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God Bless the Drag Queens

I’m serious, y'all. SU cosplay is 80% successful drag. These are helpful whatever body situation you’re starting out with for characters as wide ranging as Pearl, Jasper, and even Greg (and his luscious locks!).

CW: Some of these videos feature bodies in various states of undress down to just undies as well as occasional coarse language.

You got the extreme proportions
How to pad your hips
How to pad your hips 2
How to pad your chest

You got the extreme facial features
How to make extreme eyebrows
How to draw large lips
Cheekbones, sharp nose, and lips  
Drag lip ombre tutorial for beginners

You got the giant hair
How to Jack A Wig (previously linked)
How to style big drag queen wigs
How to Crimp your Wig
Setting wig curls with hair gel–3 kinds of curls


Progress shots of my Amethyst wig I wanted to get off my phone. I carved the cone to build a base out of felt (styrofoam was too heavy IMO) that I lightly stuffed on the inside with a bit of plush fluff to keep it pointy. 10+ hours of hot glue, tacky spray, and hair spray later you get this. Still have some edits I’d like to make before the next con, but was a great learning experience!
I need more patience when it comes to hair cutting, however. That has to be the hardest thing about cosplay.

that-mom-friend-deactivated2016  asked:

I'm planning on making an Amythythest cosplay for a local convention soon, and I have two questions - how would I go about making a gem and making it stick to the skin (spirit gum comes to mind), and how would I make a wig floofy like her hair using hair styling techniques? Anyone have any advice they could offer me please? <:)

The Gem:
First off, I will suggest buying it as an option to consider because I’ve seen a lot of people selling them and it would probably be cheaper to purchase than make your own. 

But if you wanted to make your own you have a variety of options depending on how heavy you are willing to have it and the look you want. Methods can include sculpting it from a lightweight clay*, creating it with cut plastic sheets like acrylic, transpart, PETG or even clear plastic file folders, 3D printing, or sculpting and casting it from resin or silicone

* Sculpey is heavy, I suggest something like paper clay. If you want to use sculpey, give it a tinfoil base to make it lighter.

Floofy Wig:

It’s going to be hard to get that kind of volume with one wig, you’ll probably want to combine two wigs or add wefts to a wig to make it a lot fuller. 

You can add further volume by teasing (or backcombing) the wig. Mostly near the roots, and you may need to backcomb and then comb it out a couple times to get it to look right. Hairspray helps add texture to make teasing easier and has the added benefit of holding the style in place. 

Hope this helps!


Crystal Gems (minus Garnet because I lack wigs) + Lapis in various outfits

I’ve started doing shit like this, the hiatus needs to end already


got my amethyst wig so i made her top and did another makeup test (to look a little older but…… 6u6… )haha
i really, REALLY wanted to dye this wig to have a slight purple tint, but it’s already so messed up that i dont think i have to willpower to deal with it being wet and to brush through that haha
im just a little disappointed because i ordered a 150cm wig so itd reach my feet, but they sent me a 120cm one instead, which is still really painful anyway 


AY! So my Amethyst wig came in! I REALLY need to style the wig, you probably can’t tell but the wig was a mess on the top. Like the wig cap was showing through and by golly it was not fun. But I need to shorten the front because I am sure as hell not dealing with these long locks in my face. 

Anyway! Enjoy silly pictures of me!

(p.s. I am doing a human Amethyst because this is only my second cosplay, and I would really rather not deal with body paint!)

((p.s.s. All of the products and clothing I am using is in this POST))