Alright. I’m changing my health for the better. I’m only eating all natural/non processed foods, I’m going to be exercising daily, and I’m going to go outside more than “when I need to”

I’m tired of being tired with myself. I miss how much energy I used to have when I was active.

I’m going to be posting on here every day to keep myself accountable. (I might make another blog for it)

I’m going to be posting about it under the tag “Andy Makes Good Choices” or “AMGC”

Do you have time to talk about our Lord and Savior? 

so this is a harrie gc because we’re greatly in need of one, so that we have quite a bunch to… cry over harry styles cause what else can you do? 

it’s time to give yourself over to the almighty


  • the admins will be me, @stylesgolden, @hughaz and @harrydise​ it’ll be nice if you follow us but there’s no compulsion :)
  • it’s a whatsapp gc 
  • be a harrie 
  • respect harry
  • be ready to give away your organs if harry asks 
  • we’ll be picking 6 people randomly!
  • reblog the post, likes won’t count as participation! 
  • we’ll be picking on 15th october and those picked will be messaged!

~if it doesn’t get notes it didn’t happen rip~