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Truth & Fiction Podcast: Ami Greko

On this episode of the podcast: Publishing is a predominately female staffed business. As that business becomes a digital-first platform, it is running into the world of tech, a historically male centric world. What happens from here and why women still don’t feel confident talking tech are just two of the questions that host Emily Schultz asks Ami Greko in this episode. Ami Greko  started out working in traditional publishing here in New York. She was an early supporter of Joyland and now she’s working at Kobo, one of the largest e-reader and e-book retailers in the world.

Ami and Emily discuss what happens when coders and content makers meet, how women can find their tech confidence, AWP versus SXSW, the gender politics of panel discussions, female nerdery, dealing with close talkers, and, of course, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

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Truth & Fiction is hosted by Emily Schultz and produced by Brian Joseph Davis. Tune in for our April episode, where Ben Greenman talks about his new novel, The Slippage.