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- “Lightning Fangs”: ‘Raiton: Kiba’ (literally Lightning Release: Fangs).

- The verb abaremawaru ‘to go on a rampage’, instead of being written 暴れ回る is written 暴れ舞る. The verb 舞う (used also below) means ‘to dance (a whirling dance), to flutter about, to revolve’.


(There’s no way those things at the side of her face are hair like they’re depicted in the anime).


Raws: SaiST.

Work by: Masashi Kishimoto (kudos, sensei!)

Translation, cleaning and typesetting: me.

I’m pretty sad that Ameyuri never really got to make an appearance when the New seven swordsmen of the mist came along.

Like I know they kinda had to show raiga since buntan was his daughter and all….but it felt like Ameyuri got swept under a rug like no mention of her or how like she went up against and killed 100 genin(something like that) or anything??

TBH I just want a lot more of Ameyuri Ringo (and a little of kushimaru maybe..)

Ameyuri Ringo headcanons

Especially for you nonnie~

We only see her resurrected , personality possibly over written by kabuto’s justsu so its difficult to know about her from what we see in canon so obvs ill be mostly speculating:

  • Like i said ameyuri is the most “normal” of the 7NSM . i use “normal “ not normal because while she’d probably never be one to settle down and start a family , be a mom and bake cookies she does understand the difference between work and home. She doesn’t take her battle lust with her when she sets down her swords for the night
  • When all her missions are done and shes back in her apartment in kiri you better believe this girl is ass parked on the sofa with a pint of ice cream watching ninja dr phill and polishing her swords.  Shes not out training, shes not looking for a fight or to murder anyone; she gets quite enough of that in her day job thanks very much
  • She is extremely hard to trick. Like with anything; surprise parties, pranks, attacks anything. She smells bullshit a mile away
  • She has respect for her foes / victims  unlike other people i could kushimaru i mean mention.
  • She always finishes people off quickly, no unnecessary suffering. She thinks its tackless.
  • That being said shes not above not using her strongest attacks so her foe can survive and prolong the fight.
  • She avoids kushimaru and jinpachi like the plague because if migraines had faces they would be these fuckers.
  • None of the 7NSM came to visit her when she was sick/dying in the hospital and once resurrected she would not let them forget it
  • Smol and ready to fite
  • She abuses her lightning powers at pretty much every opportunity : need a quick phone charge? Bam shes got you . jinpachi and kushimaru arguing? Youll be surprised how effective 10000 volts to the spine is at discouraging people from talking…or you know, breathing.
  • Her favourite non ninja moment using her lightning powers was when she was out on the town and she saw some prick harassing some young kunochi.  4 words : Devil-finger hand taser.
  • What did she die of? Simplest answer is probably cancer, given her young age and pale skin maybe blood cancer?
  • Her hair is actually like that naturally. It wasn’t always, but years of having it grow while in that position for days at a time means it’s like that permanently now
  • When she first joined the 7NSM jinpachi assumed she was some sort of stripper-gram because duh bunny ears.
  • Lightning blade to the balls shut him up pretty fast

I had quite the day nonnie,  so this is all i can manage .if you’d like any more feel free to send me some specific things youd like to hear about =)

anonymous asked:

Thanks for answering my ask Mod R! So this is the character i wanted to ask a pairing guide for, but i didn't know if you would do here of not, FemaleOC/Ameyuri Ringo, again thank you!

First off, I’m going to apologize for this guide’s length, but as much as I love the Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, we just haven’t seen a lot of them.  However; I hope that this little guide will help you out.

  • Since Ameyuri Ringo was one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, I would assume that during her lifetime, she was a very busy lady and your oc would have to accept the idea that they could not be together as often as they would like to be.
  • Ameyuri was most likely very cold to most people, until they had “proven” themselves to her.
  • Ameyuri was very determined in hunting down her opponents, so I would assume that determination was carried over into other aspects of life as well.  She gets what she wants.
  • She takes a liking to those who can stand their ground against her and who prove themselves to be a challenge to her.
  • Although she has a really harsh personality, she respects those who’s skills can rival hers.
  • Courage is really important to her.
  • An example is how she respected Omoi for chosing to fight her rather than flee with his comrades. She explicitly stated that he was “her type of person”.

Again, sorry for it being so short, but thank-you for the request! 


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Talk to us about Ringo. She still running around? I heard she was sick or something, is that true?

“Unfortunately, she had contracted an unknown illness…and sadly she didn’t survive. Bossman was devastated to hear about this, as of now it’s been a year or so since her death. However, what still gnawing at the back of my mind is the autopsy report…death by asphyxiation. She was deathly ill that is for sure, but her medical records show that she was recovering somehow and then had a sudden drop. What really haunts me is that Raiga was always by her side. Raiga at the time Lady Ringo’s underling and whatever loose ends she needed to be dealt with, it was him who did her bidding. He was just as devastated if not more when she passed….but….I’m not sure why, but their relationship seemed…a little strange. Sure shinobi with the same chakra natures can go along nicely…but he always mentioned how he felt honored to know he was going to be trusted with the Kiba. It’s Swordsmen tradition to take up an underling or apprentice to be next in line to inherit their swords. However, bossman told me Raiga wasn’t that well trusted. Lady Ringo one time said that he was too loyal…which is actually a bad sign. Loyalty in a sense is either blind trust or a developed relationship between master and underling…Raiga’s loyalty felt….artificial….”

“As of a few weeks ago, I’m reopening Ameyuri Ringo’s case…for someone with the symptoms of a pneumonia, she didn’t seem that congested to simply die of asphyxiation.”


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Remember that one time when Zabuza mistaken Ameyuri for a boy?

“Oh so THATS what the scar on his back was. I did hear a rumor that Zabuza was struck by lightning but it really never occurred to me that Lady Ringo anything to do with it. I remember bossman telling that it was the first time he saw Zabuza running away scared shitless from anything.”

-Admin Kiri