Rally Girl 2

Fandom: Mamamoo
Pairing: Moonsun (Yongsun/Byulyi)
Rating: G/T
Word Count: 868
Tags: Rally racer AU, fluff, slight angst
Summary: Rally racer Byul drives in a race that has the potential to change both of their lives.
A/N: Part 2 of Rally Girl. Read Part 1 here

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The track was complicated, but what fun was a simple track?

A nighttime race on someone else’s home track spelled disaster, but Byulyi was no ameuter.

She was the wonder of her home turf, consistently pulling a victory out of every race she was challenged to. She rose quickly in rank, defeating challengers from rival teams and successfully defending the honor of her own team and their turf. Her reputation of the mysterious racer of Gwangju Mountain Pass preceded her, which evoked a challenge from racers of neighboring cities.

She was an enigma of sorts; no one identified her by her face (they didn’t even know she was a woman), but they knew her car. A 2017 Veloster Turbo 1.6 TCi GDi, matte blue, black carbon fiber side and front lip accents, 6-speed manual dual clutch transmission. Wasn’t the ideal vehicle for a downhill rally race on a winding mountain pass, but it was the best car they could afford when they scraped enough pennies together. Her and Yongsun sacrificed a lot so that Byulyi could pursue her racing talents.

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“Faute d’imagination, les «nationaux» continuent à emboucher le clairon de Déroulède qui n’ameute plus personne. Programme et slogans sont fixés dans le tricolore d’avant-guerre. De l’armée au pouvoir à l’anticommunisme négatif, en passant par la contre-révolution et le corporatisme, les «formules nationales» repoussent plus qu’elles ne séduisent. Cet arsenal politique date d’un demi-siècle. Il est sans prise sur notre peuple.”

Dominique Venner - Pour une critique positive, 1964.