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Happy Birthday @akaclairetemple!!! I love you and i’m sorry about the last cap

last night my friend hosted this huge party in his apartment with delicious food and drink and good people and every one of them said i look comfortable and happy in new york~


He’s back!

Princess Allura aesthetic

  • me: *tries to talk to my mom about things that are important to me and serious subjects I need someone to talk to someone about*
  • mom: *shows little to no interest and/or makes me feel bad for what I believe and who I am*
  • mom: why don't tell me anything why do you never speak to me why don't you ever tell me your problems i'm beginning to think that you just hate me always remember you can talk to me about anything at any time

I don’t know if any of you are fans of the Game Boy Advanced series Golden Sun, but I am. It was my childhood. So when I found a cute pixel art of it back in, like, 9th grade, I saved it. Flash forward 4 years and I made it into a cross stitch. Whoops. This took me all of last summer and the beginning of this summer to make. It’s been a long road but I’m so happy with the result and I can’t help but be proud.