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Relationship Status: Single

Lipstick or chapstick: haven’t had chapped lips in 13 years and I’ve never worn lipstick so metier 

Last song I listened to (that I actually like):Roses by OutKast

Last movie I watched: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (for like the millionth time)

Favourite colour(s): any shade of purple

Top 3 shows: Columbo, jjba andHokuto No Ken (also Mortal Kombat Conquest is like one of my guiltiest pleasures)

Top 3 favourite characters: Amiba(HnK), Columbo(Columbo), Toki (HnK

Top 3 ships: Rubber Soul X Steely Dan (JJBA, yeah I know it’s a crack ship), Jotakak(JJBA) and Kenshiro X Yuria (HnK)

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