Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.

This con was Amazing! Sure, this is my first con, but people were super super nice! I met and geeked out with so many people, including a Cas! She was absolutely adorable.

Hung out with my Adopted Brother Austin (Get-backtotheTARDIS)
 And took more pictures of him than me. Because his phone died.

I bought all three comic books for a dollar each, pins for a dollar each, bookmark for a dollar, Global Dynamics badge for five bucks, and the Star Trek Sciences badge for 13!

I’ve been looking for a Star Trek badge for ages. And the Global Dynamics badge. THERE WERE SO MANY BADGES. Sherlock Badges, Doctor Who badges, TARDIS parking badge, Hogwarts badges, Star fleet badges, Just Squee! It’s so cool! I’m sad I didn’t get to go another day.

However, can not wait until Salt Lake Comic Con. SEPTEMBER IS SO CLOSE YET SO FAR.