sparkles rain off and leave behind glittery dewdrops on the grass.

Taika’s mane and tail are made of the softest viscose from bamboo yarN


Amigurumi Commission for July

I’m on summer vacation and finding myself with extra time and the urge to get creative!

My examples mainly consists of pokemon, but I’m more than happy to make other animals, or other characters or OCs. By default I like a simplified look with little bodies, large heads and no limb, but if you ask I can make something a little more complex (see Mega Charizard)

 (No humans for the moment, please)

For more examples see my gallery! 

Prices~ (shipping and paypal fees not included)


First stage pokemon (approx 3-4 inches): $11-15 

Base/Evolved pokemon (approx 4-6 inches): $15-22  SALE for $15 ( approx 3-4 inches)

Mega/Complex lengendaries: 25+ *see mega charizard above. They are more detailed and larger. 

Others (price goes up with complexity and size)

3-4 inches: $12+

4-6 inches: $15+ (I’m low on eyes for these guys so I may have to decline depending on the character)

6+ inches: $20+

All prices are in USD. I ship from Canada. Shipping starts at 6.50 for one plush to the US, 8.00 domestically and 8.60 internationally

For a quote send me an email at

*grabs megaphone*

If anyone needs help or tips concerning yarn or like crocheting/amigurumi pls don’t feel bad about asking me :D I love to help! Oh and if anyone has suggestions of what I should make next send me an ask too!



In order to help promote my etsy store, Nightmaren Crafts, and as a way to say THANK YOU for the success I’ve had since opening in January, and offer a chance for someone to get one of these cuties for FREE, I am hosting a giveaway! The lucky winner will receive the plush of their choice, of ANY of the canon characters from the games! Just to clarify, that would be ANY of the following – some of these I don’t even plan to make and offer to the public, so here’s your chance to also get something very unique!

Five Nights at Freddy’s 1: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, or Golden Freddy

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, Balloon Boy, Puppet, Withered Freddy, Withered Foxy, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, Purple Guy, Shadow Freddy

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3: Spring Bonnie, Springtrap, Shadow Bonnie


1)      Follow my page (vento-aureo) on tumblr ( I will check to make sure you have)

2)      Reblog and ‘like’ <3 this post!  I will also be checking to make sure you have done both! ;)

3)      Optional – follow my etsy store – not necessary but MOST appreciated! You can also see all of my previously made plush on my SOLD tab to get an idea of what I do make:

 That’s it, really! Very simple, right? The contest is running until July 25th, an entire month. Liking and reblogging multiple times will not count in additional entries, so please be aware. On July 25th at 10PM the contest will officially be cut off and I will choose a winner at random (luck of the draw style).  Winner will be chosen at random and be contacted here on tumblr via message, and given 48 hours to respond with the following info – failure to respond and comply with all of the following information will result in forfeiting the prize and it will go to another randomly selected individual: 


-which plush you want (MUST be from the list, and plush will be made according to my specifications unless one of the ones with options, such as Golden Freddy, who can have a black or navy blue hat/tie scheme)

-mailing address

-email address as an alternate contact 

Depending on which plush you want it will take a minimum of about 6 weeks though also perhaps less. As we head into August my workload will be a bit lighter. If you are requesting a plush I haven’t made before, expect a longer timeframe. I also may need to order materials I do not have but I will be available to provide status at any time, too! I ship anywhere in the world, so unless you are on the moon you should be okay. ;) Of course, shipping is free – everything is free for the winner. As long as I have accurate info, we’re set! 

Thank you all again for your support.  Also, I love getting business and I love my customers, but also if you can please support the official releases by Sanshee - as I am sure Scott himself benefits from this and we should all give him OUR thanks for creating this series. 

About my plush:

My plush are created in the image of Scott Cawthon’s characters, on a made to order basis. These are not produced en mass. They are made of high quality minky cuddle fabric and average at 16-18 inches tall when standing. They are handmade with lots of love and generally take 10 hours or more to make. 

Much love to my FNAF family! <3