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Amy Rodriguez

A-Rod enters Starbucks and orders a Strawberry Acai Refresher and two tall hot chocolates for her boys. It’s been a long time since she’s been to Starbucks, but she’s still a Gold Member and quickly makes sure everyone remembers. She loses her footing while picking up the drinks but gets back up again because she’s tough as nails.

Amy and the Egos (pt. 3)...

{For the lovely anon who asked how the Egos would try to cheer up Amy! Sorry, it’s kinda long…}

Warning: Massive amounts of cuteness and some cuddles; viewer discretion is advised.

It’s nearly three in the afternoon and Amy still hasn’t gotten out of bed. Mark, Ethan, and Tyler are away on tour, and Kat has taken the time off from babysitting them to visit family. Normally Amy would go on a crazy adventure to see some place new and exciting, but today, she just… can’t.

After the fiasco at Mark’s place when she got sick, Amy decided it was time to give the Egos her number and address just in case they wanted to drop by and see her. The group message she set up with most of the Egos (Wilford would be in the group if he would quit shooting his phone every time it rang) is full of texts wondering where she is and why they haven’t heard from her in a few days.

Amy sends back a few cryptic texts about not feeling well and being swamped with work. Really, she just doesn’t want to worry them by telling them how she really feels… sad and lonely. The Host, however, can see Amy’s true meaning behind her messages and goes to Wilford. Will, in typical Warfstache fashion, decides that this calls for another field trip!

When Amy hears a knock on the door, she somehow immediately knows that its them. Still in her pj’s and bed hair, she opens the door and tries to give them a smile. None of them are buying it. Amy’s face immediately lights up, however, because they have not come empty-handed. The Host has homemade brownies (who knew that the blind guy is Ego Inc.’s best cook?), Bim has every season of Doctor Who and a couple bags of popcorn, Wilford brought “Mark Bop” for karaoke, and Google ordered every kind of beauty product he could think of.

Warfstache prances into the den, stands up on the coffee table, and proudly declares, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and all other configurations of being! My name is Wilford Warfstache, and we are having an emergency slumber party!”

Google shakes his head at Wilford before dumping a giant bag of facemasks, nail polish, and makeup into Amy’s arms. “I conducted a search for how to attain the perfect ‘sleepover’ and believe that the formula requires: food, movies, makeovers, and companionship. Do you think this will suffice?” Amy didn’t even know the droid could look so eager to please. “We could even engage in the ‘gossip,’ if it would improve Miss Amy’s emotional health,” Google offers.

Amy shocks them all by dropping the bag onto the floor, bursting into tears, and dragging them all into a group hug. Bim immediately begins crying as well, Warfstache snuggles up into the middle of the hug, and the Host and Google try their best to provide the appropriate amount of physical comfort.

They stay up all night talking about work and laughing at each other’s jokes, and Amy does their makeup—which means every shade of pink imaginable for Wilford, blue lipstick for Google, and smokey eyes for Bim. The Host sweetly declines any makeup but lets Amy paint his nails a shade of gold to match his hair.

Wilford starts the infamous Tickle Fight of ’17 (minus his knife, thankfully), but Amy is forced to make both he and Google sign a treaty that states neither of them will ever engage in tickle warfare again after the death of one unfortunate ceramic lamp (may he rest in pieces).

Once the others are asleep—Wilford draped out in the floor in a nest of pillows and blankets, Google charging in the corner, and Bim snuggled into Amy’s side—she and the Host sit on the couch in the partial light of the TV. The Host clears his throat and whispers, “The Host… I mean, I wanted to ask you what made you so sad… You’re always so cheerful, so what made you want to stay here all alone?”

Amy is genuinely shocked. She’s never heard the Host speak in first person before. The Host anticipates her thoughts though and gives a sheepish smile. “I speak in third person when I feel the need to distance myself from a situation. It’s… easier that way, but,” he pauses for a moment, his face crinkling up in thought, “I trust you.”

Amy swallows the lump in her throat. “Well, sometimes when I’m all alone, I get very sad, but when I’m sad, I don’t want to fix it. I mean, I do want to feel better, but I don’t want to…,” her voice trails off in frustration.

The Host reaches over and awkwardly pats her hand before drawing back quickly. “Don’t worry, Amy. I understand. It is important, as Google says, for you to have companionship, and sometimes, when we are sad, we don’t always make the decisions that are best for us, correct?” Amy nods, and the Host smiles brighter. “And you are the Host’s… I mean, my best companion.”

Amy bites her lip and nods, feeling the tears bubbling up inside her again, but instead of crying, she tucks herself under the Host’s arm. The Host goes stiff for a moment, not used to the touch of another person, but he eventually relaxes when Amy whispers, “Thank you, Host. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you guys.”

The Host senses when Amy finally falls asleep and only then does he whisper back, “And I don’t know what I would do without you, Amy Nelson.”

Gilmore Girls revival thoughts

What I loved:

    This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. I was so hoping this song would be featured in Luke and Lorelai’s wedding and when I heard the first note I started bawling like a baby and finally stopped crying about 3h later. The whole wedding really was perfect. I could hear my heart beating in my years, so happy (and sobbing) I was.

  2. Everything Richard.
    The funeral, the flashbacks, the portraits. It was such a great homage to Ed and to Grandpa Gilmore, I bawled my eyes out through the entire thing and I don’t think there’ll ever come a time when I watch Emily/Rory kiss his portrait and I won’t start crying. I get chocked up just thinking about it. It was beautiful. Just beautiful. So well done.

  3. The Lorelai & Emily’s storyline.
    It was simply perfect. Lauren and Kelly knocked it out of the park. The fight in the kitchen is going down in history. I particularly loved how Emily treats Lorelai before they start fighting in the living room, like she’s 6yo again.
    “Lorelai, not a single word.”
    “Don’t follow.”
    Just so freaking perfect. I loved it and it was so in character for both of them. It was perfect. And don’t get me started on the phone call in Fall because I’m too dehydrated to start crying again.

  4. Lauren breaking character.
    She did it in a number of scenes. Once with Sookie, twice with Rory, once in the scene with Richard’s smaller portrait. If Lauren Graham can’t keep it together how do you expect me to do that? Also, give the woman ALL THE FREAKING EMMYS NOW. It’s long overdue anyway. You owe her, Academys.

  5. Jess’ growth.
    He’s the only character who’s really shown some growth when he appears on screen, everyone else seems to be stuck in their life, like they can’t move forward, but Jess has got his shit together and even stirs Rory in the right direction, I was so proud of him.

  6. Every single Jess/Luke scene.
    Each and everyone of them. Milo and Scott are buddies in real life and you can totally see that on screen, they’re hilarious and a joy to watch.

  7. Paris. In all her glory.
    She’s still our old Paris and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Liza got back into character so easily and she was absolutely brilliant. I laughed my socks off at her antics. The whole bathroom scene and the stairs conversation. Just hilarious. Loved it. Missed her.

  8. The Life and death brigade.
    Oh my God, that whole sequence was so cinematic, the director of photography and Amy nailed it there. Simply nailed it. I was in awe watching it. Really made me happy to see them all together again. I cried when Rory said goodbye to them. Yes, I cried even then. Leave me alone.

  9. “Still best friends”.
    Of course I cried through the whole thing like the little bitch that I am and I regret nothing. Seeing Lauren and Melissa unable to keep back tears…I was a mess. Beautiful. Well done. Thank you.

  10. Michel out of the closet.
    Need I say more?

  11. Emily and the help.
    I laughed so hard at that. Cannot actually believe Emily kept a maid for a whole entire year and even welcomed her family with open arms in her house. I’m so proud of you, grandma Gilmore.

  12. Cornstarch.
    Again, sobbed. I feel like ASP treated only Dean with some respect in this revival. He’s happy, got his own family and Rory was actually nice to him and the whole “you taught me what feeling safe is like” speech had me sobbing. Only people who had a great first love can relate to this, I guess. I’m glad they gave them that scene. They both deserved it.

  13. Luke and Paul Anka.
    Cried my eyes out. Loved it. Gimme a spin-off.

  14. Kirk’s second movie.
    That’s all.

  15. The swearing!
    Lorelai saying “Holy shit!” and Emily saying “Bullshit!” 3 TIMES IN THE SAME SCENE. Amen.

  16. The music!!!
    Wow. It was everything I could have asked for and more. Sam Phillips, Grant-Lee Phillips, Dolly Parton, Nancy Sinatra, the Carpenters. PERFECTION.

What I didn’t love (Oh boy, sit down and grab a drink):

  1. Rory.
    Just Rory in general. And not because she was 32 and rootless, living a vagabond life. I actually liked that she didn’t have her shit together and didn’t know in which direction to go. In this day and age it is very realistic and I’m glad Rory is not the perfect 16yo we first met in the show. But the the whole Logan affair that ultimately resulted in an illegitimate child was just not for me. I hated it. Not necessarily the pregnancy, just how we got there. Am I supposed to believe Rory Gilmore, my Rory Gilmore, would be fine being the other woman like that? There were never actual signs that she was in love with Logan or Logan with her, it felt more like they were comfortable being with each other and it was simply fun. They didn’t want for their thing to be anything more than it actually was. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Logan made it clear he wouldn’t have left his fiancée for her, so she was settling for second best there. And hell no. Just no. It was a disservice to the character of Rory, really.
    And don’t even get me started on how she treated that poor Paul guy. What happened to you Rory?

  2. ASP (almost) total dismissal of S7.
    Hadn’t it been for the mention of Chris and Lorelai’s wedding, none of what happened in it was taken into consideration. None of it. Good or bad. And I get ASP didn’t want to acknowledge it, but it was a year worth of storylines completely ignored and I think it did more damages than good, ultimately.

  3. Logan.
    He’d grown up so much in S7 and now he’s back to the little snobby cheating careless kid we met in S5. He asked Rory to marry him, am I supposed to believe he’s totally cool now with having her as nothing more than his mistress? The guy was in love with the girl, if I were a sophies shipper I’d be livid right now.

  4. Jess’ conclusion or lack thereof.
    If you want me to believe Jess, who’s literally the only character who’s got his shit together in this revival, is still pining for Rory after more than a decade, then I’m gonna need some follow through, some more intel at the very least.
    Otherwise, just keep it to yourself ASP. Please and thank you.

  5. Scott and Lauren’s chemistry.
    That’s the thing that probably hurt the most, aside from Rory.
    WHERE HAS THAT CHEMISTRY GONE? If we don’t count every scene in Fall and a couple more here and there, they’ve completely lost their sparkle and it made my heart ache. Some scenes were unbearable to watch because you could definitely tell something was missing there. Some scenes were great and it felt like no time had passed at all, but some others were painful to watch. Just painful.

  6. The whole Luke and Lorelai pre-fall story line.
    No bueno. So they’ve spent 9 years together with zero progress in their relationship and dealing with the same communication issues they’ve always dealt with? You’re telling me that after a whopping 11 years in total of relationship these two still make the same mistakes over and over? Well, THAT is disappointing.
    Didn’t they learn anything from the past? At all?
    Everything Emily says to Lorelai about Luke was SPOT ON, as much as it pains me to admit it. And you can definitely tell Luke would do anything to make her happy, he even says so himself at the end, but when will Lorelai do something for him?
    The whole baby talk/surrogacy thing drove me up the wall. So he wanted a child, never brought it up, she wanted him to have a child - their child,  never brought it up either. Now they’re 50 and childless. Great. Just fucking great.
    I mean…ASP should have given them that kid. They just should have opened the revival with a 8yo Gilmore-Danes kid running around and if Amy didn’t want them to have one, then fine, I can respect that, just spare me the whole “ooops, too little too late” thing because it broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I’m a nice person, I didn’t deserve that.

  7. The way Rory mourned Richard’s death.
    Did she mourn at all? Okay, except for the scene when she goes into Richard’s office and that one scene when she kisses the portrait, she seemed a bit unfazed by the passing of her beloved grandfather. Rory loved him to pieces and he loved her just as much and, maybe it was Alexis’ fault and not the Amy’s writing, but it just felt like Emily and Lorelai were having so much more of a hard time adjusting to life without Richard than Rory was. Made me really sad.


  9. Christopher’s existence.
    I did appreciate the fact that Amy officially patented him as an asshole though. That was nice. “It was supposed to happen that way,” oh give me a break! You weren’t there to raise Rory because you didn’t want to be there, not because it was supposed to happen. You were a joke of a father by your own choice. Shut up.

  10. April.
    As much as I was dreading seeing her, I knew we had to see her at some point, so I prepared myself. One would have thought the girl would have had more screen time and at least showed up for her father’s wedding. But I laughed my ass off at that scene at the dinner table, so she was good for something at least.

  11. The cameos (especially Peter Krause’s).
    Too many of them, didn’t really need them. Also, the whole Lorelai/ranger talk made me cringe, I get that they’re together in real life, but Lorelai was full on flirting with him and it was so inappropriate and as a java junkie shipper made me vomit a little in my mouth. Could have done without.

  12. Amy Sherman - Palladino’s stubbornness.
    Last but not least, I think what bothered me the most was exactly this. Don’t get me wrong: her show her rules.
    I learned that lesson the hard way in Partings already. If she wants to piss fans off she will and she wont even think about it twice. I respect that kind of integrity and I wouldn’t want her to refrain from exploring this world she created the way she wants to, just because she’s scared of making fans unhappy. You can’t please everybody, some people will always be unsatisfied and that’s okay. That’s life, no harm no foul.
    What I really don’t get is why she had to ignore completely season 7 and also make it feel like no time has passed at all in Stars Hollow. Let’s take Richard’s death aside for a moment, what the hell has happened in those 9 years for our girls? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Many characters are in a stalemate. Lorelai didn’t get married to Luke, didn’t have any more children, didn’t do much at or with the Dragonfly, she’s exactly where we left her. Rory is jobless, homeless, still trying to figure out what to do with her life, 9 years later. Luke is the same old same old, which is in character but also…what the hell? Did time stop there? Hadn’t it been for Ed’s death - may he rest in peace - Amy would have had 0 ideas for a revival. What would have moved the plot ahead? I’m not sure she had this grand vision of how the show was supposed to end, after all.
    Also, I’m glad she stuck to her own ending and to the infamous “last 4 words” - again, I appreciate the artistic integrity - but it was a bit out of place here, in this context at least. So, correct me if I’m wrong, Rory is Lorelai 2.0? I spent 16 years watching this show, only to see the daughter make the same exact mistakes her mother did? And can we call a child “a mistake” even when the mother is a Yale graduate world traveler 32 year old? I don’t think so.
    It didn’t come full circle, not in the way it was intended to when Amy first thought of the last 4 words.
    Also, side note, those 4 words? Predictable as fuck. Just saying.

All in all, I loved going back to Stars Hollow. It was like coming back home after a long time. It comforted me, it made me laugh and it made me cry far too much, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Stars Hollow is home and always will be.

Was A Year In The Life perfect? No.
Was it everything I wanted it to be and more? Probably not.

But that is not what this show is about or was ever about.

If there is anything Amy Sherman-Palladino and this show have taught me is that life is not perfect, that I am allowed to make mistakes and screw up from time to time, that things don’t always go the way we planned and that’s okay.

So no the show didn’t live up to my unrealistic expectations, but then again neither does life. We take the good and deal with the bad the best we can.
So I’ll take the good, because there was SO much of it, it really outnumbered the stuff I didn’t love anyway. I enjoyed every single minute of those 6 hours and that’s what matters the most.

I never thought I’d get the chance to go back to Stars Hollow again. Ever. This was a gift, a blessing truly, and I am forever grateful to each and every person that has made this possible.

And now, let the third rewatch begin…

I smell snow… ❄


In case you’re wondering, I nailed it.

Root x Shaw: Their First & Last...



….MUTUAL FLIRTING (Shaw’s 1st & last)

….PHYSICAL INTIMACY (& a near kiss…)



Their love transcends time and space.

Theirs is a romance of the ages.

SHOOT. Forever.

**This post is dedicated to all Shoot fans**


We were talking about what other people think of you. You’ve done some really big things, At some point, surely you must have been going “what if all of this falls apart”.
Oh yes, Oh yes, please don’t misunderstand, I’m certainly not in a super confident place all the time. And rarely do I finish something and say like “I nailed it”.

Pastel Fashion Masterpost

Based upon Pastel Bomb - Fashion Blog

Finally did it. Finally made a clothing & tutorial master post, including all of the references I use. Will be updated as more are discovered. 

Table of Contents: 

♥ Pastel Goth & Nu Goth ♥

  1. Major Shops - General
  2. Major Shops - Shoes
  3. Etsy Shops - General
  4. Etsy Shops - Accessories
  5. Storenvy Shops
  6. Big Cartel Shops

♥ Tutorials ♥

  1. Hair
  2. Make Up
  3. Nails
  4. DIY - Clothing, Accessories, Etc.

♥ Discount Codes ♥

♥ Shopping Blogs ♥

♥ The Master List: ♥☽

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