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Hello you wonderful lil human, I was wondering if you do male Mc stuff, and if you'd do something with RFA + v + saeran first date thingy??? Sorry if I'm bothering you,,, p.s. ily

Alright, male MC it is!


  • he was super nervous!! finally getting to take mc out on a date
  • he had spammed you the previous night before and all morning 
  • “are u sure u wanna go” “are u all ready” “you’re not gonna get sick?”
  • he’s a worrisome boy
  • but when he arrived his nerves got worse and worse
  • he was legit bouncing in the car
  • when you walked out of the apartment and saw you he nearly fainted
  • your short brown hair was brushed nicely
  • and you were wearing a nice sweater that was like your normal one
  • and shoes and nice jeans
  • you looked really handsome!! 
  • you guys had both planned to go on a picnic, out at at the park at night!!
  • when you got there you laid out the blanket and food and you cuddled with your boyfriend
  • when the stars came out, he ended up kissing you!!
  • he was so shy about it tho
  • like help this boy
  • but all in all it was a great night!! you told him you would love to do it again


  • okay okay okay so
  • i really really imagine zen taking you out a nice restaurant?? just somewhere small? excluded?
  • he wanted alone time with you, not with just his fans and you
  • he arrived at your apartment around 5 pm
  • he wanted to walk with you, not take a car
  • romantic walks, ya know??
  • he waits patiently at the door until he sees you walk out
  • hes totally in love
  • you wore a nice shirt, hair combed and the wild mess it usually was combed down
  • black jeans and brown boots cause yes
  • he walks with you holding your hand!!
  • hes all blushy cause aAAA you’re his boyfriend!!!
  • once you guys arrive at the restaurant you guys are led to the back by some people
  • he didn’t wanna hide you from EVERYONE of course
  • just the crazy fans
  • he holds your hands as you smile at him and you guys talk and talk
  • it’s just consistent rambling about whatever 
  • he loves your voice, tbh 
  • once you guys leave he drops you off at your apartment and swiftly kisses you
  • he talks to you obv on the chatroom tho
  • but will forever be red faced from that kiss rip 


  • okay okay but like
  • coffee festival
  • she like gets all excited at the store and hands you a ticket
  • and is like “we should go, mc!!! definitely!!”
  • you’re all for it cause she looks adorable tbh 
  • so you guys end up going and jaehee looks adorable!!!
  • she has a nice skirt that flows and a t-shirt and her long hair is braided and she looks cute
  • you decided with simple jeans and nice t-shirt
  • both are shy as heckle
  • but you grab her hand and you guys hold hands the whole festival!!
  • she shows you all the nice coffee and u buy her a cup from each different type
  • she’s super happy omg u love her
  • when you guys head home you kiss her quickly
  • she squeaks and it’s super adorable
  • ur both blushing but she says goodnight and leans up to kiss you before scurrying off


  • what,,, where does he take you
  • he legit calls jaehee for help
  • she says to take you somewhere you love
  • so he always lays down hints and stuff
  • and he’s so bad at it
  • but he eventually figures out that maybe a aquarium would be nice?
  • he doesn’t know but he knows there’s this nice place that his company owns for some reason
  • probably for some sort of cat reason
  • he informs you to get ready early and so you get ready at 10:30 hair ready and dressed nicely
  • the usual sweater and jeans!! and converse cause their life
  • jumin is actually dressed somewhat casual, the poor boy tries
  • but he leads you into the limo and he refuses to tell you where you guys are going
  • it’s a surprise
  • he can remain calm surprisingly 
  • but when you guys arrive you get really excited!! so many creatures!!
  • and the place was somewhat empty, so
  • jumin took care of that
  • he is very excite cause you seem excited
  • he’s happy to make you excited
  • you guys go and look at all the animals!!
  • he gives you head kisses and tells you you’re amazing and it’s just
  • aaa!!!
  • he’s such a sweet boy when he’s not kinky
  • u love him 
  • after the date you guys go home and cuddle a lot 
  • much cuddles


  • this is set after his ending
  • when he finally stops doing his hacking stuff
  • and with so much free time now
  • he wants to do everything with you!!
  • he takes you out on fancy dates, cheesy dates, or just cuddles in bed
  • it’s always a surprise
  • but ur first date was when he took u to mcdonalds at 3 am
  • and u were in your pajamas
  • and he was begging u to order smth so he wouldn’t seem lonely
  • so you go with him tired and order fries
  • and he parks in the parking lot and eats with you and just leans on you
  • and surprisingly?????? it’s not??? half bad?? 
  • sure you’re tired as hell but hey it’s a date somewhat
  • and it’s with your favorite bean so 
  • you’re not complaining
  • turns out these 3 am dates occur a lot now
  • he takes you e v e r y wh e r e
  • every fast food restaurant he can go too
  • he’s there, with you, at 3 am
  • he finds it cute and you don’t complain, so


  • is just like jumin????
  • has no clue???
  • but he eventually decides on the park for you two to go to
  • and honestly you both enjoy it!!
  • you’re wearing your normal outfit and he’s just decked out in his normal outfit too
  • he’s happy
  • ur happy
  • he ends up kissing you at the end but then be like “u have a shit face”
  • you’re like??? what
  • but he ends up getting distracted by the tiny dogs 
  • like ‘these are the only things i wouldn’t mind killing’ 
  • saeran no
  • when you guys go home tho
  • he’s super cuddly once more like he usually is when you go home
  • like “we just went on our first date saeran” 
  • “the more reason to cuddle you”


  • okay but the first date would definitely be to a art/photo museum or smth
  • you still dress nicely for him even though he can barely see you
  • he likes to feel your short hair though and kiss your lips
  • and sometimes feel ur muscles but shh shh
  • you end up driving the both of you but he keeps talking about how nice it is
  • though you’re still upset he can barely see all the art!!
  • when you guys get there you park and lead him in
  • some art he can barely see so you describe it for him
  • and it’s just all romantic and you flirt 
  • “all of these are so amazing.. not as amazing as you tho” 
  • he holds your arm/hand the whole time and leans on you sometimes
  • when it’s over you stand by a nice romantic picture and you kiss him
  • it’s kind of messy at first but you guys learn how each other work
  • and the kiss ends really nicely!!
  • you guys go home (you stay with him since the hacker), and cuddle cuddle
  • he’s like a cuddle bug like jeez v r u okay

There you go!! I hope it was how you like it!! (Also, sorry I was taking a very,,, very long hiatus). 


And now it is time for the first half of the Busan line, one third of the maknae line, a total cutie who is so so sweet, seeing him on Hello Counselor just makes me respect him even more, it was interesting to see that side of him, I loved it, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • So this is gonna be the prequel to tattoo artist!Jimin (here)
  • His major is art
  • Jimin is really talented with a lot of things (dancing, singing, being an adorable lovable sweetheart, etc.) but he’s also v v talented with art
  • Especially when you consider the fact that he’s so busy and probably doesn’t have that much time to practice it so the fact that he can draw at all is amazing
  • He’s also really dedicated with it, like in one of the Vlive, I think he mentioned that he spent 2+ hours on a drawing for the coloring book thing they did
  • He tries a few different things, he does a few painting classes, he does some sculpture work but his main interest is in sketching/drawing
  • He does hold himself to a pretty high standard, he can be tough on himself at times so when he does something, he just throws himself into it completely, even if it isn’t something he’s extremely passionate about
  • So he’s not super into sculpting but he’s not gonna half ass any of it, he’s gonna take the hours it requires to make it look the way he wants it to
  • Forever asking you to be his model
  • The rest of your shared apartment is somewhat organized but his art area is a bit of a mess, not to the point where it’s too messy to stand but it’s definitely used constantly
  • There’s a huge sheet on the floor to catch any paint drops or scraps of clay distractedly thrown aside when he’s too busy focusing on the project in front of him (he picks them up later but in the moment, he doesn’t wanna lose his momentum and worry about finding a tiny scrap of clay to throw away)
  • Has about eight different sketchbooks laying in the weirdest places, one’s on top of the fridge, he’s got a couple in their actual place, one in his bag for on the go inspiration doodles and a couple more scattered around his art area
  • There always seems to be paint on the sheet, always paint on the back of his hands and on his arms and even a few spots on his legs bc he’s always got some painting going on
  • He has all the things, he has an entire draw of pencils, a pencil case filled to the brim with erasers, a few boxes of paints, chalks, clay, everything he could ever need
  • His concentrated face is s o nice though like sometimes he’ll be drawing while you two are just chilling in bed and you gotta admire him for a second bc wow he isn’t real
  • He wears lots of hats when he does art bc he doesn’t want his hair continually falling into his face so on top of his face being super nice, he also has the beanie/snapback look going on and he’s got the glasses to be able to see better so it’s just really boyfriend material
  • Head canon that Jungkook takes a majority of his art classes with him bc Busan bbys gotta stick together
  • They have these light hearted competitions with each other all term, like whoever finishes their art supply shopping first and pays less for it all will get a meal paid by the loser or who can get to class first gets to post something on the other’s social media
  • It’s all in fun of course but there’s definitely some teasing from both sides
  • “Wow so I was born in Busan first, I did the contacts first and now you’re following me into art”
  • “Oh my g o d”
  • He takes the essential classes of course but he also takes a few music classes with Yoongi and hobi, he takes a couple classes with Tae, some art, some history, some writing
  • They take the more needed classes that they aren’t really interested in together bc at least then, they have each other to entertain them
  • Jimin’s more of a hand written note taker but he has used his laptop here and there
  • I feel like Jimin’s notes would actually be really organized and all of the boys are kinda ?? how does that happen when you’re rushing around trying to take notes
  • He doesn’t l o v e using the laptop to take notes bc he just prefers hand written notes but he forgets his notebook a couple of times and one of the other boys let him borrow their laptop bc he takes some of the best notes anyways might as well share with each other
  • He studies a lot but it’s not daily, he tries to do it once or twice a week for a couple hours just until he’s got it down
  • Maknae line study sessions just think about it
  • Slightly chaotic, a lil loud, v v playful, they lowkey don’t study much until the last hour of it bc they’re that one group of friends that says they’re gonna study together and then ends up listening to Numa Numa at 3 AM
  • He is late to a few classes but he never means to be
  • He just wakes up too late or can’t make it across campus in time bc the language building is all the way on the other side of campus from the art building and he’s gotta book it but he’s got a bag of books and art supplies so he’s weighed down a bit
  • He’s never too too late but he has been like 5-10 minutes late to a couple classes here and there, for the most part he’s there on time
  • Seating wise, he’s a third row type of guy but he is flexible about it, he’s okay with sitting a few rows back to sit with his friends but he’s not gonna sit in the back of the classroom
  • He had to one class bc he got there too late and all the good seats were taken and he didn’t like it very much, he couldn’t see most of the time and it felt like the teacher was so far away, it just didn’t work out for him
  • The apartment you two share isn’t huge but it’s more than enough for you two and there are tons of nights where you two are huddled into the kitchen waiting for the water to boil so you can make some noodles and he always kisses your head when he adds the noodles to the water and it becomes a thing for some reason
  • Like one time, he makes noodles and you aren’t there and he’s just o h oh no
  • He gets his first tattoo the year before he goes off to college and it’s just a lil tiny tattoo on his forearm but it boosts his confidence so much, he wants to show it to everyone ever bc it looks so cool
  • The moment he walks into that tattoo shop, he’s just like I get it now bc he knew he wanted something with art for his major but then tattooing comes up and it matches perfectly 
  • And after seeing how professional his tattoo artist was and how much of an experience it was to get a tattoo, he decides he wants to do it for the rest of his life
  • College!Jimin is just a total art lover who l o v e s sitting there and creating things and he’s so excited to open his own tattoo shop or work in someone else’s and he’s just ready
The Secretary : ‘ It’s us now’

3:05 am
He didn’t need to open his eyes that Derek knew he was in his bedroom. The smell from the sheet , the sweet on his chest while he was only sleeping with a thin material usual. Also, a warmth coming from a body next to him. Some regular breathing , right next to him. When he opened his eyes , Derek face the roof , since he was lay on his back. That roof wasn’t his He was in Ahsha’s room. Just thought about Ahsha remind him the night they spent , together. Their official date . The art exposition , the dinner at the burger lounge , the sex. He turned on his side. She was there , sleeping like an angel. Her head seems so delicate resting on the pillow. Couple of her hair feel in the middle of her visage. The man hesitated , didn’t want to wake her up. Asleep , Ahsha was having another kind of beauty. A cutie one , like a giant cuddy toy. He carefully remove the messy hair , from the top of his fingertips. If he didn’t wake her up , Ahsha felt the difference and her head moved
“Hmmm…” she moaned , in her sleep
She moved toward him , and they were definitely still naked. He felt her breast coming against him , as her thighs, her stomach , all of her. Ahsha found a place right under his chin , where she rested her head. She just quickly made her lips close themselves on his throat and Derek smiled. That girl was just an angel. After , nothing else happened , Ahsha probably getting back in the sleep. He wrapped both of his arms, willing to enjoy of it as long that he could. The last time he slept with a girl, he was in high school, which was meaning at least two decade ago

A little breeze completely shake her, taking her out of the sleep. The morning wind came to caress her nakedness. Ahsha opened her eyes, shocked that she was in her birthday suit. She wasn’t the kind to sleep naked but when she saw Derek , sleeping , she remembered they made love. She was still no ready to let this night go away. She felt lucky to have him here, to herself. He was a busy man , probably waking up at 5am in the morning to run some miles in central park. Now he was in her bed. His body seems even more impressive innanimate .His chest , going up and down , his eyes closed , his jaw immobile were making him be sexy , even in the sleep. Her too didn’t want to wake him up but she couldn’t stand the distance between them She came between his legs , with no shame against his manhood. She rested her head on his chest , not without kiss his pectoral , his throat , his chin. Even in the sleep, Derek felt the perfume her hair were sending
“ Baby ?” he whispered , confused
“ Shhh.. go back to sleep darling”
Ahsha didn’t know since when they were giving each nickname but just the fact they were was making her heart melt. Where did she put herself into ? What exactly was she doing with Derek Roman ? Right now at the moment , the feeling of contentement to sleep in his arms… Was it love ? No…itcouldn’t be that. Ahsha couldn’t afford to fall in love with her boss. The limits of their games were getting confusing by the second.

When Ahsha re opened her eyes , this time the light of the day woke her up. The day…. the same day who hadn’t wait for the two lovers. The day who started and was making her being late since she was there , naked , in her bed with her boss and not dressed at her office , working. She was horrified. Never, since she started , Ahsha had been late. Her sudden wake up , in the hurry and jump also woke up the grown man , who was confused not in the same statement that his employee
“ Oh my god!” Ahsha yelled, standing up from the bed
A minute ago , she was lay down on him now she was in front of him. It was for sure brutal for Derek . Ahsha seems panicked , she grabbed a towel, not far from it , looking for some stuff she wasn’t finding
“ Oh my God! Why this damn thing didn’t do his job , now I’m about to lose mine ”
Derek raise his chest , against the pillow. Why Ahsha was that panic . She seems hysterical , talking at loud but not to him , more to herself
“ He is going to fire me!” she added, looking at her phone
Indeed she was suppose to be at her desk since a hour now. The wake up was completely opposite to the night they had before. It was like the walls between them reappears , putting the distance it was having couple days before. It was like in fact they did huge step back , months ago. For her, from what she was saying , he was still this character , a man without heart , insensitive, capable of fire a good element just because of an unique and really rare late. It was a disaster for Ahsha because her who was never late , him who was never late or absent , in the same morning , was well more too suspicious. If people find out about them , it will be horrible again. She couldn’t forget how she had been welcome , when the all building see the new sexy and seductive Ahsha . According her position more to her capacities of what she can do under a desk than behind it. Ahsha doesn’t even remember how she fell in the cliche of the secretary sleeping with her boss. If people know….. She needed to get there , and evaluate the damage
“ I can’t fire you , since I’m the reason why you’re late” spoke Derek , for the first time in the morning , clearly vexed
“ People aren’t idiot . They will figure out about us. The last thing I want is that people figure out I’m sleeping with you ” Ahsha said
She didn’t heard how much hurtful those words could be. Did she even listen to herself. The worse was that she was serious. The expression on her face was showing that it will be the end of the world for her to be associate with him. Derek got it. Pretty clear
“ Go take your shower ” he ordered her, like the boss will do “ And go to work. I will work from home. Don’t worry I will be gone before you get out of the shower ”

Our young lady was still having the small, really small conversation she had with Derek that morning. How she left him , after the night they spent. With some feed back , Ahsha realize what she done…Like her life wasn’t bad enough at the moment .She remind the words she had , what he said . She had been so focus about her work that she didn’t realize at the moment how rough she had been, even insensitive. She wanted to cry at the thought that she might ruined everything and any chance she could possibly have with Derek. One problem at the time. Indeed , when she arrived to the floor, everyone was busy , doing their own things. It’s not like they didn’t notice the two absent, but the world didn’t stop to turn unlike Ahsha thought. She installed behind her desk , the boss office being empty like he said it will be. Ahsha felt a void , she needed to fix things before it’s too late. While she started to work , she imagine her plans in her head. She will go search some dinner , stand by his place and simply present him her apologies. If she thought Derek was wrong because Brian knew why she had been late, why Derek was absent , probably because they fucked all night. He was officially back and he couldn’t wait to see Ahsha, face to face . He went to her desk, with a huge smirk , happy about the next events
“ Well Ahsha ” he saluted her “ It’s nice of you to gratify us of your precence”
“ I didn’t heard my alarm this morning ” answered Ahsha, barely paying him attention. Come back in Derek good grace was definitely more important for her than flirt with Brian . But the man , not so gentleman , was having a good reason to catch her attention
“ I know how it feel ” said Brian , touching the wood of her desk “ After a agited night , I have difficulties to wake up too”
There Ahsha raise her head, facing him since the first time they were talking. How could he know ?
“ Exactely ” laughed Brian “ I wonder how everybody will react knowing that the rumors about your recruitement are true, now that you’re indeed fucking with Derek ”
Her worst nightmare was happening. She didn’t know what to answer… Why can she said. Brian knew , and wanted to tell everybody. Ahsha saw to his mocking expression that he will have no scruples to do it. Himself regret didn’t have a picture of Derek going to her apartment , with her
“ But I have a question ” started Brian “ Did you ever have the intention to go on a date with me or was I just a leverage to make him jealous ? Are you the reason why he sent me in Virginia ? As a retaliation ?
Ahsha felt disgusted with the fact she actually really considerate to go on a date with this individual. And it had nothing to do with Derek . But she couldn’t admit this to him , it will feed his ego well too much while Ahsha knew it had been hurt. Ego was the real reason of his doing. He was feeling humiliated and couldn’t stand it . If Ahsha could put him a single stroke , she will do it
” A retaliation of 25 000 dollar , I saw well worse as retaliation" Ahsha added “ Isn’t the amount you made  , there in Virginia ?!”
Obviously Brian was shocked that Ahsha knew this details , because he left even more humiliated . Sure of wanted a revenge in fire and blood

The weather was like the reflection of Ahsha’s mood this day. Rainy with grey sky. The drops were hitting the wall of building, making a little sound. Derek was in meeting with his counselor for the all morning so Ahsha didn’t have so much to do. She still haven’t tell him for her conversation with Brian and what threat was above them. More her since Derek will never be the target of harassment. The secretary in fact decided to not tell him. She couldn’t explain why but she was worry to be too invasive asking him protection. Ahsha didn’t even know if she was in position to ask him anything since they weren’t a couple. Them , together already have a lot to figure out about them before they take care of outside person. She was playing with some pen , drawing circle on a paper, wondering what the man could possibly talk about behind her , in Mr Roman’s office. The elevator door opened , and for once it wasn’t a deliver guy. Instead an elegant black woman of a certain age considering the trait of her visage and the small wrinkled but she could look 30years younger by her presence, the way she was dressed , with a matched jacket and high waist skirt. It was a sophisticate woman , the kind of woman who enter in a room and attrack the look, respectable one. Ahsha never saw her before but she wished look like her 40 years later. The most surprising was that the stranger was walking to her. Immediatly Ahsha raise her back in her chair , looking more profesional. If she didn’t know who she was , Derek did. He interrupted his meeting , and went to Ahsha’s desk. It crossed her mind, was it possible that she was one of Derek’s acquaintance. She couldn’t help herself anytime a woman , old young , skinny or with curve, brown or blonde , Ahsha was suspicious. Why come personally welcome her then ? The woman approaching was smiling , like she was the happiest to see him . Ahsha looked above her shoulder to see Derek and he made a step to the side , his arms big opened
“ Mother ” he sang , also really smillng . He went to hug his mother and sweetly kissed both of cheeks. Mother ?! Did he just say mother ? like in mom ?! Ahsha heart beat decrease. She really needed to calm the fuck down. It was obvious that the old woman wish the hug was lasting a lot longer but she didn’t want to embarasse her son. She released him
“ What are you doing here ?” asked Derek , confused He didn’t expect to see her . Last time he talked to her she was home, in London.
“ Does a mother isn’t allow to visit her own son ?” replied his mother , not mad at all . There was something about her that Ahsha couldn’t put the finger on it. Clearly she was a charming woman, close to her son…but just like her son , something was coming out of her giving her some severity. Power. She was watching the exchange from her chair and the two Romans felt her insisting look, not that she done it in purpose
“ Mom let me introduce you Ahsha . Ahsha this is my mother, Mary Roman ”
He politely made the introduction. Just calling her Ahsha. Not saying she was the person he was having in his bes but not saying she was his secretary . She didn’t know how take it. Like always , it was mixed. It was for the first time Mary noticed Ahsha. She briefly looked at her , without stay on her too much and just said
“ Hey Darling !”
Mary was only having eyes for her son , paying no attention to Ahsha
“ Hello Mrs Roman” whispered Ahsha, impressed and disappointed, going back to work , which was meaning draw circle on a paper. Did she just meet his mother ?! Right at the moment she was doing nothing productive. For sure, Mary will think Ahsha isn’t a hard worker.
“ I end up this meeting and we going to lunch at the restaurant ?” proposed Derek , to Mary only.
“ No restaurant ” said Mary Roman “ When was the last time you ate a homemade meal. Lets go home”
“ Mrs Hayes would you….” started Derek
“ Cancel your schedule for the afternoon ” continued Ahsha “ Sure”
For a first good impression, Ahsha couldn’t count on it. Mother and son seems close , obviously Mary was having a word to say about the person he is seeing. What sadden her the most is that she didn’t have the occasion to spend some time with him , and won’t for the rest of the day

Derek will lie if he was saying he didn’t miss his mother’s cook. A long time ago, when his father was still in live , they used to all sit to a table, every night , and dinner together as a family when he was kid. It never change , neither they live in the need during his childhood or when his father build a powerful company during his adolescence. Since two years now, Mary was living in London, with her new husband, Richard. Anytime he can enjoy of the woman who gave him life , he will do it . The Mac and cheese , with the roast chicken were just a real delight. It just crossed his mind but he was wondering if Ahsha could cook like this.
“ I saw your little fight with Daniel Lun ” commented Mary , to the other side of the table.
“ I couldn’t help myself. ” answered Derek , drinking some water “ That man was saying horrible stuff about women ”
As soon he pronounced the last word, he regretted it. He just gave her the subject on a silver plate. And of course , Mary didn’t miss it
“ Speaking of women” started the mother “ When will you settle down and have a family ?”
Derek rolled his eyes, frustrated. Eveytime they were seeing each other , he was sure to have this speech. He wasn’t that young , even if he was looking damn fine. Him too was haunted by the dream to have his own woman , and children , a familly but in the reality it wasn’t that easy. For a man like him, find someone with genuine intention, funny , sexy and seductive, with a great spirit , but also not boring was an impossible equation. He might found her…but wasn’t sure of what she wanted , what she was ready to handle, be with him wasn’t like be with any other man
“ I know you’re fine ” spoke Mary “ I know that the business is doing well but what about your happiness ? Your emotional life ? You might be a god for them , matter of speak but I’m your mother. I made you , you’re like any man , everybody need attention and affection. Don’t you want to come back home to someone ? To sleep next to someone ? Love and be loved ? Don’t you want children ? ”
All she was talking about . Derek could only imagine them with one person. His mother was right , he needed to be love , for him , not for his money and only one woman , expect his mother could be able to give him that. Maybe it was time…maybe he should take the opportunity he was having and try. He just jumped in the water
“ In fact I’m seeing someone. She is extraordinary ” he confessed
“ Ahsha ?” Asked Mary , but she already knew. It made Derek let his fork fell on the table. He was shocked
“ How…” he stuttered. He carefully watch for his voice when he said her name , to not touch her but what betrayed him had been the fact that when he saw his mother his first reflex hadn’t been to go welcome her but to stand behind Ahsha . It amused the mother
“ Derek , when I tell you I made you , I’m not kidding. Pretty, very beautiful. She will make beautiful babies”
“ Mom!” stopped Derek. They were far to even think about children. They weren’t officially together. The son didn’t want his mother to have too much hope and see herself grandmother yet
“ A little young though don’t you think ?” Mary reprimanded “ And your secretary , really ?”
“ It’s really more than just that ”
He knew how it look from the outside. Just a fantasy , a cliche but Ahsha was well more than that. And if she was what Derek wanted, Mary won’t stand against it
“ All I want is to see my grandchildren grow ” teased Mary “ I don’t care you guys made them in an test tube. Just don’t hurt her ok son ?”
“ No mommy ” promised Derek. From now, Ahsha was having his mother approuval and it was meaning a lot for Derek

The secretary couldn’t believe the day she spent. It was getting worse. How far people can be that childish. They were bullies. That was what they were. Ahsha didn’t know what to do for it stop. One thing was sure, Derek shouldn’t know. The woman wasn’t sure of what they were , but she didn’t want to appears like a small little thing who needed protection. It was like be back in high school. Tell the professor was just a way to make it worse since they were adding snitch bitch to the list of reasons they have. She thought was having her worst day since a while but Ahsha was mistaking. She looked for her key in her purse and when she raise her head up , a familiar’s face , at the most strict sense of the term , was standing in front of her , waiting on Ahsha for hours now , just at her door step.
“ Aunt Viola ” said Ahsha , surprised
Viola was Sloane’s sister , so Ahsha’s aunt and the less we can say is that…the little aunt was a piece of work. It was the kind of Aunt with no filter, absolutely none of it , who can make you feel bad and bring out existential questions. The icing on the cake was definitely the fact that she has no idea how rough and hard she was sometime. She wasn’t mean just really annoying. Sometime funny but a bit too much lean on the bottle. Her back story was…at itself too a piece of work. The best writers of Hollywood couldn’t have made up that good . Ahsha went to hugs her Aunt. It not like she wasn’t happy to see her, she was. With our day, our kind of lives , see family wasn’t always every sunday . But right now, Ahsha wasn’t having enough moral protection to handle Aunt Viola and her remarks
“ What are you doing here ?” asked Ahsha
Her was curious about the reason of her Aunt’s visit , Aunt Viola was wondering why Ahsha didn’t open this damn door yet
“ This good for nothing moterf%cker bastard. I left him ” replied Aunt Viola , like she hadn’t just swear like a 20 years old girl while she was the double. Ahsha didn’t need more though , she was speaking about just one person with this kind of language
“ Uncle Patric and you are divorcing ?” reformulated the niece
That news wasn’t really a news. Like this marriage wasn’t really a marriage. The big question was why now ? What make Viola finally leave him ? And the one billion question was…why in the hell was she in front of Ahsha’s door. The secretary figured out and she internally screamed. No! No way she crush at Ahsha’s place
“ Hell yeah I’m divorcing his damn ass. So you’re going to let me in your door step Ahsha ?” she spitted
“ Why don’t you stay at mom’s place ?” questionned Ahsha “ Where there is a spacious guest room while I only have one bedroom , with one bed ”
For her , it was more logical and more peaceful . Aunt Viola was a loud woman, even stressful.
“ For she can throw me her perfect and long term marriage with your father to the face ?” answered Aunt Viola “ You’re single as me , gonna end up like a poor girl just like me. I’m staying at your place . It’s ok baby girl you can take the couch”
Ahsha tried her best , as respect for her older , to not roll her eyes. She knew that at the minute she open her door to her Aunt , it will be the dead of her intimacy. She really didn’t needed this right now. What can she do though ? Close her door to a woman now homeless. Ahsha invited her Aunt Viola to come in. It was about to be a long evening. The niece was a little curious of the reason of the sudden decision. The grown woman was making herself home , already . She took off her coat and threw it somewhere. Her first destination was the kitchen, she opened the fridge and saw the bottles of wine Ahsha barely touched. Aunt Viola took it with a glass from a drawer before let her body fall on the couch. Nope… Ahsha wasn’t ready for that. She went to her bedroom and took a quick shower , put some casual clothes. Before walk out , she loudly breath , taking some courage. Even after 30 min Ahsha spent in her bathroom , Aunt Viola hadn’t move a single centimeter. What changed is definitely the level of wine . The secretary went behind the bar, preparing dinner.
“ So why you and Uncle Patric are divorcing ?” asked Ahsha , cutting her vegetable
Her Aunt went to sit on a chair against the bar , watching her niece make some food
“ He burry his d*ck in the wrong p*ssy ”
Ahsha coughed , embarassed. Usually Aunt Viola wasn’t that vulgar. Can we sense some sadness or regrets in her for launch a procedure of divorce with someone she was married since 7years. No. The woman in front of her was more angry than everything else. True be told , it make a while Viola greive her love story. She already said , many times during family reunion that she wasn’t in love with him anymore. Their couple wasn’t even looking to a couple. No more tenderness. No more sweet moment. No more commitement. They were under the same roof, when he wasn’t traveling but weren’t living together. The last time Ahsha saw her uncle it was 2 years ago , to a wedding. He never really try to integrate the family , at the end he was just the white rich man Aunt Viola married. That he cheated on her , it wasn’t a new either. Uncle Patric was knew to love female company and even Aunt Viola knew it. And accepted it. Ahsha didn’t want to ask her what was so different today
“ Oh and he knock her up ” Aunt Viola , not without swallow the pills with a sip of wine “ That bitch is pregnant! PREGNANT! ”
Ahsha couldn’t believe her ears. His pig have no boundaries , or value. Right the way , she understood that in fact , behind all this insult and alcohol , her aunt was having the heart broken. The journey by what she been through was…long and hard. Deep down in her , Aunt Viola was ready to not have a satisfying marriage , or an loving husband , as long she was a mother. She wanted to have a child since forever , was trying since years to conceive. And it was complicate when your husband don’t touch you anymore. Ahsha felt bad for her Aunt . Even if Viola was making hard to have compassion for.
“ Don’t look at me like that and make me some dinner would you. Which kind of host are you letting your Aunt starving ”
That was the reason. She managed to cook dinner , listen to Viola complaining about her future ex husband, about how many her lawyer told her she can take from the divorce. She got a little distracted by her phone vibrating against the kitchen counter.
’ You’re stopping by ? Or I come over ? Want to see you ’
Ahsha smiled , seeing her boss texting her. She wouldn’t be against some…whipping and spend some time with him. It was forget Aunt Viola.
’ Can’t , have my Aunt visiting me . Sorry :’( ’
It cost her. She would have prefer be with Derek. They installed to a table and started to eat. In front of her food, it was another speech the Aunt was having, the alcohol still in her blood stream
“ Don’t marry a rich man sweet Ahsha ” she just let out , just like that , without warning For sure she wanted to kill her niece because Ahsha almost suffocate with her meat. Why was she saying her this ? Did she saw the message Derek sent her ? Did she knew for Derek and her ? Worse than the all office knowing for her sleeping with her boss , her family knowing she has sexual relation with a man older than him
“ What ? Why are you telling me this ?” said Ahsha
“ Because it’s true ” started Aunt Viola “ If you want an advice , don’t fall in love and surely don’t marry a rich man. This is the unhappy road”
More she was talking and more both women knew to who she was talking to , her own reflection. Viola was at a time in her life where she was looking back and all she saw was a terrible mistake . It does reflected in Ahsha , being at the door of maybe making this same mistake. Meeting with her own insecurities , it was a good talk. To her eyes , Uncle Patric and Aunt Viola had been a real fairy tale before the down fall. A business and rich man , falling in love with a simple waitess from the bar he was used to come. He promised her the world and surely gave it to her. Voyage , luxury , fancy restaurant and glamour event . Aunt Viola was living some many girl dreams. Once they got married , Patric showed a completely other side , being less gentleman , less sweet , less romantic .
“ You know , those men…” spoke again Aunt Viola “ They have the world to their feet They can have everything, every girls. Everything they want , they buy it , to owe it. They think they can do whatever they want and most of the time they can. They love women , oh god they love that. Business dinner become excuses to come back home late. They took their hoes to Vegas and claimed being on a business trip. Late phone call are partners from the other side of the world. The house is big, oh yes this is huge mansion. But at the end of the day , no matter the bags, the shoes , you’re alone , falling asleep in your bed , crying of despair. Those man aren’t faithful and will never be. They don’t care about marriage , they care about their business and their hoes. Please Ahsha don’t inflict this pain to yourself. Find a nice guy ”
Ahsha couldn’t explain why but she was was relating to her story. To her pain , from a woman to another. She knew how it felt to be  love. Her Aunt situation was reflecting into her own fears. Was she going to end up just like her aunt ? Does Derek was a Patric. She was having all those thoughts about a possible future with Derek. More she was playing with the flame and more Ahsha felt like her wing were about to be burn. Maybe she wanted a relationship but Viola was a living proof that relationship between two different socio-economic status ? Men who could have any girl , all around the world , could they get satisfy by just one person ? Ahsha was sure of one thing , unlike her Aunt , she won’t accept cheating, she won’t tolerate be negligected and left as a furniture in the house. Because Aunt Viola got satisfy by the material , didn’t pay attention to her husband and what he was doing as long he was buying her stuff and keeping her at a certain level of richness. Ahsha was dreaming about passion , love , indeniable chemistry , from the begining of the day to the last minute of it. It made her think about a lot of things , especially if Derek could be the man she was dreaming about

For the dessert , Aunt Viola went for another bottle of wine, she was completely delusional , having speech without sense .The niece needed to drag her , supporting her to her bedroom and lay her down on her bed. She covered her with her blanket , trying to not think to hard that it was on this bed she made love with Derek . From a drawer in her closet Ahsha took the necessary to spend the night on the couch , pillow and covers. Hopefully, she put the price into her couch and it was comfortable enough. If we forget the vibrator on her back, her phone
’ I’m down your building , can you come for a few ?“
Derek , again. She smiled like a teenager , happy that she might have a opportunity to see him , even for couple minute. She grabbed the first sneaker she found and doesn’t bother to take a coat , just taling her blanket. She was so hurry that she took the stairs. Ahsha was a little disappointed to not see the lamborghini in front like he said he was. But some lights turned on before quickly turned off , right in front , in a small alley. It must be him. Ahsha went and indeed , Derek was there , parked . She get into the car pleased
” Hey you “ he sang , kissing her cheek
Obviously him too had been bring out from his cocoon. He was in sweet shirt and jogging. Now Ahsha was used to kiss on the cheek , maybe Derek wasn’t loving kiss on the lips
” Thank God I’m getting out of this house" Ahsha said
Derek in itself was a breeze of air. She didn’t care be in front of her boss in pyjama, with a blanket on the back , just being with him was bringing out a smile in her. Her fears and thoughts were far away. Anytime something wasn’t telling her to not run in his arms , Derek was showing up and make it disappears like it was impossible. The all world could burn to the ground outside, she didn’t want to leave this car
“ Why ?” asked Derek , his body facing her , since the beginning they were turn to each other “ You’re not happy you she visit you ?”
He has this genuine interest for her life , for anything who was happening in her life that it was complicate to not fall for it
“ She is divorcing and need a place to stay . It’s not that I’m not happy” answered Derek “ It’s just that ….she has a kind of personality. She has no filter and have this talent to remind you that your life is miserable without even want it. Her word are sharpe like blide. And that it’’s before her second drink ”
“ Well , she is divorcing , of course she want to drink ”
“ What do you mean ?”
It was a weird declaration . Why was he saying that. Why drink can heal someone divorcing ? What was his opinion about it . If Derek always had been cold and distant , even himself notice of different he was with Ahsha The woman was having a sweet power on him , something he wasn’t against at all.  She made him open to her , that easily , like no one ever did in his all life
“ When you marry someone , you want to spend the rest of your life with this person ” he said , looking at her , like he was adress her this world “ You based your all future in this person and divorce it like all you even dreamed , wanted worse, believe into is flying away. You have to let it go  Can you imagine how painful it’s to let it go someone you wanted to build a life with and you gave your heart to ?”
Why him , talking about divorce was souding like poetry ? Was it the tone of his voice or the words in themselves. Because she couldn’t look away than in his eyes
“ You give that much importance to marriage ?” she whispered , breathless . They never really talk about their sentimental expectations , even less relationships Ahsha deeply thought that Derek wasn’t into relationship. Her Aunt just told her what live is looking like by their sides.
“ I do ” said Derek , his voice always lower
Ahsha yawned , feeling the sleep coming it her. She leaned over the driver seat , completely to rest her head on his shoulder. Of course he welcome her and even forced her to hold her head the time he passed his arm around her shoulder , backing her against his comfortable and sexy chest . The disadvantage they couldn’t face each other but the proximity was better. With her blanket , Ahsha felt like in bed. She could fall asleep , right here
“ My Aunt believed in it and look where she is now ” Ahsha spoke , like a confession “ He cheated on her , she was falling asleep alone because he was never there , too busy working He was selfish , taking care of his company better than the woman he married. And yet , she never leave , all that for what ? Because a paper she signed was holding her ”
It’s not like Ahsha was against wedding. She wasn’t .She was dreaming about the long white dress , her father leading her to the aisle, say the ’ I do’ but if she wanted to be realist , wedding and marriage was two different concepts. If she wanted to be honest , it seems to be not reachable with the person she wanted those things
“ Marriage is a contract ” added Derek , looking right in front of him and Ahsha needed to raise her head to face him , wondering if he was serious , there he was…the cold and stoic , heartless Mr Roman “ a transaction, and just a paper you sign .Giving you advantage and some financial safety in some case. But spiritually , it’s a commitment , you link to someone , heart to heart , soul to soul , that is what marriage is about and this is asking a lot more work than the business you’re into. Some peole aren’t spiritually married. Some can’t afford it and unfortunately , there is a high pourcent of man like me. They can’t affort it. You can be good in the business and yet terrible dealing with the contract the most important in your life , your marriage ”
“ Are you guys aren’t allow to love ? Is it impossible for you to be faithful , because you’re a business man ?”
When the secretary was seeing some light , the end of the tunnel , she was burry into something darker , hopeless
“ I will lie to you saying that I will come back home every night , while most of husband do” confessed Derek. He was honest , hurtful , hard to hear , destroying Ahsha’s dreams “ Because it’s simply not true. We have a life style who privilege extra conjugal relationship and make it harder to have a stable marriage. It’s a fact my angel , that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I think it’s a matter of choice. If I can be at the lead of a company , who worth millions, providing work and financial safety to hundreds and hundred family , giving them their american dream , I think I can give my heart to the woman that I chose. I will be the first one to be glad to come home”
“ What will happen when you’ll chose ?”
“ You will be the first one to know ”
They didn’t notice but they fell asleep  

Seems like it was surprise family visit month. Since Derek’s mother was in town, the boss was asking to have his work send to his place and was around only for meeting. Aunt Viola seems to completely installed , to Ahsha despair. She barely could sleep with all these talk her Aunt needed. She print couple page and put them together. Then the secretary walk into her boss office and carefully drop the file on his desk, since it was suppose to be a priority when he will back. Ahsha was glad that it was lunch time. Some food and conversation with Rose was the welcome . Like always, she went to the cafeteria floor , and get into the line behind two women from the magazine department. She was texting Rose when her ears went where they don’t needed to
“ I told you so” said the first woman , to her friend “ There is no way he hired her because of her work. Dana was waiting this promotion since 6months. Ahsha just showed up and she has the job ?! Not after some blowjob or something . I don’t believe it, I’m sure she is a nasty dirty…”
“ Sh…” interupted the blonde next to her “ She is right behind us”
The two gossip girl took a look above their shoulder and indeed Ahsha was right behind them , and heard everything. That the rumor travelled fast wasn’t a surprise, there was no way Brian big mouth was staying close. But to be there , and hear what people were thinking of her was something else. She didn’t answer , just look at them without say a word. Ahsha was back to those time, where she hadn’t been accept as Derek new secretary. Dana , a woman in the company since 7 years was waiting this promotion. First Ahsha felt guilty when she knew but it quickly disappears when she needed to face all the critics and dead jealous tongue saying all those stuff about her and how she got the job. At the moment Ahsha wanted to appears as strong and didn’t give them a reason , like make a scandal in front of everybody , to speak about her. In the other hands, she was getting upset , what was happening between her and Derek was none of their business. She was a grown woman , sleeping with who the hell she wants. A guy , from the sport department came right in front of her , stealing her place in the line. Ahsha gently touched his shoulder , making him turned around
“ Excuse me but I was ahead you in the line” she told him
“ And ?” He fought “ What are you gonna do about it ? Call the boss to defend your ass since you gave it to him. Too bad he isn’t here huh”
Behind the two women laughed . Couple more person around them joined the joke , humiliating her even more. Humiliated, that was how she felt. It was crazy how people can be so childish and cruel , bullying and victimizing her , like they were dump ass teenagers. Even if it wasn’t physical , it needed to be tough to completely ignore it. Right at the moment , Ahsha felt the tears coming out .She didn’t want to give them the pleasure to fall apart in front of them. She just walked away. But what was waiting for her at her desk was well worse. On the chair , a white page with one single word written
After that , it was having no chance she don’t cry. She was deeply hurted and was feeling bad. Ahsha was wondering why it was happening to her. She wasn’t deserve this….She always studied hard and was providing a work of quality. Sex wasn’t why she had been hired. It came after , well more after , months after her first day. She was deserving this job , like everybody else would. The secretary felt suffocate with her own cries, the air , the atmosphere in the floor was simple not bearable for her anymore. She wanted to run away , leave far from work , expect that Ahsha won’t survey to her Aunt Viola. Not in this statement. She went to the only place she really wanted to be , with the person she wanted to be. She needed answer too. If everybody was thinking that she was just a slut , a gold digger , not deserving her job , that she was here to be screwed , that she was just a fantasy , why not him ?!

This afternoon, Derek drive his mother to the airport. Mary was already flying back in Europe , to be with her husband. He was relaxing on his couch , watching a movie when the door of his private elevator opened. He was a bit surprise , because just one person was having the card/key leading to his loft, security measure, but he wasn’t expecting her . Ahsha stormed in , her heels making huge noise. The first thing Derek noticed was her usually big and brown eyes were red from the tears rolling down. It disturbed him a little but he never saw her cry. Was is weird to still find her pretty , even while she was crying and hurted. Because she was and it made born a weird thing in Derek’s stomach. He wasn’t like it at all, he was preferring see her laugh , or smile, or sleep. When she was peaceful. Right now a lot was on her mind and it affected Derek. Whatever the problem was it became one of his
“ Why…. ” barked Ahsha , her voice cracking under her tears “ Why did you hiring me !”
She seems upset and angry… against him. Which was having no sense. He doesn’t remind have done anything. He trie to approach her , but Ahsha made a step behind, maintaining the distance between their bodies. She knew what will happen , he will charm her, touch her and she will forget all the answer she was looking for by coming.
“ Excuse me ?” asked Derek, confused. What the hell happened
“ Why did you hired me” Ahsha said, the tone of her voice even higher “ Because you know we’ll end up having sex ? is it your criterion of hiring a secretary ? Someone you can screw ? ”
It was one thing that the all world was seeing their affair like a cliche, like the easy way and access to sex. It was one thing that people direspect her but it was another than Him, Derek haven’t been honest with his intention. Did he ever saw Ahsha like someone he can collaborate with , or she always had been a sexual object and a challenge for his ego
“ That is not why I hired you” slowly replied Derek. He was walking on egg at the moment , didn’t know how Ahsha will react to any of his words. One thing for sure, no matter what she heard, saw , felt to make have those interrogation wasn’t true. If there was two people knoing the very first truth it was Derek and Ahsha and both knew Ahsha had been hired well before anything sexual happened between them
“ Why me then ?! ” fought Ahsha “ Above someone more experienced . I was just coming out of college ”
She was in the hesitation now, in the doubt which was showing that she wasn’t angry anymore. Derek understood. If Ahsha came, like a fury , it was in fact to be reassure about her qualities of secretary , about get come confidence she was missing . When he approached her , she didn’t back away. She let him come in her private space , so that he can put his hand on her shoulder and kneel just a little to be at her level
“ Listen angel” he spoke, with such a sweet voice “ I hired you because you have a good instinct. You’re feeling things with your heart , you’re sensitive. Sometime in this business it’s better than degree. Look for Hit The Floor. Since people know we’re going to produce and air the next session, the network twitter is constanly liked and retweet by their fans. You knew it will be a cause to fight for. You’re not the most experienced but you’re learning fast, really fast. ”
All those compliment , all this sincerity in his eyes…It was all she needed . Ahsha let her head fall on his shoulder, crying again. Her tiny body was trembling against his rock chest but Derek completely surround her with his arms, holding her tight. With all was happening between them, her aunt situation, Brian conflict , her impossible co worker, the young girl was exhausted , emotionally drained. Being tough and strong was taking a lot of energy, energy she wasn’t having anymore
“ I…I’m sorry” she apologized , passing her arms in his back. Be with him, in his arms was feeling so good. It was like she could see the cloud of saddness fly away from her heart “ I shouldn’t yell at you… It’s just… I’m stressed out with the work . I can’t sleep ”
“ Come here….” he whispered. One of his palm went behind her head, in the middle of her hair. Backing her closer. There Ahsha could heard his heartbeat “ They know for us isn’t ? ”
Ahsha didn’t have the courage to say yes but it was obvious enough. For Ahsha to doubt on why she had been hired, some stupid bitch were for sure spearing some false rumors. Derek felt bad for not anticipate this and protected Ahsha from the attack
“ Don’t worry I will handle this” he announced, calm, too damn calm. It alarmed Ahsha and she fought against his grip to look up and face him
“ You’re not gonna fire them all right ?” she asked.
Even if they deserve a good lesson , and she knew Derek was capable of it , it was his company after all, Ahsha didn’t want it to happen. People have rent and bills to pay , loans and student loans, taxes and lets not forget a fridge who have to be fill often. She didn’t want them jobless. Derek didn’t answer her , he didn’t want to make her a promise he wasn’t sure to keep. Instead he just bring her head back against his chest
“ Why can’t you sleep ?” Derek questionned. Indeed she seems of missing of sleep
“ My Aunt….she want to talk although the night. It’s quit exhausting”
“ You can take a nap”
He didn’t left her the choice. Before she has the time to figure out , her feet left the ground, just by couple centimeter hitting against his knees. He was carrying her, just like that. He mount his stairs and went in his bedroom where he delicately lay her down his low king size bed. Ahsha wanted to protest but right now she was like a little girl, who really need some sleep. Derek stand in front of her. He removed her heels and then her jacket. He wanted her to be comfortable. He unzipped her skirt and took it off too. In an other situation they would have sex but Derek wasn’t in this spirit right now. He wanted her to be ok. Above everything. He passed his fingertips under her blouse and undone her bra before threw it away. He wanted her to be really comfortable only with a top and her panties. His perfume was all over the sheets and pillow, Ahsha couldn’t resist more.. Her eyes closing by themselves. Derek pulled on the blanket to cover her. Silently , he left her in his bedroom, to sleep , closing the door behind him.

He let her sleep , she clearly needed some rest. Ahsha was an emotional tornado. Derek never saw her in this statement, her nerves cracking. He was downstair, looking a game but was far from focus . He couldn’t think about something else that what Ahsha didn’t tell him. Some people were having fun bullying her , like high school student at this level it was going even farther, it was harasment . Probably not physic , but moral was as damaging that stroke. The rage mount in her…He couldn’t accept that in his company and even less when it was touching his girl. Really ? His Ahsha …they aim her ! He thought about what Ahsha said, of fire them all and honestly he would have do it if Ahsha wouldn’t have been against. He could find any stupid reason to fire them , in the laws. Derek realize he couldn’t and will have to find another way. He was really piss because it forced Ahsha to not come and talk to him about it. Never she told him how they threat her , even when she arrived in her job and yet , she hadn’t show any side of distress before today. She was a strong woman who didn’t want to appears like victim. The grown man was wondering how she was appearing now. He mount his stairs and carefully open the door of his bedroom. He just passed his head , checking if she was still asleep. He might woke her up because she turned around, her head rolling on the pillow , facing him
“ Hey ” she smiled , half awake but completely happy to see him again
“ Sorry I didn’t want to wake you up ” he apologized , like he was a stranger. While it was his loft, his bedroom , his bed. His perfume was all over the sheet and cover , that was the only thing who made Ahsha sleep like a baby . She was awake now, and was missing him terribly.
“ Come lay with me  ” she begged him. Could he possibly tell her no ? Even if he can he didn’t want to. Derek came to lay next to Ahsha , her warmth body . The bed was burning from her and the heat increase. Ahsha was in the mood , completely. She mount on him , both of her thighs at each side of his waist. She won’t lie, she was loving having him under her. The secretary took off his shirt and throwing it away .Then , Ahsha leaned over him and kissed his jaw. Not like a sweet and romantic kiss, more like a sensual kiss , who last forever. It even left a mark of wet .She pursue what she started and her mouth descended on him. Literally speaking .Her lips went on his throat and neck, she stayed a long moment in this area of him .She remind all those time he had his fun , teasing her , making the percel of her skin burn , this time , it was her turn and the woman was well decided to take everything she can , do everything she can do. She bite his lobe and he tensed a little , which amused her. Derek didn’t know what to think , or what to do , more Ahsha was taking his body for a candy and more he couldn’t think straight. More she was multiply the kisses, on his torso , his peck , her tongue right next to his nipple , he was being driwen somewhere else. He was like in a transe already .Derek wanted to control his body , but he couldn’t , Ahsha taking the power of everything in this room. So the blood come up in his member, now he was turned on , having a hard on and between her thighs, Ahsha felt it grow …What an exciting sensation to sense the bulge in his boxer, through her own panties , wet now. It’s only at the caress that the trace who was left by her hair , who were always getting lower , that Derek come to some sense. Between his laps , Ahsha was facing his manhood, ready to pull on his pants and boxer. He stopped her , before it was too late. Seeing the last event, he didn’t want to enjoy of Ahsha in any kind. He was respecting her too much
“ Don’t do that ” he whispered her
She knew she will play the gentleman and refuse it. But she didn’t want to leave him a choice. Since she met it , all Ahsha was dreaming about was to have it , in her mouth , taste it differently than with her p*ssy. Neither he wanted or not . She wasn’t in a moment of weakness while she was trying to get some comfort with sex. She wanted sex , as simple it was. Above his pants and boxer , Ahsha grabbed his stick and slowly massage it , driving him a little bit more crazy .Soon , very soon , it will be impossible for Derek to tell her no
“ Are we not equal ? ” she asked him , ironic “ With all those time you take me to be your , it’s my time to take you to be mine ”
Was it insane to find this….poetic ? Derek didn’t have to think about it for too long though because Ahsha , with her long and delicate finger pulled out his master piece. Her attraction for man , and the man anatomy took over her Just the sight of him , remind her all it was capable of , how it stretch her out everytime, how it rub her inside , how it made her climax, how it can eject his juice. Ahsha was so curious now that it was between her hand. A hand who formed a circle around his thickiness and slowly moved up and down. She look at his menber , under her touch , how the head of it was his sensitive spot, making his  hips raise. Ahsha was like a searcher in front of an experience . She was interested and curious about any kind of sensation she could bring in him , through masturbate him . She wanted a better angle… Ahsha completely remove his pants and boxer, release him . Having him all. She continued her work , hearing his smooth noise in his throat. Her hand moved down and up , since there , Ahsha straighten her grip around his d*ck and this time, she heard him at loud
“ Shit!” he spitted , biting his bottom lips. He was doing it because if he was listen to his instinct he will have yell her to suck his d*ck , probably grab her hair and bring her face to him , fucking her mouth .But he didn’t, he didn’t want to direspect her like he will for a hoe .Even now, his penis in her hand , Ahsha wasn’t a hoe, in fact she was doing it with class She searched for something else, she wonder what will happened if she was focus of the top of it , stroking it harder and faster, the circle of her hand even more little. What it done to him…pleasure. Derek let his head fell on the pillow behind him and groaned , loudly
“ DAMN !!!!”
“ Hum… you like that then ” Ahsha smirked , proud of her without stopped. She threw her hair behind, before go to the next level . She completely took his thick lenght in her mouth and throat and she indeed under esteem the size. She swallow the rest of saliva in her. Maybe take it an inch at the time was better. She sucked it before release it. Her tongue got off her mouth and licked Derek. It was kinda fun to do , so she done it again , licking him like a lolipop. After , her tongue made circle around it and again , it was something Derek was liking because a little fluid came out from his head , not climax though. More Ahsha was taking her time, and more Derek was burning in the inside. She was so good at it. The secretary made another try and again dive his member in her mouth. Ahsha remenber he was loving it fast , so she sucked him fast , threwing his lengh in her throat She joined it with her hand , stroking him while she was sucking, in a rythmic motion. She never thought have so much pleasure giving a blow job and yet , Ahsha was wet as hell , she soak not only her panties but also her thighs. Both , were in true esctasy . Derek’s view became fuzzy and he was groaning constanly now. Ahsha needed to tell him
’“ You taste so good baby ” she smiled, like the naughtiest bitch ever. She again take him in her mouth .She closed her cheek , deleting any air , in a hard succion which send Derek over the edge. The adrenaline in Ahsha mount really fast in her too , really soon she didn’t know how to stop . She rubbed his shaft , with one hand , her thumb making circle on top of it
“ Ahsha !” Derek yelled
She couldn’t continue like this and don’t expect he milk her face and mouth. With the tension in his bulls and the sensation down his stomach , it was about to be huge and scare her. Ahsha didn’t give a damn about his beg , just like him wasn’t having any mercy when he was eating her p*ssy. Both of hands crushed in his hips , her nails diving in his bone while Ahsha grabbed his d*ck with only her mouth and lips. It come up and down , with the only movement of her head , her really dynamic head. She could do that all day and night but her vagina was asking for more. She raise her head and her entire chest. Ahsha took off her panties and her top , now naked, just like him. Her opening was desirous of feeling more. Herself, like a big girl took the head of his d*ck and make it come into her , slowly
“ You better take it all in ” said Derek
The rest , she let the nature do her job. Her folks parted, letting the foreign body coming deeper, swallow it , all in , inch by inch
“ Aaanw ” moaned Ahsha , feeling the thick lenght inside of the deepest of her “ Damn I’m crazy about this c*cke”
She knew what she was doing to him and Derek thought of being in one of his naughty dream he was having when he was masturbating . She was in a really strange mood, the sexiest she ever been. Why take off her top then , only for him to be able to see her breast , her nipples and chest , undulate above him, and he never saw this before. She wine her hips , making a slow and really sensual wave and his hard piece came in and out of her. His skin just caressed the warmth and wet walls of her inside. In the most tantalize way possible. All of her was tantalizing ….while she was riding him like her live was depend on it. It couldn’t be a better show for the man. She was in total control , leaving him in a trance. He even became sweaty , speechless, a taste on top of his lips… satisfaction. Derek placed his hands on her hips, without apply any pressure, he just wanted to sense her so….mastered hips. Was she a dancer in another life , because the way not just her hips but her all body move was impressive as hell. He was just laid down, letting this beautiful creature fuck him. It was one of the best experience in his life. Under his fingertips, her waist make a circle , a large one, so that her all upper body was in the same move . In rythm , a good . Down on them , his penis was exploring every space of her , making circle inside of her too. Ahsha loved this type of ride, in slow motion and the piece inside of her was even more delightful. But she was so hungry of everything that she couldn’t get enough. She crushed her palms on his large chest , leaned over him , almost giving him her breast to eat, and twerk, right on the d*ck
“ Faster baby ” groaned Derek
Ahsha closed her eyes, focus on how she can grind on him , faster. Never under esteem the hips. She went up and down , faster , her all vagina taking his rigid shaft all over again in, faster than before . She suspend…. making the head come just deep enough to slowly being out , increasing his pleasure, and hers at the same time
“ Girl…you’re killing me right now” he said, breathless. Ahsha was skillful, too damn good at riding penis. He didn’t know how much he can hold on.
“Give it to me daddy!!”
She didn’t need to tell it twice. Finally, he was allow to fuck her back, just like she was fucking him. Derek finally used his hands on her hips and crushed them against his blessing for himself trust up, stroking into her so hard that it immobilized Ahsha for a second and she screamed
“ Aaaarg !!”
Derek made her lose it , completely , in a powerful and hard stroke game. Ahsha fell behind , over attack by the brutality her folks were getting hit but she loved it. Nothing was better than him, stretching the hell out of her. Her hand fell on his knees , opening her a little more since her upper body were half lay
“ What…are you doing to me Ahsha huh ?”
He joined his word with another stroke, making her hips meet his d*ck and his d*ck meeting her wetness. The feel of her was sending so much adrenaline in his blood that Ahsha couldn’t understand how good she was. She was so tight that every of her was wrapping him. The friction intensify , like everything in the room. Their breath, their heart beat and most of it , the space during each sexual dose. Ahsha closed her eyes , letting her body guide her , the sensation invade her. She raised again , riding him again except that this time…She didn’t waves on him…she completely jumped against his thickness , her breast bouncing in front of him
“ Come on. Give it to me this shit!” she yelled. In another world…Ahsha wasn’t above Derek , she was in her room playing with herself with her Mrs Roman and it was definitely how she was threading him, as sex toy , coming in and out of her, that close to make her explode of ectasy. All she wanted, was to cum , in a so powerful climax that it take her breath away. And of course…it was right what Derek was going to do to her.. He trusted up , fiercely, like a crazy , his body too left the bed each time…The noise in the room, of their intercourse against the bed was loud now, impossible to annoy and they just didn’t care. All their matter was to fuck, as hard, deep and faster they can. With dangerous game come dangerous consequence…The wave attacked Ahsha, from the inside, her muscles flex , really really hard that a screams came out from her throat and soul. She tremble, from head to toes. She shake, like electrify and the pleasure even go to hit the top of her nipples
“ I’m cuming!!!!! ”
She speared her juice which just provoked another wave , coming from him this time , as Derek groaned like an animal. It had been so intense that after that , every fiber of strength were dead in her , she let wet body fell on the bed next to him , his penis getting out of her, leaving a void in her p*ssy.

His thin and longer fingertip played with some of her hair, in her waves. It relaxed him to lift them a little and travelled between his fingertips. They were so sweet and almost smelling good. Both weren’t saying anything, sometime the silence and two breath were better. She wasn’t tired anymore so her head was just on his pectoral , his other arm surrounding her waist. Something who vibrated trouble their moment of peace , this moment right after having sex. Ahsha raise her head to allow him to lean over his night stand. She didn’t really pay attention on what was said but Ahsha sense him tensed and knew happy hours were over . He ended the communication , pretty quick.
“ I have to go ” he announced, standing up from the bed. It happened so fast , he was putting a jogging, a sweet shirt and he was dressed. Ahsha was a little in slow motion, confused , looking for her clothe
“ Ok let me get my stuff ” she answered
“ No stay , I will be back in a hour. You can do that right ?”
He was almost begging. Ahsha didn’t know what was the emergency and to be honest she didn’t want to leave yet. It was just the middle of the afternoon
“ Yes” concluded Ahsha
He threw her one of his shirt and Ahsha put in on over her bra and panties. The deal was made. She was staying and wait him to come back
“ You must be starving ” Derek said , grabbing her hand and leading her out of the bedroom “ There is food in the fridge or you can call for deliver. The menu is on the fridge”
In fact Ahsha was going to the elevator with him “ I will put the code to let them in ”
He did tape a code on a table against the wall, close to the elevator “ I will be right back” . He leaned and kissed her forehead before disappears. Ahsha wasn’t sure to understand everything who happened but right now she was alone, in his loft , half dressed. She did interrogate herself about where he went. Why didn’t he told her anything about where he was going ? Was it a personal or professional emergency ? Last time Derek was acting so weird , she remembered it. A sound, down her stomach distracted her . She was hungry as fuck. She wasn’t feeling like cook so order this is going to be. Indeed, on the fridge a list of different kind of food. Chinise. French. Mexican. Fast food. Gastronomy . Sea food, the choice was large. She grabbed the phone present on the kitchen and ordered everything she wanted. Ahsha didn’t know how anyone can deliver since it was having no door. But before leave, Derek type a code , who was activating the door of the building to receive the code the deliver guy was having. Derek wasn’t joking with security and unpromptus visit. What a surprise when the elevator door opened and a stranger appears with all her food, barely 15min after. She went to her purse , looking for some bills but the woman refuse them. It was already paid. If the loft was having this sort of service Ahsha will gladly move in.
She wondered what she can add to make it perfect. A Good and long movie. With the big screen on the wall was huge. She took the remote and turned in on. On it , a program , proposing couple movies, shows on demands. She saw the name BEYONCE and thought it couldn’t be there. She chose it and after a black screen some lights turned on , the sound of an audience screaming in the all loft with the equipment
“ You must be kidding me !!!” she yelled, like a little girl , who couldn’t believe. The show started , just like she was there. How could he have the last concert of Beyonce filmed ?! She won’t stay here figure out. Great time it’s going to be. Ahsha completely forget about Derek being gone, enjoying the food she made deliver and the concert. She was like a kid in a candy store. For sure, she could live here forever. If the secretary would have been less focus on Beyonce and her dancer , and more on her environement she would have notice the elevator door opened , letting her know she wasn’t alone anymore. Where Derek had been have nothing enjoyable or happy , it just emotionally exhausted him but walk in this cutie , taking the remote as a mic , dancing in front of the TV , acting like she was alone on earth. She was the kind of girl satisfied by a video concert , some food and an big tee shirt. Ahsha didn’t need anything else. It made the grown man smiled and didn’t want to disturb her little show in his living room. She was so deep in it. He tried to make as less noise that possible and he succeed for couple seconde.
“ Baby boy you stay on my mind ,Fulfill my fantasies, I think about you all the time , I see you in ……”
Ahsha hadn’t the time to finish because in the middle of her twerk , she turned around, facing Derek. She let the remote fell , shocked that he surprised her like this. Embarassed which make Derek laughed for good. It was crazy how this woman was able to bring out positive vibes in him , especially that easily. He went to see the coffee table , she hadn’t gone easy on the food either
“ Chicken wings , fries , pizza , fries chicken ,doritos, soda , juices, ice cream , brownies, cookies , ” he recited, seeing all she ordered
He didn’t care about how much it will cost him , he couldn’t believe Ahsha was that cute. She made him a stupid smile, like a child just being cough making something she shouldn’t do. He came closer to her and just kissed her forehead before lay down on his couch, letting her have her fun. From being ashamed , Ahsha wasn’t care anymore. He was always letting her do whatever she wanted Plus , stare at her butt and long naked legs wasn’t so bad. When the concert ended, Ahsha was tired just like she had been there. She joined him on the couch and completely sit on his stomach , not like it bother him. He caressed her thighs , while they were talking about everything and nothing. The woman sense that he was mentally away but didn’t want to ask him anything. She didn’t want to think about something who can break them. Instead she turned his back to him and lay down between his laps. Derek burry his head on her neck ,in her hair. He was loving being so close to her. It was peaceful
“ Why do you like my hair so much ” teased Ahsha
As only answer , Ahsha sensed his lips closed themselves on her skin , smoothly. A phone ring next to them and it was hers. She looked at her screen , it was Aunt Viola , yelling through text why Ahsha wasn’t home yet making her dinner . Time to leave. But not without take a memory of this day , the day he reassured her
“ Baby let’s take a photo” she sang “ Look at me”
“ No ” mocked Derek , smiling. Does the boss was suddenly shy ? Too bad for him Ahsha will get satisfy by this. She pressed it and on the photo , her and Derek , cuddling, his gorgeous smile in her neck.

As always, when they were going an a date , Derek was coming pick her up at her flat. He was in front of the building .This time he hadn’t take the lamborghini , just his BMW with a better heating system. Cold was here, since they where at the end of November. Ahsha came out of her building, rushing into his car for him to don’t have to open her car door. He was so gentleman. Unlike anytime he saw her , today Ahsha was wearing something from the ‘other’ closet . He tiny and skinny waist was in a high waist jean , black and simple with a grey top. He noticed her jordan , black and grey ; matching with her outfit. He was completely loving her style , casual and still very sensual. They took off and like usual their conversation was so light and entertaining . Once again Ahsha didn’t told him it was her first time attending to a basketball game. When they walked to their sit , it was about to be even more exceptional since they were first line ,their foot touching the court, they couldn’t be closer. Even television wasn’t having a better view. Of course they were having good seat . Before the game start and NBA stars came, they tried to continue to talk even with the loud noise around them , at some point they just needed to lean to each other ear. Ahsha learned that when he was little , Derek and his father came to a game , once when he was 13 with one of his friend.  But the Roman Patriache wasn’t rich yet at this time and their seat were so far from the court that they could barely see the player. But it was still so impressive that the two teenager didn’t mind. Before he die , Derek was used to come with his father , and the richness made a difference of seats Assist to a game , that close , can afford it was a revenge over life. And indeed when the game started he was like a little child , exciting as hell screaming. Ahsha was seeing him having a really good time. Even with the couple of stranger sit right next to them , the two men Derek and the other were like little boy and the woman , at the opposite side . She leaned to see Ahsha
“ Men and sport huh ?” she teased
“ It’s crazy right ?” laughed Ahsha
“ My husband just have a new friend , yours”
Ahsha laughed even louder , not sure Derek heard it , and he probably not because a three point just had been score and the two men stand up jumping. So this lovely woman was thinking they were married. Like…was it the image they were sending ? A married couple. Ahsha bite her bottom lips, it wasn’t something she dislike, being seeing like his wife. The mid time came and it was a little confusing to see the dance team performed , it was reminder them Hit The Floor , the new show they just bought , well too much. The crowd speared a little where game and commercial passed on the big screen. Before the famous… video caption. It scrolled the all audience, making the suspense mount . Which one will be chose. Derek and Ahsha looked up , wondering the same question , until they saw their own faces on the big screen. The heart didn’t move , it stuck on them. Them this is going to be. The loud voice spoke on the speaker
“ Look like we catch the Derek Roman ”
Ahsha’s heart beat faster and faster like it wanted to jump out of her chest. The sweat appears on her temples. If she would have been white , her cheek will be covered by red , and black or white the secretary felt the blood coming into her visage. Derek was having a shy smirk on the face , smiling for the camera but inside of him , he was mortified. Was it the universe who was kidding with her. They did face each other, wondering what to do but without a word. Suddenly , both of them was speechless and the words weren’t existing. All they were having for each were their eyes. Ahsha was asking him if he wanted to do it. Derek was wondering if she will mind to be kiss in front of everybody.  For the couple, their hesitation last an eternity , while it was just couple second in real. Suddenly their lips , both of them were itching. Derek had enough with all this second thoughts. He dreamed about this since the minute he laid eyes on her , that very first day , where she walked out the elevator. He remembered the all world stopping with her entrance , right now his heart was beating fast too. That day , when Ahsha presented to him , he remind how he blinked wondering if she was real. If anyone would have tell him that this is how it feel to meet his soulmate , maybe he would have put word on it. Because right now , in front of thousand people looking at him , he felt the same , a second before kiss his soulmate .He wonder if he will get electrify by approaching by too close. His hand raise  and his gently place it  half on her neck , half on her cheek .At his touch Ahsha immediately close her eyes , at the board of cry. She sense his head coming closer , his thumb caressing her cheek . Then…something soft captured her lips, slowly closing on her . Derek kissed her from the top of his lips first before deepen it a little bite. His head moving in a dance following Ahsha one, their nose touching each time but the focusing was lower. She caressed his lips with hers and he felt just so sweet.An intense honey flowed between both of their opened mouth without they use their tongue. It was the summit of the tenderness and loveliness. Love; it was the simple expression of love. His fingertips dive a little deeper in her hair , bringing head even closer to her. Her too , couldn’t help herself and her hand came on his jaw. Her delicate touch made the grown man melt. If the hesitation last couple second, the kiss last couple minute. It was endless , without any end to the passion . The two lover were send back to all they already live , to the first time they had sex, to all those time they were intimate, to their date , to their first night together , to the first time they made love .The kiss was just a glue of all of this. The official begining of their relationship because since Derek kissed her , he didn’t want to kiss anybody else . Ahsha was willing to let it go either. They completely forget where they were , and why they kissed at the same time. Behind their eyes closes , the all stadium was empty No breath , no eyes , no ears. They were alone on earth , in this beautiful moment . Ahsha’s small little heart threading to explode , filled of a strange feeling .It was like a hand came into her chest , taking her heart in the bottom of his hand. Because Derek was kissing all of her, her body and spirit , her soul , everything who was making her was belong to him now… the all crowd applaud them . It was pretty rare to testify such passionate and deep kiss. It speared the love into hundred hearts , all over the stadium. Derek and Ahsha remind they weren’t alone but none of them wanted to give up. The woman was the stronger. She slowly keep her head a little back, dropping a small peck on his lips , and then another one, followed by a fourth one. She grabbed his hat , covering her face and both of their mouths from the camera. Behind they parted , for real , laughing. They never been more happy , and…embarrased. Did they just kiss for the first time for a…kiss cam , at the basket ball game, in front of hundred person .

“Damn who is it ?” spitted Ahsha . Of course Aunt Viola won’t wake the fuck up and go check the door. The morning in itself was too early for her. Ahsha wrapped her towel against her still wet body, tight making sure it doesn’t fall in front of the stranger at the door. Who was making a visit that early while she needed to head up work. She opened and when she saw who was it, she wasn’t angry anymore. Her now boyfriend. Derek stared at his girl for a moment , her body covered of drop. He didn’t like she opened the door in towel , what if it was someone else. But it was having bigger business of the day and Ahsha saw at his expression
“ Did you read the news paper ?” he asked her
Ahsha made a step to the side, giving him the green light to enter , which he did.
“ No ” she answered , closing her door , facing him “ Something wrongs ?”
Derek just gave him a new paper , in the main page, in a corner , a caption of them , from yesterday in the kiss cam . The tittle was in capital letter
“ The Beauty and the Business man ” read Ahsha “ Really ?!”
Was it what it was for them ?How they are seeing Someone relationship. A good story to write about, a modern fairy tale ? First Ahsha needed to swallow the fact she was in the new paper , that a photo of her , having her lips in someone was circulating . What if her parent were seeing it ? She didn’t have the time to tell them she met someone and was dating her boss. Plus , there , to everyone view , her magical moment felt stolen. She was anxious about what else they can say about her and Derek. But she was curious
'It might break some hearts but the sexiest single man of New York is now not in the marker anymore. Derek Roman…yes like in the Roman’s companies , had been seen yesterday , at a basketball game in charming, really charming company. We could have think : Awkward moment, when the kiss cam stopped on him and his date because we saw some hesitation. And yet….they kissed. And even better…the kiss last some long second that we felt they just erase everyone presence in the stadium. Now the question who is probably on every one lips is , who is that girl ? Because she must be important knowing that Mr Dear Roman never been seen with a woman. Well I got all the answer about the beauty. Her name…Ahsha Hayes. Her menssuration we don’t have them since she isn’t a model while we thought Derek was probably dating this type of women. Well…not at all. Ahsha had her degree in a college , here at New York and she is now Derek’s secretary. Yes you read correctly , do we have the real life version of Fifhty Shade ? For the sex part I’m sure we do. According a source, the two started to copulate two months ago , and let themselves give up to their urge on board of the private jet. Since they were seeing each other. All we can say , congratulation Derek , because she is gorgeous 24 years old woman . Lets keep in mind Derek is 40 but we sure he know how to use her young age in the bedroom. For her intention, we don’t know yet but even if it seems Ahsha isn’t drowning under debts she came from a modest family. Too soon to tell but I wouldn’t be surprise if she want a diamond on that pretty young finger. And it won’t even shake the Roman Company since they are to one contract or acquisition to become a billionaireindustry. One thing is sure, we’ll keep you in touch about this really sexy affair. Seriously …that is one of kind black couple. The chemistry is unreal. Once upon a time… a beauty and a business man’
Ahsha was completely in the disbelief. Her personal life being expose like this. She was presented like a gold digger, barely coming out for adolescent , a sexual fantasy. And Derek was anticipating her reaction . He didn’t know how she will react after all happened at work. Unfortunately, it was a price to pay to be his woman. He didn’t want this to destroy her and he was willing do to the sacrify
“ I will understand if you don’t want to go farther ” he simply said
“ What ? ” exclaimed Ahsha “ No! I knew it could happen. And they didn’t wait”
Ahsha threw the paper on her coffee table. She won’t let this affect her too much. As long that she was with him , the world could crush around them . She approached him and came in his arms , her favorite place to be .
“ I’m not saying deal with the media pressure will be easy but I want to be with you. No matter what. I needed to be with you. And not for money or fame ”
He raise her chin with a finger under it, facing her
” I know you’re not with me for this, unlike what they said" he spoke
“ And you , are you with me for sex ?“
” Hm…let me think “ he teased , smiling ” Sex is pretty good”
Ahsha escaped from his grip , hitting his shoulder
“ Derek!“
He pulled on her arms and completely lifted her up, making her laugh . She was his baby girl
” It’s us now” Derek whispered between her lips

Alright… Dersha is finally official! THEY KISSED !!!! Next chapter will be a christmas special and I’m giving me myself a challenge for it
Thank you for Reading, Merci d'avoir lu


12 Days of A Very Supernatural Christmas // Day 12

I love this ending shot so much because of the way it pulls back to include Baby in the family Christmas scene. It’s like she’s sitting there watching her boys by the glow of the Christmas lights. And it just warms my heart. 
                                            Merry Christmas!!