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Friend, Rose is literally the only companion who fits that, and then only if you think quirky applies to her particularly (I wouldn’t say so).

Actually, nevermind, she doesn’t, either. She’s nineteen. None of them fit it.

The Washington Post recently made headlines when it came out that Dr. Stacey Patton, who co-wrote a strongly worded article denouncing Amy Schumer as a racist, had never actually watched Schumer’s television show, Inside Amy Schumer. Nor had she seen any of her stand-up beyond short, specific clips of Schumer delivering what Patton decided were racist jokes.

On a similar note, Joni Edelman, a writer at, recently wrote an equally strongly worded condemnation of the Pixar movie Inside Out for the crimes of body-shaming, sexism, and, according to the headline, “Well, Everything.” Again, the writer conceded that she hadn’t actually seen Inside Out and based her strongly held opinion solely on images from the film she’d seen in the media.

And then it hit me. This is the single most brilliant money-making idea ever conceived.

“Why You Shouldn’t Trust Movie Reviews” by Nathan Rabin

You should not be mad at Sheldon for rejecting Amy

And here are the reasons why: 

He is Sheldon. He does not like change, at all. He did not like losing Amy as a girlfriend, and when he finally accommodates to being only her friend, she wants to be his girlfriend again. When he just accepted the previous change. So, automatically, he thought he would fail her if he changed from being a friend to a boyfriend so soon. 

Also, Sheldon fails at reading facial expressions, or reading between the lines in general. He failed to see the looks she gave him at the aquarium, he failed the “I’ve missed this” and he failed to simply understand that she was still in love with him. I think seeing her with Dave was a heck of a cold shower and he is still processing it. Please don’t be mad at Sheldon, nor Amy. 

Even the writers, you should not be mad at them because they proved once again that they knew their characters better than anyone else, better than us the fans who re watch a season a hundred times and analyse every little glance. Don’t forget that this show is ruled by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, a.k.a the biggest geniuses in the industry. 

Trust them!!!!!!