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The signs as Kamisama Hajimemashita characters:

Aries: Akura-ou

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Taurus: Mizuki

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Gemini: Kurama Shinjirou

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Cancer: Otohiko

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Leo: Mikage

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Virgo: Tomoe

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Libra: Numano Himemiko

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Scorpio: Princess Narukami

Sagittarius: Ookuninushi

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Capricorn: Ami Nekota

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Aquarius: Kei Ueshima

Pisces: Nanami Momozono

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I totally fell in love with this ship but after I thoroughly entrap it in my heart I remember they’re both minor characters so I won’t get to see them often T^T just look at this cuteness! 

He finally found someone that he can be his demon self with and even if they’re not canon I can totally see them being together. And he feels comfortable around her even after that chapter. Giving her his feather and opening up to other humans as well.

Why do I always fall in love with the side characters? I love Mizuki as well and I think he deserves more love. Am I the only one that wanted to see him with Unari? I understand why he had to go back and why she needed to stay but he helped her confidence. And this guy has been so lonely for so long he deserves someone who can return his love


Kurama Shinjirou

- Day1 of Kamihaji week


a young tengu who left his homeland to go into the human world! (He’s an idol and extremely vain)

He originally wants Nanami’s land god powers and chases after her, but soon he’s stopped and forgets about the matter after reconciling with Nanami. At the end of the manga he had developed feelings for Ami and promises her to “swoop in and carry her off” if she’s unhappy in the future. Let’s also not forget he got turned into a bird by Tomoe. Kurama is a very special character to me and he deserves total happiness and satisfaction in his future. love interest : Ami Nekota