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amethystflare  asked:

Hi! I don't want to appear as weird or anything, but I am really looking forward to seeing your James Kidd in person at Katsuon this weekend (along with your other very gorgeous looking costumes)! I'm going to be at the panel so I am looking forward to it :D

Hurray! I’ll see you then, of course! :)

anonymous asked:

Why do you guys make a big deal of Brown and Martin, but when a Hispanic or any other race also gets killed, no one gives a shit?

As someone who is (mixed) black and lives in a predominately black neighborhood, DO NOT come to my inbox and try and undermine the Black struggle with this bullshit. You’re literally complaining to me about the attention Black people NEED.

What is your goal with this message?  Yes, people get killed everyday and it’s incredibly unfortunate - my hispanic friend amethyst-vega says that it’s sad that other minorities haven’t gotten this attention yet BUT BLACK PEOPLE DON’T GET THAT ATTENTION ENOUGH AS IT IS.  It’s always shoved aside as “not about race”. She can that testify that bringing up murders of other people of other races as “”not being important enough to receive attention”” in order to put down people who are rallying for this issue  is incredibly gross.

In this case as well as Trayvon Martin’s case just so happened to get the attention it deserved. It’s about time and place. Of course we’re gonna make a big fucking deal out of it. Because it draws attention to an issue that has plagued the United States for as long as it’s been in existence. It is a conflict of race that needs to be addressed. Don’t make it seem like Black issues are “”mainstream”“

Bottom line, A WHITE POLICE OFFICER JUST GOT AWAY SCOTT FREE FOR MURDERING AN UNARMED BLACK YOUTH and it is one of many disgusting examples of police brutality against black people (and other races alike) that have been happening since the 1960s (and probably long before then)