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Klaine one-shot - “Once Upon a Bed” (Rated NC17)

When Kurt and Blaine’s f*cking break Blaine’s bed, Kurt decides that Blaine’s room needs a bit of a makeover. (1405 words)

A/N: Inspired by many posts I’ve seen wanting a sassy, skanky, young Dom Kurt and an older sub Blaine. This is also a re-write. Warnings for Dom/sub, humiliation, bondage, financial domination, and anal sex. NSFW.

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Creak-creak-creak-creak …

“Oh God, Kurt!” Blaine moans, crunching his abs to bring his ass up, and spreading his legs to open himself up wider. “Oh God, yes!”

“You like that, baby? Huh?” Kurt grins. He knows Blaine does. Blaine’s a slut for a good, hard pounding.

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Shit To Pay Attention To On Dates.

These are small things that, in my opinion, distinguish the sugar from the salt.

  • Location: Where are you meeting? Is it nice? Does it feel like a place a wealthy and mature man would frequent? Is it perhaps well known or famous?
  • When you get there: It should go without saying that he should pay for everything. But watch his reactions as you order. Is he cringing when you order something expensive? Is he encouraging you to get whatever you want? Is he rushing the meal or is he taking his time, making sure you’re enjoying the meal?
  • Form of payment: Try to slyly check out what kind of credit card he’s paying with. Not foolproof, but seeing a well regarded card, like a platinum amex, is a good sign.
  • How he looks: Think beyond “handsome” because he probably won’t be. What I mean, is does he look hygienic? Do his clothes look good?
  • Discussion: In my experience, salty dudes shy away from discussing allowances and arrangements. Genuine sugar daddies, however, are quite comfortable discussing terms, and letting you know what they want out of an arrangement.
  • After the date: I don’t think a cash gift is always necessary after a date, especially when you’ve agreed on a multi-thousand dollar allowance, which you expect on the next date. But he should compensate you for any travel expenses.