Ask #2

Translated: (You already went and motherfuckin told them that shit, sister.)

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Translated: (What are you gonna be all up and slamming down onto me? some wicked tooth pains? you got me shaking, sister. The messiahs bring up more teeth. You can’t do shit, sister.)

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((OOC: This took waaaay longer than it should have! But school is finally over so I have all summer to mess with tumblr. Hopefully all the GIFs work. If not I’ll have to put them in individual posts.

EDIT: So for some reason the GIFs were kind of wonky… One actually didn’t work at all. Reuploaded them through photobucket but they’re still not 100%. Ah well… I’ll figure out how to fix it eventually.))



I’m going to upload this to this tumblr instead of my fantroll one because I haven’t touched that in ages.
Amewoe's Lusus, "Dag"

(( OOC: This is Dag’s current design. He loves music, things that make noise, and eating other lusii. He is extremely protective of the three trolls he had a hand, or should I say tentacle, in raising. He’s part plant, reptile, and apparently mollusk. Yes, Octopi are mollusks not cephalopods.

Below are some concept sketches, there are more in my sketchbook but I’m absolutely terrible at animals, despite loving them so much.))

((OOC: I based him off of my favorite Godzilla monster, Biollante, and Audry II from Little Shop of Horrors. He’s even got four tiny root legs for movement. He might be a bit slow and grounded but his tentacles and teeth are nothing to underestimate.))

((OOC: Dag simply adores grooming everything his tentacles can reach, especially Ame and her houseguests.))

Minor Announcement

((OOC: Sorry about not uploading regularly, followers! I’m not dead, I’ve just been busy with college. Finals are close so after I finish with those I will have all the free time in the world to upload things regularly. I’ve been working on your asks on and off but I will get to posting them eventually. I’ve also been working on my profile and getting back into the swing of coding. (Pretty soon, they’ll be a header and maybe some music.) I wanted to finish my profile before posting, so hopefully all I’m missing is a header at this point.

Enjoy this preview of my second ask while you wait. C: ))

Blaxis: (I’m here to ruin your day and fuck shit up, sister!)

Amewoe: “SsShit…”