Safe at Last (Part 3):

Originally called (Feysand Fic Part 3)

Hey guys! So here is part 3! Everyone has been soo supportive with part two so I’m literally going to tag everyone who liked/reblogged (91 likes/reblogs in TWO DAYS!!!) towards the bottom because not everyone wants to scroll past that and hope you guys enjoy! (and yes I typed EACH and everyone one and I regretted it afterward but LMAO!)

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Feyre has escaped Tamlin for the second time but this time, no one in the Night Court is aware of what happens. Feyre is depending on the bond to bring Rhysand to her.

I wanted to see a short fic where Rhysand takes care of a weak Feyre and I know that that was like his entire role in ACOMAF but I wanted a scene where Feyre would have nothing but adoration for him and allow him to fuss over her. So here goes nothing…

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