Capire è difficilissimo;
farsi capire è una smisurata ambizione.

Check out the cast and producers of Outsiders at last night’s event at The Paley Center! Don’t be left OUT when Season Two premieres on WGN America on Tuesday January 24 at 9/8c!


How the CDC gang spent their christmas: Ezequiel and Leu spent the night chillin in the trailer catching some pokemon. Amiel was being the happy busy bee they always are, making sure the carnival was running smoothly (that’s why they aren’t pictured) and Benjamin, Eva and Micc went out partying. Like. who would’ve guessed right…lol. Also they got too drunk and many kisses were shared. 

Happy holidays everyone!


This is for the anonny that wanted some interaction between Leu and Benjamin. 

Amiel’s carnival has an annual Masquerade ball. It usually takes place in October, and its a time when the Ringleaders get to come together to feast, party, and show off. Basically, it’s kinda a big deal. Benjamin LOVES participating in it. When Leu first arrived (or i should say, when he first started showing up at the carnival and becoming a regular thief…) Amiel left Benjamin to take care of him for a while. Benji was upset at first, not wanting to miss a moment of the masquerade. but a few moments with hyper-active and curious Leu was enough for Benjamin to loosen up and have some fun. He missed a big chunk of that night’s events because he was too busy blowing bubbles and teaching Leu how to play hopscotch. 


ok so Amiel’s look has been updated. decided to change their hair and outfit but i kept the same color palette. Z and Benji constantly bug Amiel because they’re basically like a parent to those two. They love the twins tho so, it’s all good~ 

I’ve also added a few things to Benjamin, like instead of his half-sleeve he now has a full sleeve. But i was too lazy to color it in. Also added new piercings ;u; but beware, whenever Benjamin has his hair messy, that means he’s in a Very Bad Mood. not even Enchiladas will cheer him up. 

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