ami vega

: march music :

sweet - little dragon
1 night (feat. charlie xcx) - mura masa
dennis rodman - mansionz
selfish - virginia to vegas
passionfruit - drake
poolside - baynk
wait - noMBe
breathe - astrid s
all - they.
still feel like your man - john mayer
sex with me - rihanna
green light - lorde
die young - sylvan esso
lately - james vickery
no frauds (feat. drake & lil wayne) - nicki minaj
bigger than me - big sean
weekends - amy shark
young hearts - noMBe
pleasure dome - fishing
chanel - frank ocean
nightcrawler - zhu
free smoke - drake
do me ri - blackbear
the heart part 4 - kendrick lamar
still got time (feat. partynextdoor) - zayn
slurs - petrie
good girls - lany
chasing highs - alma
8teen - khalid



You can guess where we’re going today!

Aurora wanted to come but her parents are making her stay home and watch the house for them. Shadow is trying to help by bringing Vegas to her but it’s not working…

Dresses/inspiration: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]


Im bored and want someone new to talk to. Be it mutuals, completely new people, anyone please hit me up.

Especially if you like:
-Fallout (New Vegas is best Fallout)
-The Warriors (1979) or That 70s Show
-videogames in general
- enjoy aesthetics and photography
-enjoy country life like taking care of goats and shit
- if you like to draw - listen to Lana Del Rey, Spooky Black, Amy Winehouse, Andre Nickatina or E-40?, and any music really
- or just bored like me and want someone to talk to, HIT 👏 ME 👏 UP 👏


(via Tiger | Amy Vega | Flickr)

The Les Amis take a trip to vegas and the next morning they find out:

  • Grantaire and Enjolras ended up getting drunkenly married at midnight, after saying I do Enjolras went on a 30 minute rant about how marriage is an outdated constitution
  • Grantaires just like “Tru but you still said i do”
  • Bossuet won the 2 thousand dollar jack pot on the slot machines then lost it all and more in a game of craps
  • Combeferre got hypnotised by a magician and is very jumpy around anybody snapping their fingers
  • Eponine, Jehan, and Courfeyrac somehow ended up in an underground mob game of texas holdem in the casinos basement. They didn’t win any money but made a lot of strange new friends with complicated handshakes
  • Marius tried to get drunkenly married to Cosette but was denied at the reception desk when they realised the two were already married
  • He spent the next hour crying at the bar to anybody who would listen how unfair it was he couldn’t get double married
  • Bahorel got kicked out of the casino half an hour after getting there. He won’t tell anybody why. They group strongly suspect it had something to do with the lively debate he got into with the security guard over juice cleanses
  • Feuilly was determined to watch every show and performance put on by the casino, he was the only witness to Ferre’s hypnosis induced chicken dance
  • Joly spent the night locked in the hotel room with Musichetta getting drunk off the mini bar because he saw a bartender cut the limes without washing his hands first and was convinced he’d contract some form of E. Coli. “YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE HIS HANDS HAVE BEEN CHETTA! HE COULD HAVE JUST POOPED!”