Finland: ok so our country is called Suomi

Afrikaans: Finland

Albania: Finlandë

Amhara: Finlanidi

Arabia: Finlanda

Armenia: Finlandia

Catalan: Finlàndia

Czech: Finsko

Danish: Finland

Dutch: Finland

English: Finland

French: Finlande

Galician: Finlandia

German: Finnland

Hungarian: Finnorszàg

Icelandic: Finnland

Indonesian: Finlandia

Irish: An Fhionlainn

Italia: Finlandia

Norwegian: Finland

Polish: Finlandia

Portugese: Finlândia

Romanian: Finlanda

Slovak: Finsko

Slovenian: Finska

Spanish: Finlandia

Swedish: Finland

Tagalog: Finland

Turkish: Finlandiya

Finland: um no


“Haile Selassie’s mother was paternally of Oromo descent and maternally of Gurage heritage, while his father was paternally Oromo and maternally Amhara. He consequently would have been considered Oromo in a patrilineal society, and would have been viewed as Gurage in a matrilineal one. However, in the main, Haile Selassie was regarded as Amhara: his paternal grandmother’s royal lineage, through which he was able to ascend to the Imperial throne.

I HAD NO CLUE DUDE ! 50% Oromo. hmmmm.