Finland: ok so our country is called Suomi

Afrikaans: Finland

Albania: Finlandë

Amhara: Finlanidi

Arabia: Finlanda

Armenia: Finlandia

Catalan: Finlàndia

Czech: Finsko

Danish: Finland

Dutch: Finland

English: Finland

French: Finlande

Galician: Finlandia

German: Finnland

Hungarian: Finnorszàg

Icelandic: Finnland

Indonesian: Finlandia

Irish: An Fhionlainn

Italia: Finlandia

Norwegian: Finland

Polish: Finlandia

Portugese: Finlândia

Romanian: Finlanda

Slovak: Finsko

Slovenian: Finska

Spanish: Finlandia

Swedish: Finland

Tagalog: Finland

Turkish: Finlandiya

Finland: um no

In Eritrea/Ethiopia (the ethnic group Tigrinya, Tigray and Amhara) tradition bride and groom wear a black velvet cape (called “Ghaba”) and crown with gold broidery to symbolize that they are the king and queen of their household. In this picture the Bride is muslim, which probably makes her part of the Jeberti (the muslim Tigrinya). It is uncertain if the man is muslim or christian. But that wouldn’t matter, would it.

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This is the Church of Saint George, one of the so-called Eleven Monolithic Churches in Lalibela in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. The Church of Saint George, which in the Amharic tongue is called Bete Giyorgis (translit.), is carved in situ, which means “in place”, without the intention of relocation. The church is carved out of a single block of solid rock in the shape of a cross, and have sometimes been referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World. They are believed to have been created in the 12th century AD.


“Haile Selassie’s mother was paternally of Oromo descent and maternally of Gurage heritage, while his father was paternally Oromo and maternally Amhara. He consequently would have been considered Oromo in a patrilineal society, and would have been viewed as Gurage in a matrilineal one. However, in the main, Haile Selassie was regarded as Amhara: his paternal grandmother’s royal lineage, through which he was able to ascend to the Imperial throne.

I HAD NO CLUE DUDE ! 50% Oromo. hmmmm.

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i wonder how the teens would react to being on a long mission and their s/o messages them saying "I miss you, babe~" with a nude attached.


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  • Would literally cum in his pants
  • Instant nose bleed
  • Tail wagging like a puppy
  • Pretend everything was normal when anyone asked


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  • Is shook
  • Slightly embarrassed
  • Can’t stop himself from staring at the image again
  • He’d tell you not to do it in the future because it distracts him on missions 
  • If you weren’t in a relationship he would try convince you that he wasn’t anything special and you shouldn’t be affectionate towards him


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  • nope
  • he dead af
  • would be so embarrassed
  • wouldn’t know how to feel
  • would convince himself your phone was stolen by a thief who is amazing at photoshop 


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  • Would be surprised
  • Wouldn’t be mad at you
  • Low key mad
  • Half wanting to yell at you for distracting him on a mission, half wanting to fuck you
  • He eventually replies with “I miss you too.”


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  • Would literally drown in his own cum
  • Happy tears
  • Thanks every God he knows
  • The image is now his screensaver
  • Sends one back without hesitation
  • Never completed a mission so fast, his superiors are shocked 


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  • Wouldn’t be surprised
  • He’d expect it from you
  • King of sexting
  • Would send you one back


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  • Would scream internally
  • Would either immediately block your number 
  • or sending you a message back yelling calling you a pervert
  • low-key wishing she was brave enough to send you one back
  • She secretly saves it to her phone


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  • “Oh, you got a pet snake thats cute!”
  • Realises it is not a snake
  • dies
  • Is v happy in heaven with her grandma 
  • They find the garden of Amhara together


(Before she quit, I love Nori so much & I feel like everyone forgets about her so I wanted to include her)

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  • Would be surprised
  • Find it slightly funny
  • Probably show Izumo
  • If you were dating and had a good relationship she wouldn’t really mind
  • If you weren’t dating and just a cunt sending n00dz she would block your ass

I loved doing this, it was fun!