amethyst smokey eye

Spell For Clarity And Concentration For An Exam

You will need:
- a white candle (or black)
- amethyst
- tigers eye
- clear quartz
- smokey quartz
- anything else you feel is necessary

Light the candle and then say something like:

“Divine powers of the earth, air, fire and water, i kindly call upon thee.
I bring to you amethyst, smokey quartz, tigers eye and clear quartz, to aid in my workings. These stones will amplify the power of the flame, they will bring about increased knowledge, concentration, creativity, clarity and calmness.
My anxiety for this exam will subside as i work through the exam, i will feel calm and knowledgeable.
I will work well in my coming exam, i will concentrate and be creative, i will remember my facts.
So mote it be.”

Blow out the candle.

Feel free to change things as needed and to add any additional information to your incantation as it will help.