My second attempt at water marble! Sorry for the shit quality, im not at home so I have poor lighting here.. I think I did better than first time. It took like an hour because i kept making mistake but in the end, the outcome is Decent. What do you guys think? And hello to all my new followers!

Quick Updates:
  • I have finally finished my nail polish collection list. Sorry it took FOREVER. it’s because I have over 200-300 Polishes, and I have trouble finding space to store them, so imagine taking them out and listing them. I had organized them by brand, and name alphabetically. I will attempted to swatch every color for you guys! you can access the list by clicking here
  • I am finally back from Texas, So I will have more time to update with nail arts and swatches!

Sorry I’ve been MIA I was chosen to be a finalist for a contest and i had to think of design ideas, this was one of them and I decided I didn’t like it too much so I won’t be entering these. What do you guys think? Do you guys have any design ideas I should do :p